2056 Lyndell Terrace -Suite 100
Mon 4pm-7:30pm
Tue 3:30pm-7:30pm
Wed 3pm-7:30pm
Thu 10am-7:30pm
(530) 756-9300
Medical Director
Dr. John Hernried, M.D.
2004 in Davis, 1983 in Sacramento

Obesity Treatment Center is a multi-disciplinary weight treatment program serving obese patients in Sacramento since 1983 and Davis since 2004. They use long-term behavioral therapy combined with a medically-supervised diet. Their team of physicians, behaviorists, dietitians, therapists and exercise physiologists work to help obese patients lose and maintain their weight, treating obesity as a chronic disease of abnormal energy storage and not a lack of willpower.

In June 2006, OTC began a weight management program for those that are overweight, but not obese (body mass index below 30), called the Quick 20 Program — it is designed for clients to lose weight conveniently and quickly under clinical supervision and using OTCs nutrition shakes. Information sessions on OTC's Davis programs are offered every Tuesday at 6:15pm; call for reservations. New patients must submit an application, available in pdf form on their website.

Dr. John D. Hernried, M.D., F.A.C.P. directs Obesity Treatment Center, is board-certified in Internal Medicine, a member of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians, North American Association for the Study of Obesity and a Fellow of the American College of Physicians. Dr. Hernried additionally serves as Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Medicine, UC Davis, and did his residency in Internal Medicine at UC Davis after graduating Texas Tech. He has been Medical Director at OTC since 1999, while practicing internal medicine at Sutter West Medical Group then Kaiser Permanente. Today, he works full time for Obesity Treatment Center. Other staff include seven behavioral educators, a registered dietician, five exercise physiologists, ten medical doctors and two nurse practitioners. Background information on most staff members can be found on the OTC site.

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Medical Professionals are limited by HIPAA as to what information they can make public about their patients, including who their patients are. As such it is very hard for Doctors, Dentists, and Psychiatrists to respond to negative comments on the wiki. Please keep this in mind while reading any comments.

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2008-10-21 15:43:17   I have not experienced this place, but just after looking at their website, they recommend a 1,000 calorie liquid diet plan for people who are not "obese" but "over weight". It's a low calorie ketogenic diet plan much like Atkins was designed for, less carbs more protein, burn ketones.

Honestly? That sounds like the worst thing I have heard for someone who only needs to lose 10-20 lbs! I can't believe it! Obesity Treatment Center is prehistoric when it comes to scientifically proven methodology. If you are looking to lose weight and Keep It Off go see a real dietitian and join the gym a couple nights a week... —CarrieBishop

2009-09-22 13:39:54   Ok, so the only other comment comes from someone who has NEVER used OTC. I actually have, and have a good friend who has experienced success on their program. The diet is closely supervised by DOCTORS and NURSE PRACTIONERS (not just by dieticians as rec by CarrieBishop). I have tried a LONG time to lose my extra 20 pounds and her advice blows. If you are overweight, give their program a serious shot. I am happy I did! —Leslie1200

2010-11-12 00:12:03   Today obesity has become a major problem in many people around. May be due to the eating habits and the daily lifestyle changes. Some are hereditary but many are due to large consumption of junk food and low amount of physical workout. There are many treatments available for obese people. The simplest step to start lessening the obesity problem is by your own effort in loosening the extra fats in your body either by exercise or by changing your eating habits. http://www.fightobesity.net/treatments-for-obesity.html