These are reviews of Oakshade Commons Apartments prior to their January 2013 change in management. For more current reviews, visit the entry.

2005-07-10 02:15:25   Oakshade isn't too bad a place to live. The management is pretty hands off and as long as you don't visit the Acadian Office too often they won't piss you off either. I have lived here for two years now and I am pretty happy. Parking hella sucks here but there is a plethora across the street in the Safeway lot and the W line drops you off at the front gate of the complex. Some tips if you're going to live here: don't let Acadian push you around with demands. They will try and violate your lease, etc by banking on the fact that you will not consult a lawyer. Keep a copy of your lease and call them on it when they break it. 2) Pay rent on time. They're stupid for not taking rent at their Oakshade office, so you have to go downtown, which is retarded but whatever, so make sure and do so or they WILL charge you the exorbitant late fees. 3) Don't park in the surgery center lot. They tow at 6 am every morning. 4) It doesn't matter how clean your apt is when you leave it, they will take money from you. —TheShenkbone

2006-08-08 20:10:43   An addendum from a year later: Things have gotten a lot better here in Oakshade and that's not to say that they were bad before. The now departed manager, April Deakin, was awesome and was the nicest manager we've had here yet. The danger factor of random passers-through has decreased as has the number of out-of-control riotous parties. Rent isn't free but you get what you pay for. The apartments are all nice and clean and, perhaps importantly, they are very safe. There is a new manager who started this past monday and she seems to be very nice. For those who are moving in to Oakshade you should have fun next year and don't worry, some tenants who had been the genesis of a lot of problems have been expelled from the complex. —TheShenkbone

2006-08-17 22:25:03   The managment is horrible. Aviod Acadian Properties at all costs. —XeDty

2007-02-13 15:40:25   An addendum from six months later- Fuck acadian properties. Not only are they trying to rape us out of our entire security deposit they are trying to get us to pay $1200 more. Then, without a judgement from a court, they sent us to a collections agency to try and strongarm us in to paying them. I guess I am goign to have to sue them in small claims court. Fuck Acadian. —TheShenkbone

2007-03-10 11:58:50   i don't know what the deal is, but oakshade isn't releasing rental listings for the Fall of 2007. i don't know why they're taking so long, but they don't seem to know or care that taking so long screws over potential and current residents. i have friends who want to move into oakshade but are getting nervous because the rental listing STILL isn't out, and openings at other apartments start to close up as the traditional lease-signing period in davis (february to may) starts to close. what if oakshade's rent doesn't become so affordable anymore and people want to move out? options are dwindling. if they're going to raise the prices, might as well tell us up front and asap. if they want to conver to condominiums, then they should tell us too. this is fucking ridiculous though. —AndrewLee

2007-04-12 12:01:19   oakshade commons has provided the worst living experience in davis of my college life!! the parking is horrible, getting things fixed is a tremendous task and the management of acadian properties is even worse!! They are completely RUDE, INCOMPETENT AND DISRESPECTFUL TO TENANTS!! i have never in all my time dealt with people as unprofessional as these managers!! —MARGARITA

2008-02-04 18:11:51   What happened to this place? Are they remodeling? —at86

I've heard its being turned into condominiums. -NickSchmalenberger

They are being turned into condos with a starting price of $479,000!

2009-01-21 18:59:19   I have lived here since September and won’t think twice about not resigning my lease next year. The management is awful and extremely rude! We had maintenance come in since our tub kept clogging. We asked them to remove the cap in the tub since it was the source of the problem and they didn't. The problem re-occurred as predicted, and the management seemed to think it was a job for the professionals. They obviously have no communication between management and maintenance. They ended up charging my roommates and I to have a professional plumber come out to just remove the bath tub cap which is what was causing the clogging of our tub. Not once were we ever notified that a professional was going to be hired and we were to be responsible for the bill. I tried discussing this with the management and got no help from the employees at the front desk. I then asked to speak with the manager and they replied "you obviously do not know your rights... you cannot speak to them nor call them, you can only go through us". I think it's appalling that we do not have the right to discuss a problem with the manager but only with the morons that run the front desk. The man I spoke with continued to insult me when I told him that I didn’t understand that policy. The woman at the front desk just sat there and nodded while her co-worker continued to verbally abuse a client. I am so offended with the way I was talked to and I now feel uncomfortable living in my own apartment community. Be careful what you call in to repair in because Arcadian will charge you for it without prior notice. In addition they do not know how to talk to their clients and will verbally attack you if they feel that you have a problem with them. What makes this situation even worse is the manager was in her office adjacent to the front desk the entire time with the door open. She was able to hear how her employees were treating her client and did nothing about it. Arcadian properties is disrespectful and downright rude to the people that mistakenly choose to do business with them! You can bet that I will also be filing a complaint with the BBB. —ashleyaa

2009-05-21 20:18:24   Management is pretty bad here, and i agree with you ashleyaa our water wasnt running in our apartment, and i called oakshade management, i guess they hired a professional too, who did something behind our house to get the water running agian. Two weeks later, i got charged for having them cover over to fix our water problem because it was done by a professional, it was pretty expensive. Overall, I wouldn't want to live here agian, it may look nice when you come into look, but trust me! everything is made out of cheap , crappy material, painting is horrible, appliances break down (fridge handle bar), the outside light has been out since i've moved here and asked them to fix it twice (it isnt a dead bulb, i've tried replacing it myself), so getting into my apartment at night is pretty hard as its difficult to find the keyhole. So my evaluation: Bad Management , Bad Maintenance, Cheaply built appliances and painting. One thing i enjoyed though was having a dryer and washer. —Kmong

2009-06-10 11:37:59   I want everyone to know that Oakshade is a great place to live, management is horrible. Live in Adobe, sorrento, avalon, Tanglewood, just avoid Oakshade at all costs. Worse management company, if you have this many people complaining i only ask that you heed the warning. —B@lut

2009-08-26 02:02:23   Did the condo thing actually happen? The comments in 2009 sound like its still apartments, but I saw a lot of construction here last year. —NickSchmalenberger