This object is shrouded in mystery, and its very existence is known only to an elite few operating from the depths of Lower Freeborn. (Okay, The California Aggie)

Why is it here? Who knows about it? What powers does it possess?

It is probably a physical replica of its portrayed cousin in the Woody Allen movie "Sleeper" which featured this futuristic, instantaneous, orgasm producer as a means to replace the human need for sexual intercourse and intimacy in the future. —RobertBaron

I've heard rumor that it contains a portal into someone else's head! —BrianChen

I enter the Orgasmatron on a daily basis...and it's amazing. —EliseKane

One of several orgasmatron sphinxes. This one is called the Orgasmatron Tiki.

Is it the larger, more powerful version of the Orgazmorator?