Proposition 2 is a state proposition on the Fall 2008 ballot. It is the Standards for Confining Farm Animals Initiative Statute.

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2008-10-27 22:13:55   This commonsense initiative is supported by the Humane Society of the US along with a coalition of other animal protection, environmental, food safety, and consumer groups—as well as hundreds of California veterinarians and family farmers—and the opposition is funded by the ag industry.

This Big Agribusiness opposition is using scare tactics to mislead voters regarding Prop 2. Similar initiatives were passed in 4 other states and the same scare tactics were used, but the industries remained in state and cleaned up their act. A UC Riverside study shows that upgrading will only raise a dozen eggs by 11 cents.

The special interests opposing Prop 2 want voters to believe that they’ve got consumers’ interests at heart, but according to their own trade journals they have achieved prices that have “soared at historic highs” and profits that are the “highest in recorded history.” So whose interest do you think they really have in mind? —TomK

  • TomK, do you have some stats for us to look at? I'm not doubting what you say, but how do we know what you are telling us is not scare tactics from the group that supports the prop? I mean, technically a business that grows at a steady 1% per year and raises prices to match inflation will see prices "soaring to historic highs" and "profits that are the highest in recorded history" every single year... What is the profit per unit now compared to in the past? How have prices changed when adjusted for inflation? —DavidGrundler
  • Note that while "hundreds of California veterinarians" might support, the CMVA (California Veterinary Medical Association) does not. I'd recommend and for further reading. —BillBroadley

2008-10-27 23:26:38   I could care less how livestock are treated so long as the animal is cleaned after killed and then is cooked up on a grill. —MattBlair

2008-11-03 03:19:00   eeewww —IDoNotExist

2008-11-03 07:51:49   Wikipedia cites a study from UCD's Agricultural Issues Center about prop 2, cited: Sumner, Daniel A. et al, Economic Effects of Proposed Restrictions on Egg-laying Hen Housing in California, University of California Agricultural Issues Center, July 2008 (Copied from wikipedia:)" The study concluded that "the best evidence from a variety of sources suggests that (non-organic) non-cage systems incur costs of production that are at least 20 percent higher than the common cage housing systems." he study also estimated that almost the entire California egg industry would relocate to other states during the 5-year adjustment period. By demonstrating that most egg producers would leave the state, the report estimates that the initiative would not affect how eggs are produced, only where eggs are produced. " —EdWins