The Old North Davis Neighborhood Association (ONDNA) is one of several Neighborhood Associations in Davis. The boundaries of Old North Davis are 5th, 7th, B, and G streets. There is an interesting book called "Old North Davis: Guide to walking a traditional neighborhood" by John Lofland that includes more details and history of this area of town. It is available at Bogey's Books, the Hattie Weber museum, and the Davis public library.

The Old North is one of the three 'heritage' neighborhoods in Davis, that is, neighborhoods designated by the City as "conservation districts" with special "overlay" zoning. Along with the downtown area, these neighborhoods contain almost all of Davis' 'Landmark' and 'Merit Resource' designated historic structures. Old North is an area of lively infill, adaptive reuse, renovation & rehabilitation activity. The houses in this neighborhood tend to have amazing basements; one such basement is that of the house F and 6th and another is that of 512 F Street.

Like all the Davis Neighborhood Associations, the ONDNA is a grass roots democratic organization of residents (not an owners' association). Membership is open to residents, land owners (residents or not), and area organizations.

For the history of the Old North neighborhood, see Old North Davis History

I've noticed that there's an additional street sign on top of the two street signs at 90 degrees to each other at several intersections north of 5th Street downtown. It's slightly shorter than the two street signs below it. It says "Old Noth Davis" and has a graphic. This does not seem like a good idea. It doesn't help someone trying to see where they are; it's confusing; it takes time away from seeing the two other signs and it is an unnecesary expenditure. Are similar signs planned for other places in town? Here's a suggestion: If there's to be an historical sign such as this, it should have an appearance which is less obvious and different in appearance from the signs that are for more immediate usage. —BruceHansen

  • The sign has a different shape, color and set of fonts from the street signs. While I'm sorry you were/are confused, I don't think that this is an issue for most sign readers. —DougWalter
  • Also, the signs were paid for by the neighborhood association, so any "unnecessary expenditure" was that made by residents of the 'hood. —ScottLay

I live in an older complex in Old North Davis and really love the neighborhood. It's peaceful and quite pretty, especially in the spring. It's cool to have the Davis Food Co-op and Upper Crust Baking so nearby too. -fruitpunchsam