311 7th Street
(Central Davis)
(530) 758-2101

Communal backyard

On-site washer/dryer


Orange Tree Apartments: There's a big orange tree in front of the complex and a communal backyard. It seems to be occupied mostly by families and possibly grad students. Sometimes an East Asian man can be seen doing landscaping work and picking oranges (the landlord?). Overall, a quiet complex.

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2006-05-29 10:53:06   Looks like a cheap motel; the apartment manager suggested that he's making sure that people are quiet after 10 pm by "making them not feel happy here" —JoFeuerstein

2006-07-17 13:48:59   If you like NOISE, live here. This apartment complex is filled with selfish, rude punks who have no consideration for anyone but themselves. There is loud music and yelling all hours of the night. The stairs constantly have cigarette butts and spit all over them. I found a roach motel in one of my cabinets. The manager advertises this place as a quiet complex...DO NOT believe him. This place sucks!!! —HiYall—-

2006-09-05 22:19:57   We just moved in on the 31st, but so far, we really like it here. The appliances are old, and it absolutely looks like a cheap motel, but it is cheap enough to rent, and the deposit for our cat was only $150. Oh and I think that the noisy people moved out before we got here, it has been pretty quiet so far. —ColinWard

Apparently, they do not know of their openings until March. ~Davepoole

2007-12-03 08:39:46   Seems like some back and forth here on the property... can anybody else tell me if this is a good place, or bad place to live? —jburns157

2009-03-17 14:51:15   Hahn Lin is a really nice manager & the rent is dirt cheap given the amazing location.

Having said that, be wary of moving in here.

The mold problems are outrageous. Once we moved in, we noticed that the bathroom was completely engulfed in mold, and we have been unable to eliminate it completely because it reappears so fast. The circulation is terrible and the whole apartment becomes damp if you don't close the bathroom doors and leave the bathroom window open all day.

The walls/ceilings are paper thin, and you can hear people stomping around and singing at 3:30am. (Ok so this may be an isolated situation, but you can hear "inside-voice" conversations to the point where you can almost understand the conversation, and the loudness of people walking directly above you makes you fear that their foot might go right through the ceiling).

There are cracks/obvious damage throughout the house which is mostly aesthetic, but in some cases requires innovative solutions to seal gaps in the walling/flooring to stop the outside air from flowing in.

Beware of the driveway to the parking lot, it will destroy the bottom of your car. (Although there is always plenty of parking which is nice).

If you don't spend much time in your apartment, then these may appear to be mostly minor issues that are worth it for the fact that you live downtown for super cheap. But if you plan to spend lots of time in the apartment, are sensitive to mold, or generally don't like staying in fixer-uppers, then I suggest you find another place to live.

edit: Time for an update. It is completely unbearable to live here now. Every single day there is either chainsaws cutting down trees, weedwackers running, or leaf blowers running nonstop. Sometimes they start at 7AM, and other times they last all-freaking-day. Listening to the neighbors tv/radio/conversations has made impossible to study/relax/sleep (I am routinely woken up between the hours of 3-6am by the creaking ceiling from people walking across it - or from them snoring). For whatever reason we didn't have cold water for two months straight, and even now it is inconsistent (not to mention the taps are all completely corroded with some god-awful smelling substance). My car has permanent damage now from the driveway. Our attempt to fill the gap between the door and the floor (2 inches) has failed miserably.

For the love of god and all that is holy, do not stay here - find another place.


2009-04-08 12:55:29   The apartment that we stayed in (#2)was in a very good condintion and Mr Lin is very helpfull.The location is very convenient to go anywhere you like in few minutes.It's a good place for students because the rent is reasonable and it's close to campus. —joannacotsapa

2012-09-01 15:57:42   I have never been happier with a living situation. The apartment manager is so easy to get along with. He cares about my life and well being. He is extremely reasonable with rent making my life a whole lot less stressful. The quality of the apartment is very good and when there are issues the apartment manager is extremely attentive to your needs. We had a leaky sink and he was in within the day to install a new faucet. I requested new carpets and he considered it seriously enough that he did install new carpets! He is kind and generally a good human being all around. We have a shared backyard area that he is also attentive to - doing regular maintenance. I plan on being here for quite some time! —ErinWilkus