The UC Davis campus as seen in OpenStreetMap, Cycle Map on 2010/11/24


OpenStreetMap is a work-in-progress mapping website / interface that aims to produce an entirely free (as in speech) set of maps of the world - thus they can be used on our wiki without having insurmountable copyrights issues that might be the case with other sources. The maps are contributed by regular people. Unlike things like Google Maps, OpenStreetMaps are freely usable by anyone for any purpose. All the software that powers the site is freely licensed as well. For these reasons, it's been considered a potential option for wiki mapping at some point in the future (read more here if you're interested).

The Davis map coverage seems pretty good, but as always, it is good to check: is your neighbourhood accurate? If not, you should fix it.

June 22nd2008 Mapping Party

The mapping party was a success in that mappers showed up, braved the heat and made many edits to the map.

Who did What?


Making a map for your Garmin GPS

After installing mkgmap you can use the following commands to create a file than can be loaded into any Garmin GPS with a model name ending in x.

curl -g*[bbox=-121.82,38.49,-121.67,38.59] -o data.osm 
java -Xmx512M -jar mkgmap.jar -n GMAPSUPP data.osm

Mkgmap will also allow you to combine several .osm files into one large .img file. The file that results from these commands just covers the immediate Davis area. It will have a level of detail similar to this; but you can edit and improve the map.

Pre-made Maps for Garmin GPS

Alternatively you can download premade maps. All use OSM data and are updated regularly. Compatibility and stability on devices may vary. See Maps for additional map resources.

  • has weekly generated maps for the entire state of California
  • Lambertus has world-wide coverage and routable maps with various map installers (PC and Mac)


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2008-06-19 21:49:01   Anyone else interested in taking the wiki spirit and applying it to the area covered by DavisWiki? —JasonAller