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VDSL2 which is the fastest DSL flavor, is providing Internet speeds northward of 50 down and 30 up around the downtown core area.

We are selling [that, if you live on our block, or lower speeds elsewhere] for $42.95 plus tax. Equipment is a, $40, $60 or $90 one time deposit. Depending on the speed and type of equipment.

There are  no bandwidth caps, or bandwidth sharing in this product, its all for the user who ordered it. Static IP is available.

In Davis, If you are between 8th and Hwy 80 North South, and A and L East West you will be able  to get this product.

This product can be bonded for double speeds.

You can find out more by calling Omsoft, or visiting here

Omsoft is reputed to be the best DSL provider in Davis.

Note that the reasons cited are for fairly advanced use. If you just want to surf, play games, share files, chat through IM or voice, any provider will work fine. Omsoft's advantage lies in the fact that they give you a static IP, which basically lets you run a server (a web server, usually) over their connection a bit easier than otherwise. They also include 10GB of usenet access per month from Giganews.

While their basic service is dynamic IP, just like everyone else's basic service, the basic static ip option is only $5 more per month. One reason for this recommendation, though, was that they had the fastest turnaround time to setup a new order. Is this still true?

  • Know, however, that with the dynamic IP address scheme they will reset your connection once every 4 hours. I tried to pry an explanation out of them and only got customer-speak. They don't want you "hogging" an IP address (why not?) and claim that their routers need to renew their addresses or some such (maybe they should buy better routers, then?). This is a minor annoyance for most uses, but mIRC will always lose its connections (and usually fails to notice it without help), X-Chat does better... but if you're playing a clan match online it will probably drop you right off the server just in time to lose a close game. "Dynamic IP address" means that you don't necessarily get the same IP every time you dial in, it doesn't mean it has to change periodically! I'd like to hear a real reason why it's being done. Especially since checking my firewall logs I see the address only changed about half the time. -JeffreyNonken
    • Hey Jeff. I had this problem as well and it was because of my router. I had to go in and manually reset my connection every four hours which was really annoying, so I called them and they gave me a static IP which never goes off. arlen
    • Thanks for the feedback. Just to make the point absolutely clear, the connection issue may have caused problems with your router, but your router was not causing the resets. My router/firewall happens to handle it pretty well (it even beeps to let me know). I'm running Smoothwall Express on an old PC. Anyway, I don't think they actually need to do this for technical reasons, I expect something else is going on. And I'd rather not spend an extra $5/mo just to stop it. I like having a dynamic IP anyway, mostly. Moving target. :) -JeffreyNonken
    • It turns out that if you don't have a static IP they reset the routers every 4 hours. And besides that, my MODEM's power connection was flakey. They upgraded my MODEM to the latest model for free, and I finally gave in and got a static IP. Meantime, I've pretty much stopped gaming. :) -JeffreyNonken
    • UPDATE (8-6-2010): I emailed Robert Nickerson (Omsoft CEO) about this issue and asked him if my DLink router will be affected. His response: "That doesnt happen anymore... You get a DHCP IP for your DLink with a 12 hour lease. After which you generally get the same IP so things arent disrupted at all." -KevinCanlas


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2005-09-16 09:56:37   Have to say that (my dynamic IP issue notwithstanding) they got me up and running in about 4 days, 5 days sooner than they said. So far no other problems. —JeffreyNonken

2005-11-29 17:54:23   A client of mine had persistent download speeds of 256Kbps when he had a 384Kbps-or-better DSL service with Omsoft. I measured repeatedly against various points on the 'net using various methods on two computers, without any SOHO routers or anything (using just the DSL bridge) - always 256Kbps. We complained and were told that it wasn't possible that we could be having this problem, since DSL line speeds started at 384Kbps. However, they did something because the download speeds magically improved immediately after we complained. Unfortunately, speeds dropped again a few weeks later. When my client's contract was up, we switched to another provider with whom we have been seeing consistent 1.5Mbps download speeds for months now. I'd prefer to stay local when the service is satisfactory, but in this case it wasn't satisfactory. Fortunately, Sonic.net, the best ISP in Northern California, is going to start providing DSL service in this area in the next month or two. —GrahamFreeman

2006-11-17 06:39:32   I think Omsoft wants to encourage people to get a static ip because DCN has a /16 so Omsoft has way more than enough. —NickSchmalenberger

2007-08-27 02:35:07   hows customer service for omsoft —KaiWan

2007-08-27 08:41:32   The nice thing about omsoft support is that you call and get in touch with a real live person when you call. I had pacbell previously to omsoft for DSL and I had to wade through hours of tier-support because I wasn't the problem (they always start by assuming you messed something up). With omsoft, my problems are fixed quickly and they don't question my technical competence. Now... The downside is that they don't have 24/7 support and if your dsl line goes down late friday, you won't get it fixed until early monday. The good news is that it doesn't do that generally anyway. —WesHardaker

2009-03-12 09:23:51   I noticed their FAQ page says that you have to purchase additional IP addresses if you want more than 1 computer to be able to use the connection simultaneously. The price chart only lists a price for additional addresses for the static IP option. Does anybody know if it's possible for more than 1 computer at a time to use the connection with the dynamic IP option? —KatieQuinn

  • Yes, multiple computers can use the connection at the same time with the dynamic IP option if you use a router that does NAT. You can't throw a paperclip without hitting one at most electronics stores.
  • You will need a router for multiple computers whichever way that you choose. Personally, I don't think they should charge more for additional ip addresses because they have over 65,536 of them but I haven't seen a detailed report on their address usage. Once they get IPv6 setup they will probably give everybody plenty of addresses. If you get a router that does Network Address Translation then you will be able to use private ip addresses for your computers with one address from them. There are problems with this, but it is a very common setup and is the way that all the cheapest routers work. Really people just need to let them know they want ipv6. As far as I know this is as much as they have planned for it. So call them and tell them you want ipv6, they need to know people are interested. —NickSchmalenberger

2009-10-06 16:22:08   I'm all for supporting locally owned businesses, but only if their service is comparable to the rest of the market. I've gotten internet through AT&T and Comcast before, and Omsoft is miles behind them in terms of reliability. I have daily outages and the customer service support is non-existant. I'm not really a fan of Comcast, but I had far fewer outages through them. Also, AT&T's DSL is way faster than Omsoft. —DanaMace

2009-10-06 16:37:50   I've been using OmSoft for 4 months now. They setup the DSL before their stated target date in an email sent to me; thus I had Internet the day I acquired the keys to my apartment. My previous ISP was AT&T and I never really had even close to 3Mbps despite my wrangling with CSRs (who would just blame me for everything, i.e., spyware somehow operating in an Linux environment :-\). But I'm not naïve enough to think that there is any ISP without connectivity problems from time to time. OmSoft did have a few hickups during the last 4 months but tech support was quite prompt and didn't once insult me like AT&T generally preferred; eventually my issues were resolved and I became a happy camper. Anyway, I've been achieving expected speeds for 3Mbps service and upload rates are always quite stable. For example, high quality videos play generally without a hitch providing conditions on the 'net are conducive to it. If you understand the limitations of DSL, such as the overheads involved, and the wild environs of the Internet, you can accept that problems will happen and speeds won't be perfect. That said, my experience with OmSoft has been superlative thus far. I just wish that their website were up with the times :-) —RyanMikulovsky

2009-10-07 06:30:28   In terms of reliability, I was under AT&T for about 3-5 years previously to Omsoft and had multiple long term outages. During the last 5-7 years that I've been under Omsoft, I've had I think 2. The first issue was that AT&T switched my circuit and didn't tell Omsoft, so I'll blame that one on them as well. And I honestly don't remember what the second one even was and am not positive there was one. I work from home and am online all the time and would notice immediately if I had outages, and I never do. —WesHardaker

2010-06-22 22:37:26   Thanks folks for the good words. —omrob

2010-07-02 09:07:22   Love their voice message machine - Nicole (from Adobe Apartments) "Teeeechhhniiicaaaal support!!!" —NikiRose

2010-09-04 15:50:47   Just moved to another flat. I called Omsoft very late in the game — just a few business days before the move — and somehow they got me hooked up the day my phone got connected (at least a day before their stated minimum connection date!). My static IP address also transferred seamlessly despite my rambling phone message. Speaking of phones, they actually do try to get in touch with you by phone which is great when your Internet connectivity might be less than ideal. Omsoft is a total pleasure. —RyanMikulovsky

2011-06-08 21:26:37   Omsoft is great. My business needed a rather complicated changeover from SDSL to two lines of DSL with static IP addresses to be moved with the DSL service. Omsoft dedicated an inside engineer and an outside tech to the job and got it done in less than 1 hour. I could not ask for better support. —JimStewart

2011-06-13 10:19:55   I used Omsoft when I was a student from 1999 to 2002, and again from 2006 to 2011. They're great about price matching AT&T - though last I checked Omsoft didn't have the cheapest but slowest options, but really, who wants DSL that slow?. For the same price, you get fantastic customer service and you get to support a local business. Definitely going to miss them now that we've moved out of their service area. —JenniferKucich

2011-10-09 20:39:09   I live here at the Lexington apartments for which Omsoft is the internet provider. I just conducted a speed-test and it literally spit out 8 kb/s. During the day it is alright (usually between 200 and 300 kb/s), but at night it is just dreadful. I think a couple paper cups with string could yield faster speeds. —SlowwwOmsoft

2012-05-02 15:51:27   We are now selling Fusion, we call it OmFusion. Its a good deal IMO, $40 plus tax for unlimited local and long distance calling plus ADSL2+ broadband up to 20Mbps. Free Equipment lease included with service.

Takes about a week to get going.

Best speeds are in the downtown core area, or anything within about 3kfeet of the Davis CA Central Office. Though we have people using it as far away as North Davis Farms.


As of 8/1/12 we've restructured equipment fee to a $40 refundable deposit, when equipment is returned. —omrob

2013-01-10 12:45:49   I had AT&T DLS for while when I first moved to town, and later switched to Comcast. Recently my Comcast was disconnected and I was told they'd need to replace the line to my apartment before they could restore my service. After around 4 weeks of waiting and not having my calls returned I just cancelled it. AT&T said they no longer offered DSL at my apartment and I'd have to buy a new modem from them for $100 if I wanted to have their upgraded service connected.

I got in touch with Omsoft and ordered their Omfusion service last Monday. I got an email the next day saying it had been processed and would working by Friday but possibly sooner, and I would just need to plug in the old DSL modem I had. I gave it a try last night (Wednesday) and it worked right away - no set up at all needed on my part. Speedtest.net reported 16 Mbs down and 1 Mbs up (a few blocks from the Co-op). I tried it again right now and it's reporting 13 Mbs down and 1 Mbs up - so there's a bit of variability there but it's still pretty good.

I honestly couldn't be happier with them so far. —EamonnMurray

2013-11-03 21:08:01   We have had Omfusion for over a year and it is far and away a fabulous deal for a landline and DSL. The $40 gets you unlimited national calling, but on top of that the international rates are the low rates (0.04-0.12/min for western EU countries) that you can get with AT&T only if you pay an extra $5/mo. Want to make lots of calls to Canada? AT&T will give you that for an extra $6/mo, but with Omfusion it is included. In fact, you can also call fixed lines in the UK, Australia, Brazil, South Africa and a few other places for free. Voicemail is free too! —AndrewWaterhouse

2014-04-09 07:12:30   great company - reliable, good customer support, very knowledgeable and helpful. highly recommend. —farmedgirl

2014-06-10 19:13:25   I switched my house over to Omsoft last year and could not be happier. It is the most robust internet I have ever had. The internet has only gone down once this entire year and it was only out for about 10 minutes. I fought with my xfinity connection almost every week and the service was atrocious. On top of being reliable, the internet I get from Omsoft really quick and it has plenty of power to support 4 college students who actively use the internet. As we keep learning more about the terrible business practices of Comcast and others, Davis could not be luckier to have Omsoft. Without a doubt, everybody in this town should switch over. —JakeNeustadt

2014-09-01 17:39:14   OmSoft has excellent customer service. They turned out to not be the right choice for me since I live too far from downtown so the connection was slow and finnicky, but they've been nothing but helpful the entire time. I would recommend them to anyone in the downtown area. —JosephToan

* Is this just for fusion? I live super-far from downtown and my connection speed is just fine. I'm too far to get fusion at their top tier speed, but their regular DSL speed is just what they advertise for the given price point (I've tried them all). — WesHardaker

2014-09-05 06:10:51   I have been with this company since 1996 when I opened an internet account. The customer service is great, they are easy to reach by phone and will come out to your home to troubleshoot almost immediately. I've had OmFusion since it was first offered. The price is great with the phone service. Alas, my location in East Davis is very far away from the transmitter and my service is too slow for anything but internet surfing. Such a shame, but the infrastructure isn't there to boost speeds. No fault of Omsoft's. Their service is excellent; great local company worth supporting. —SusanLugo

2015-08-24 11:42:20   My church recently changed providers from AT&T to Omsoft. Change went smoothly as planned. We save probably $100/mo (internet and phone) and we no longer play "let's make a deal" every year with AT&T. Customer service is great The system performs as advertised, and we now have some upgrade paths available if we want to get a more sophisticated phone system at a reasonable cost. It's a local business too —legrape

2016-09-02 16:03:55   Please note that the price they advertise is NOT what you will actually pay. For some reason they are only quoting their upcharge on top of the AT&T cost. This is bizarre; no other company advertises prices this way. No one goes in for a $40-advertised haircut and gets told, "well, actually it's $50, because I have to buy scissors and stuff." I can't think of an explanation for this practice other than manipulative bait-and-switch. How disappointing. For the record, the actual price is $52.95 per month, and the speed they told me to expect (I'm only a few blocks north and a few blocks east of their downtown-core location) was 6 down, 3 up. That's incredibly slow for $53, so I'm going to have to take a hard pass. I'm disappointed; I was really hoping that the local option would be worthwhile. —a-ucd-grad-student

2016-09-07 21:35:55   Hi. As someone intimately involved in the operation, I can assure you it is $42.95 per month PLUS TAX, not some "upcharge on top of the AT+T" cost or however you characterize it. Similar to any other product say a phone line, which is what this is, bundled with Internet access, that AT+T would charge tax on. In fact, it says that on the website. -omrob

2017-07-17 18:09:13   I have been using omsoft for a very long time, probably 10 or 15 years. Best ISP ever. Now I am moving and have to change, sad now. —rdpayne

2017-09-08 19:50:14   Omsoft is by far the most responsive and pleasant internet provider in Davis. You can call late on a Saturday night and talk to a guy running the equipment who can run remote diagnostics and actually give you technically-informed troubleshooting help. Their level of customer service is remarkable. Sadly, the actual DSL product that they are currently able to deliver is limited by AT&T infrastructure, and performs poorly in some parts of town. But call them up and ask. They will have good estimates and be perfectly frank with you. —mfmmmsam