These are archived reviews of Nuggets from 2006. For more recent comments, please visit the entry.

2006-01-18 12:49:37   I was pleasantly surprised by the dolmehs here - they are quite tasty! they have a healthy amount of lemon juice in them which enhances the tang of the grape leaf flavor. pretty darn good for a non-middle eastern establishment! —AhuShahrabani

2006-02-10 12:41:05   The selection of cheese here is probably the best in Davis. Also, they have a diverse selection of sodas, including old sodas such a Moxie, and Green River (Which according to my mother, tastes the same as it did over 40 years ago). The strength of the Nugget here is the availability of goods, which makes it worthwhile for adventurous people who are at a cooking level above instant ramen. —MatthewTom

2006-04-28 18:35:55   The sushi here is pretty good. However, the deli roast beef (boar's head brand) is not. Safeway's deli has much better roast beef. —AlexPomeranz

2006-05-04 19:51:09   I had the Artichoke Bisque back in February and haven't seen it since. It was awesome. I would love to know how to request soups. I'm craving my artichoke bisque! —JenCam

2006-08-25 00:52:55   A gal came into work today from the nugget! She was a sweetheart! It sounds heavenly! —GehLei

2006-08-26 17:46:09   I would like to say "buyer beware" regarding the nugget. I don't mean to be slanderous, but it is a fact that I and my boyfriend both had a mild case of food poisoning after eating a sandwich from the nugget in Davis (yes, we ate them within 1 hour of preparation). I have shopped for the past 5 years at the Nugget in Woodland- only to have accidentally purchased or avoided purchasing the following items that were past their sale date: Haagen Dazs sorbet, Newman's own "newman O's", Gold Medal organic white flour, Western Family brand peach preserves. These are things that I noticed IN PASSING that were past sale date. Now I make a point of looking. I have had other "negative" experiences here, but there are some good things such as the bread...and wine selection. But the CO-OP has good bread, wine and cheese that is less expensive and probably not as outdated. —DianaChristofersen

good news for fellow java junkies: the size large less than four dollar espresso drink still exists; although, perhaps last in all the land! large soy white mochas with extra white chocolate = $3.70!!!!!! <3 —Frenchie

2006-11-08 21:15:31   some of their on sale items are to expire in a few days. thanks goodness i saw that before purchasing! theres some good higher end stuff here, but for the normals foods and grocery items i would go elsewhere where its cheaper. —AnnThiNguyen

2006-12-03 21:54:54   The panini was yummy. —SoCalGal

2006-12-12 12:48:15   I am still stunned by the differences between the S. Davis and N. Davis Nugget (the North one is much much better in many categories). Overall, I like the Nugget and do half my shopping there (other half at the Coop). The Nugget has a great diversity of stuff and some of the prepared foods are quite good (soups especially). I think the Nugget may make some of the best Sushi in town, although I could not tell you what I like about it. The organic produce however leaves a ton to be desired. Much of it rots in a few days. I try to get all produce at the Coop and Farmer's Market now. The cashiers are all absurdly helpful and nice. —JonathanEisen

2006-12-13 21:20:50   The rootbeer selection here is monstrous. I'm not that big a fan, but I have been trying all kinds and I've really enjoyed them. This seems to be nugget's MO to have a huge selection of independent brands for certain products. As mentioned the prices aren't as great as advertised, but the sales here are sometimes out of this world. —JohnHumperdinkle