Plainfield Station, 23944 County Road 98 (at Road 29)
Date & Time
Quasi-biannually, 1PM-10PM
$10 Presale/door

Operation: Restore Maximum Freedom (O:RMF) is a non-profit all ages DIY music festival put on roughly twice a year by KDVS 90.3FM in Davis. This event has a rich history of bringing killer audio projects from the radiowaves of KDVS to the soundwaves of Plainfield Station, the venue chosen for its awesome burgers, cheap beer, and rural location in the middle of Yolo county. The music is still healthy in Sacto/Davis, where KDVS DJs fight the good fight against corporate hegemony of homogeny. Using freeform radio and a grand variety of live shows, we bring the best tunes to the region, as we have for decades.

In today's political climate, while personal freedoms have been undermined by the current regime, one student-run, community-powered radio station has endeavored to make the most of what freedom is left; Freeform KDVS 90.3 FM in Davis has chosen to support the new, creative music of the most sincere artistic scruples, thereby offering a true, outstanding alternative choice to music fans who refuse to settle for less. For people who've grown weary of corporate-controlled rebellion and partying in bars with bro-dawgs and hoochie-mamas — where every flash of the horns and so-called act of revelry is so formulaic and seemingly scripted — Max Freedom offers you a totally different way to party.

Plainfield Station is located at 23944 County Road 98, just across the bridge at the intersection of Road 98 & 29. Technically part of Woodland, it’s closer to Davis. From Davis, take 5th street/Russell blvd west, then turn right on Road 98 and travel north. From I-80, take 113 north, then Road 29 west. Grill and beer bar, so bring cash for chow and cheer. If you don’t have a car, how the hell are you going to get out there? Easy. Tough up and ride your bike on the 5th street route, it's only a few miles - if you're not afraid of the people driving home from the bars at 10PM...


Freedom isn't free (just 10 bucks) - SN&R 5/12/11 Let me count the good vibes - SN&R 10/7/10 Talkin' 'bout freedom - SN&R 10/1/09 Operation: Restore Maximum Freedom VII - Zum - 5/16/09 Best Davis Event - Aggie 2/19/09 (3rd place) The Latest Mission? - SFBG 11/07/08 Maximum Freedom Fighters - SN&R 10/5/06 Restoration Hardcore - SF Bay Guardian 10/3/06 Restore Maximum Freedom - SF Gate 6/1/06

Operation: Restore Maximum Freedom 12 is on May 19th this year and is featuring the weirdest, sickest lineup yet.

Check out the facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/354341997949107/ and get your tickets early at either Delta of Venus or Records in Sacramento.

The Future

2013-05-18 (XIII)

  • Rat Columns
  • Insightful
  • VerBS
  • Sick Spits / OGC
  • Fine Steps
  • iji
  • Healing Potpourri
  • Malditos
  • Caged Animal
  • Pookie & the Poodlez
  • Genuis
  • Lotion
  • Randy McKean's Wild Horsey Ride
  • UC Davis Samba School
  • UC Davis Gamelan Ensemble

Past lineups

2012-05-19 (XII)

  • Dibia$e
  • Raleigh Moncrief
  • Twin Steps
  • No Babies
  • Yi
  • World Hood
  • Headboggle
  • Brothers Amor
  • West Nile Ramblers
  • Buk Buk Bigups
  • Burglars
  • Mondo Lava
  • UC Davis Gamelan Ensemble

2010-05-14 (XI)

  • R. Stevie Moore
  • Zach Hill
  • Appetite
  • Ellie Fortune
  • Charles Albright
  • Moonpearl
  • Alak
  • Kites Sail High
  • Produce Produce
  • Gaarth
  • UC Davis Samba School

2010-10-22 (X)

  • The Ganglians
  • Dreamdate
  • Wounded Lion
  • Super Wild Horses
  • Mattress
  • Greg Ashley
  • Young Prisms
  • Buk Buk Bigups
  • Big Black Cloud
  • Psychic Reality
  • Random Abiladeze

2010-05-23 (IX)

  • A-Frames
  • X (Australia)
  • Moon Duo
  • Jacuzzi Boys
  • Foot Village
  • Chelsea Wolfe
  • Robedoor
  • Rank/Xerox
  • Mucky the Ducky
  • English Singles
  • Delorean
  • UC Davis Gamelan Ensemble

October 3rd, 2009 (VIII)

  • Rapes of Grath
  • Post Mortem Vomit
  • The American Splits
  • Face the Rail
  • MOM
  • Foul Mouths
  • Migraine
  • New Thrill Parade
  • Nothing People
  • The Four Eyes
  • G. Green
  • The Mantles
  • Yellow Fever

May 16th, 2009 (VII)

October 11th, 2008

  • LSD and the Search for God
  • Traditional Fools
  • Blackblack
  • Hexlove
  • Ohioan
  • Incaore
  • Beware of the Knight
  • Countless Others
  • Religous Girls
  • San Fransisco Water Cooler

June 2nd, 2007

  • Lemonade
  • White Rainbow
  • Righteous Movement
  • Boss the Big Bit (View Footage)
  • The Standard Tribesman
  • Black Fiction
  • Griznar Music Collective
  • Seekers Who Are Lovers
  • Ghosting
  • Valet
  • Battleship
  • Dead Western
  • The Bananas
  • Buildings Breeding
  • Ovipositor
  • San Kazakgascar

Press: Razorcake Review San Francisco Bay Guardian Review

October 7th, 2006

  • Kid 606
  • Third Sight Feat. D-Styles
  • Michael Hurley
  • Scarcity of Tanks (feat. Michael Yonkers)
  • LSD March (Japan) (View Footage)
  • New Rock Syndicate (Japan) (View Footage)
  • Numbers
  • Th' Losin Streaks
  • Hank IV
  • Sic Alps
  • Who's Your Favorite Son, God?
  • The Weasel Walter Quartet
  • Obo Martin
  • The Trashies
  • Big Sammy and Whoduk
  • Haunted George

June 3rd, 2006

(View Photos)

  • The Advantage
  • Erase Errata
  • Clipd Beaks
  • ...Worms
  • Night Wounds
  • Micose & the Mau Maus
  • Ettrick (View Footage)
  • Oaxacan
  • Eddie the Rat
  • Art Lessing
  • Sholi
  • Betsy & the Teen Takeover
  • The Megacools

October 1st, 2005

(View Photos) (More Photos)

  • Growing
  • Residual Echoes
  • The Intelligence
  • The Hospitals
  • The Zebra Attack
  • Mammatus
  • Hustler White
  • Wet Confetti
  • The Rebel (View Footage)
  • Ezee Tiger
  • Hot Girls, Cool Guys
  • Kool Teen!

May 21st, 2005

(View Photos) (More Photos)

  • Sightings
  • No Doctors
  • Burmese
  • A Hawk and a Hacksaw
  • Death Sentence: Panda!
  • Le Flange du Mal
  • Zoms Zoms
  • Yip-Yip
  • Walking in the Neon
  • The Weegs
  • Earn Your Feathers
  • Black Dahlias
  • Gift of Goats
  • The Knightmares
  • Hotel Pistol
  • Eat the People
  • Oh Dark Thirty
  • Carquinez Straits
  • Boss the Big Bit
  • The Playboy Millionaires

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2006-05-31 12:55:40   Anyone carpooling to this? (Or does everyone bike home from Woodland at midnight?) —SteveDavison

Perhaps freedom to get there/back safely isn't included.

Why not have a shuttle bus for this? Just flash your concert ticket/stub and ride beteen the MU and Plainfield Station. (There was a 25-cent bus taking people from the Domes to the Cannery last night, and this is further, later, involves alcohol, and is on high-speed bikelaneless roads.) I guess we'll just have to have a death to get this implemented; volunteers? —SteveDavison

2006-05-31 13:19:41   It's not uncommon for people to ride their bikes. Last year some guys rode their bikes from Oakland. —ArlenAbraham

  • Biking home from a bar(!) at night(!!) on a poorly lit road(!!!) with anemic bike lanes(!!!!) sounds like just about the unsafest thing ever. —TravisGrathwell

To be fair, he didn't say it was a good idea, just that it's not uncommon. It's not uncommon for people to get drunk at bars and drive home either. Since I'm not trying out for the Darwin award at this time, I think I'll pass on the bike suggestion. —SteveDavison

  • As far as bike safety is concerned, I know that the people from the Bay Area, Sacramento, and Davis who biked to the event numbered in the 20 range, and they all made it home safe without incident. The entire Davis bike contingent looked like an honest-to-goodness peloton when I passed them on Road 29 at approximately 12:20 a.m. They had plenty of flashing lights, reflective fabrics, and safety in numbers. It looks like biking to Max Freedom will be a strong tradition as long as there is a Max Freedom.

2006-06-01 01:43:22   question: is it $7 for students for both advance ticket purchases and at the door, or does the student rate only apply if students purchase in advance? —EliseKane

Seems pretty clearly stated that it's $7 for students either way. Therefore students would have no advantage in getting advance tickets, except if there was a possibility of selling out. For non-students, the price nearly doubles (why so steep?!). —SteveDavison

  • I think everyone knows that the Plainfield Station won't sell out (they claim their backyard has a capacity of 700+), but some students do buy advance tickets if only so that we may have some momentum going into the event. For those of us organizing and working the event, advance ticket sales revenue greatly helps us to have a slush fund for last-minute needs, change for the door, and a good guage as far as how many people will eventually show up. This time, we had double the advance ticket revenue at the beginning. Three bands were able to be paid before we even welcomed one guest at the door. It gave us a sense of relief that the hard work would inevitably pay off, and we would not be forced to pay bands out of our own pockets. It is strange to me, however, that the price for this event might be considered "steep." That we can do these festivals for so little money is actually just short of miraculous to me. This was 13 bands of quality and variety happening in a unique setting right in our own backyard. Meanwhile, the Heritage Festival was happening a few miles away...it, too, was an all-day music event in a parklike setting. It cost $35 and featured Jackie Greene, Mumbo Gumbo, and a host of smoothed out blues and smoothed out jazz bands from the local area. Cigar bar fare. And, really, when you compare it to a lot of all-day music festivals, $35 is on the cheap side. In any event, we're really happy that so many people came to O:RMF III. We had an estimated 340 people there, plus 48 musicians...nearly 400 people took that porta-potty #1 to the limit. The bands seemed really happy with the fans and Plainfield. We feel like O:RMF III gives us the momentum to make O:RMF IV the best time yet. Stay tuned here for more info on that as it develops. Thanks! —RickEle

2006-10-04 13:16:52   Maximum Freedom IV is seriously one of the best music festivals on the west coast this year. For the price, great quality of diverse acts, and "real" non-corporate b.s., nothing beats it. —BrendanBoyle

2007-06-03 15:07:53   What a great time! Thanks for the shuttle, too! ORMF is further proof that Davis beats the Bay Area hands down. —NoahPretentious

2012-04-26 17:29:32   ORMF 12 is announced! Lineup above. May 19, 2012. SHOW YR PRETTY FACES —SharmiBasu