These are reviews of Osteria Fasulo from 2007. For more current reviews, visit the entry.

2007-01-02 16:54:53   My husband and I ate at Osteria Fasulo for the first and last time in early December to celebrate our anniversary. For $162 (including $20 tip) this is what we got: House Salad (in parmesan cheese basket) – (can’t remember the price – 10-12) very good. Radicchio Trevigiano con Pancetta (12) - ok. Cioppino della Casa (24) – very good but arrived luke warm. Roast Lamb Shank (28) – ok – also luke warm. Chocolate Creme Brulee (7) – excellent value and very good. Bottle of Wine – price unknown. One Bottle of water. After they were out of the 2nd bottle of wine we requested, the owner selected a bottle for us. We didn’t really appreciate having a bottle selected for us without our asking and had no idea what it coat. It was nothing to write home about…a disappointment for an anniversary celebration. Bottomline… the meal had its highs and lows but certainly not worth the price. We won’t be back. —DavisWheeler

2007-04-01 12:04:10   if your meal was 142 and you tipped 20 at a nice restaraunt you probablly deserved a bad meal. —CrazyeyeKillah

2007-04-24 18:53:35   i were about 1 dollar off. 15% of 142 is around 163 :( next time tip 163 as for Crazyeyekillah's comments, it seems like he wants you to tip more than 163...but i mean, if your steak/shank is LUKEWARM, HELL NO you are not tipping more than 15 %... —JamesLi

  • The standard practice is not to tip on tax (unless you want to tip based on the IRS's service). Hence daviswheeler tipped 15.1056 %. Furthermore, you should not determine a tip based on how fancy the restaurant is. The quality of the service and the bill usually increase the tip for such restaurants anyway. If the service is poor quality the waiter certainly deserves no more than 15%, which was given. (usually cold food means it was sitting in the window too long, which is the fault of the waiter.) -MattHh

2007-05-18 21:26:00   I was very disappointed in Osteria Fasulo. Our salad was drenched in mayonnaise and capers; we could see the vegetables, but we couldn't taste them. The papardelle with saffron cream sauce sounded great, but it was actually almost inedible - not fresh, somehow both bland and overflavored. The gnocchi was the only thing that was decent, and it was nothing special. Maybe we just got unlucky and picked the worst things on the menu, but I would be ashamed to serve that salad to anyone. The staff were nice, but spotty - they brought us two glasses of wine when we had ordered one, the waitress offered us dessert while we were still waiting for our appetizers, and the restaurant called and left a message asking us whether we were going to show up for our reservation WHILE we were sitting there eating dinner. We were also one of 3 parties there, so they can't have been too busy. —wobbly

2007-05-21 23:40:07   I went to osteria fasulo for the first time today. I was impressed with the atmosphere, the wine list, and most of all the service. My wife and i were there for an anniversary. After 47 years of marriage i guess it was time that i treated my wife to a nice meal. Our waiter suggested to us that we eat our meals in courses and family style. We were confused by the menu, but he put us right at ease. He asked if we wanted some suggestions...well we did. We let him order our entire meal along with the wine. His suggestions were wonderful. Even though there were large parties that night he made us feel like we were the most important people in the building. We would recommend OS to any one in visiting davis. It was a wonderful experience. —stewy10

Restaurant... In village homes... I have never heard of this place I must check it out... —StevenDaubert

2007-08-02 09:55:01   Dear Leonardo Fasulo — I see from the picture that you have a lovely outdoor patio. Do you allow people to bring their well-behaved dogs with them and eat out on the patio? —CovertProfessor

Of course and some of our guests come here because of it , I was thinking of having a dogs night out .Leonardo Fasulo

That's great! We'll be coming by soon. And thanks for the reply, here and on my page. I really appreciate business owners who get involved with the wiki and take the time to answer questions. —CovertProfessor

2007-09-28 03:01:55   Great Food, excellent service :) Thank you for everything It was the best time of my life Love You —Sabira

2007-10-03 11:43:47   I had lunch food was average to me and over priced, just my opinion maybe i am not in the right income bracket to eat here ....This place is nice and cozy i just was not impressed with prices and food otherwise cool place —Brians

2007-11-06 20:20:47   My wife and I have eaten here twice, and enjoyed it thoroughly. The meals are presented professionally, the service is cordial, prompt, and also fits in perfectly with the relaxed atmosphere (the staff are friendly, never stuffy). As for prices, we don't mind paying up when we know we're getting such a quality dining experience. Osteria Fasulo is a perfect complement to Davis. —ArthurFrane

2007-11-16 00:11:42   Just a comment for one of the above comments concerning dogs at restaurants. As a veterinary technician there is nothing I love more then big, cuddly, well behaved dogs... BUT I don't think it is professional to allow animals in the vicinity of where food is being served to patrons. It is unhygenic (even outside where the probability of urinating or passings odors will increase for pets - anyone who has eaten on the patio at Fuzios during warmer months should know what I mean), not to mention the fact that it is discourteous to other diners who may have pet allergies. This isn't just a post for restaurant owners, but for pet owners as well. Thank you. —christacooper

  • Since it was my question about allowing dogs, I will respond. I would not consider a dog who urinated in an eating area to be a "well-behaved dog." My dog never urinates near an eating place. I would hope that dog owners would be sensible enough to bring only well-behaved dogs with them, just I would hope that only well behaved adults and children go to restaurants; unfortunately, that is not always the case, but by and large, most people are respectful of others. As for "passing odors" I believe that I am not out on a limb when I say that the homo sapiens in attendance are doing this with a similar frequency to that of the dogs. Finally, as an allergy sufferer myself — I am very allergic to cats, although I love them dearly, and I'm also allergic to a wide variety of grasses and molds, which I am less fond of — I am quite sympathetic to other allergy sufferers. But I sincerely doubt that a dog in the outdoors will have much of an effect — especially a dog of the non-shedding variety. I am always amused when I go over a friend's house and they put the cat away in another room; it's a nice thought, but frankly, the amount of hair on the cat is miniscule compared to the fur that is all over the house. Similarly, the amount of fur that a dog sitting next to his/her owner will produce and send to nearby patrons is going to be quite small and diffused — not significantly worse, than, say, the amount of fur produced by nearby squirrels, etc., since the seating area is outdoors and animals cannot be prevented from entering. I also imagine that if someone were extremely allergic (and I think you'd have to be), that a polite request to move would do the trick (depending on who was there first). —CovertProfessor

2007-12-18 14:31:01   My girlfriend and I were lucky enough to get a gift certificate for a full dinner here. When we went initially it was not honored, and we were so upset that we decided to leave. When we got in touch with the person who gave us the gift certificate, she contacted the owner and explained the situation. We were told next time everything should be fine, so we gave the restaurant another chance. I'm so glad that we did. I have to say, the service was great, and I think it may have been the single best meal I've ever had. Every bite left me speechless. The owner came out to talk to us about the mix up and apologized. It turned out to be a great evening and I definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone who is looking for a fantastic meal. —GabeDavis