Oakshade Town Center is the large shopping center located on the northwest corner of Pole Line Rd. and Cowell Blvd. in South Davis. The center was developed in the late 1990s by Paul Petrovich.



Plaque below the flagpole between Dos Coyotes and Fins


Topiaries at the corner of Cowell & Pole Line


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There is a bicycle tire air pump on the north wall of the building that houses Dos Coyotes. Although I didn't check how long the hose was, I doubt it's long enough to reach the parking lot to fill up your car tires. —AlexPomeranz.

I'm not sure the pump works anymore. It's great, because they leave the valve out like it'll actually fill up your tires. Throw it on your bike and watch as your tires deflate. The only thing I can think of is that either the compressor took a poop or someone doesn't want to pay for the electricity that it uses and thus, they unplugged it. —DavidBarnum