Oh Foot was a local well-loved music duo comprised of Zac Bauman and Madeleine Shernock. They played at Davis venues such as the MU Coffee House, Primary Concepts, the Robot Rocket Residence, The Pink House, The Stud Lounge, and KDVS DJ Nadav Carmel's house. Oh Foot created lo-fi vocals to the tune of finger-picked guitar and banjo, ukulele, xylophones, and other small, hand-held percussion. Their albums were released through Shernock's own local label, Beat Nun Recordings.





Winter Split EPAlgernon, 2009Mythos, 2011

Performance photos of local shows

The duo at the MU Coffee HouseAt the Pink HouseAt the Robot Rocket ResidencePlaying at Primary Concepts


Videos of local performances

at Nadav Carmel's house

at The Stud Lounge

at Primary Concepts

at the Robot Rocket Residence

Show fliers

Flier from 2009