Segundo, Tercero, and Cuarto
(530) 555-5555
UC Davis c/o 0'9
September 2005


During the beginning of the University of California Davis' 2005 academic school year, a group of 20 or so highly energetic Davis freshman banded together to form the social forority known as Omega Beta Theta Sigma (OBTS). The forority's name originated from the Lil Jon song, "Only Bitches Talk Shit," a song that was played many times during one of the first parties inwhich members got hella hyphy together. Although it is uncertain how all of the OBTS members became acquainted with one another, it is probable that the already well acquainted OBTS members from Fremont played a large role in the process of bringing the members together. Amazingly, as OBTS members continue to socialize and take part in recreations such as watching movies, consuming alcohol, chanting, and dancing, all members are able to maintain a 4.0 GPA (Inaccuracies or exaggerations may apply).

Member Residences and Meeting Locations

OBTS is currently only present at UC Davis, but is looking to expand in a matter of time. All OBTS members live on campus, with the majority of them living at Segundo. Unfortunately, members living in the distant Tecero area are sometimes uninformed about OTBS gatherings due to their inconvenient location and the fact that only 3 members live in that location. OBTS events (parties) however, usually reside at Cuarto because their rooms are larger and insulate noise quite well. In the rare situations that a Cuarto rooms are unavailable for OBTS events, Oxford Park is substituted. The warm weather early in the Davis school year led to many events at Oxford Park, but the frequency of these events quickly declined as Davis' cold winter weather took effect. (Recently, with the start of Spring, the weather in Davis has warmed up and OBTS members are once again utilizing the grounds at Oxford Park.)


Although OBTS's main concerns are directed towards achieving excellence in academics, the organization does have its share of fun; and on occasion this has led to difficulties with campus Resident Advisors. In particular, on one night around Halloween (2005), a hefty RA intruded on an OBTS gathering when members were attempting to enjoy themselves with conservative amounts of alcohol. As the hefty RA was "writing up" the OBTS members, she demanded that all the alcohol remaining in the room be poured out. Foolishly, OBTS complied with orders and disposed of valuable amounts of alcoholic beverages. Nevertheless, the inexperienced OTBS forority learned from their mistake and has currently adopted policies of never admitting guilt and running away from authority figures.

Organization Future

OBTS strives to maintain the best social atmosphere possible. In order to do so, OBTS actively seeks out charismatic, energetic, lively individuals to join their forority. Initially, OBTS had about 10 or so loose members and within a short period of time, the group has not only doubled their membership, but created a strong bond between members. OBTS plans on eventually obtaining enough membership to expand to other schools across the United States.

For more information on joining, visit the Omega Beta Theta Sigma club on Facebook.


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