Question 1. of the 2007 School Board Questions to Candidates


How should the issue of Truancy be handled?

  • Susan Lovenburg:
  • Richard Harris:
  • Bob Schelen: I believe there needs to be a community discussion about the issue. The approach that Trustee Tim Taylor suggested at a recent Board meeting seems to me to be the correct approach. I think there were issues of timing and vernacular that did make clear what the administration wanted to do at the beginning of the year. There should have been clearer communication to the students. The idea behind Student Attendance Review Boards (SARBS) is that they are supposed to be a multi-agency task force or team to deal with chronic truant students. These teams do not work unless all the components are there, from social workers, counselors, law enforcement, teachers, parents and the legal system. The monies from a K-12 pro-active mental health program could possibly used for such a team. It appeared to me that the district was looking only at the disciplinary part of the SARB system and not the entire system. For the program to work, it must be complete. I understand from Mr. Taylor's comments that a Yolo County Judge wants to look at pursuing this approach. If on the School Board, I would work with them see it happen and, hopefully, the end result would be less truancy.
  • Joe Spector:


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