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This was a relatively small protest concerning the future of public university education in California.

Please edit this page with UCD's plans for this day, and eventually, reports and experiences of the event.

So are there no plans? I'd just like to know if I have to expect bus delays (like last time) tomorrow....-OliviaY

  • If there is a plan, they haven't let the faculty in on it. (Same thing happened last time, and then people complained that faculty weren't more involved...) —CovertProfessor
  • Just to be safe, I would avoid driving near the school or taking the buses. —hankim
  • So happy I graduated... How disrupting classes defends public ed I'll never know. —ARWENNHOLD
    • Apparently, something did happen.
      • Big surprise... ASUCD is useless. Also, they blame apathy for the low turn-out which I disagree with. My reasoning for the low turn-out is the fact that the previous protest alienated students and the original message against tuition increases was drowned out by a bunch of other things. —hankim

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