With minor edits, the following text is reproduced from the home page of the Old North Davis History website: http://www.oldnorthdavishistory.org

History of the Old North neighborhood of Davis, California

The Old North Davis History website provides a collection of historical materials on a traditional neighborhood in Davis, California called the "Old North" or "Old North Davis."

This collection is organized into three types of folders on the home page of that site.

The first type of folder deals with the Old North area as a whole in the "1" series of folders on the left-hand side of the home page.

The second deals with the 12 face-blocks and the three east-west streets of the neighborhood. These are in the "2" series of folders on the left side of the home page.

The third series of folders deals with entities external to the Old North that have had proximate impacts on it.

If there are historical materials not on the Old North Davis History site that you would like to see there, or if you would like to participate in developing the site itself, please contact me, John Lofland, the site coorindator, at jflofland@ucdavis.edu. Or, simply browse the site, "step back in time," and enjoy!

see also: Old North Davis Neighborhood Association