808 2nd Street (Next to Village Bakery)
(530) 757-1232
Mon-Friday 4:00 (drinks) 5:00-10:00 Saturday 4:30 (drinks) 5:00-10:00
Late Night Thursday-Saturday 10:30pm-2:00am
Closed Sunday
Happy Hour
Monday-Friday 4:00 pm-6:00pm
Charlie Swanson and Jon Sanchez
Facebook page
Payment Methods
cash and credit cards accepted


Our House is a recently arrived restaurant that uses the space formerly occupied by Aioli Bodega Española. The owners, Charlie Swanson (who also owns The Graduate and is married to City Councilwoman Rochelle Swanson), and Jon Sanchez (a Davis real estate agent, and former chef at California Fat's and The Tower Cafe), are working to bring Davis great food, the best cocktails, an awesome wine list, and a place where you can go to always be with friends. They opened on June 15, 2011.

One person initially checked out their menu and was very disappointed to find zero vegetarian entrees. However there is now a vegetarian gnocchi entree, as well as corn on the cob and grilled artichoke appetizers. They recently added two new pescetarian entrees onto their menu, along with a few appetizers. With their new Fall Menu (2012), they introduced an almost completely gluten free menu, excluding only three or four choices.

Happy Hour $5 select red and white wine glasses (select wines will change weekly,) $4 select drought beer, $1 off bottled beer, $2 off specialty and classic cocktails, $1 off well drinks in the bar and lounge area Monday through Friday from 4-6pm. Wines range from the $6/glass range to significantly more. Their wine list is expanding in their early days of operation as they get their initial shipments in from various wineries. Our House is one of the only restaurants in town that serves the red wines at the proper temperature by the glass. Our House also has $5 appetizers at the bar during happy hour: Grilled Artichoke with a Rosemary Aioli, Pork Sliders, Mini Carnitas Tacos, Fried Brussel Sprouts, Mac & Cheese with Winters Cheese Company Sharp Cheddar, and Bruschetta.

Weekly Specials

Sunday- $30 Three-Course Menu

Monday- $30 Three-Course Dinners $30 Three-Course Dinner.docx These dinners include choices of various appetizers (artichoke or tequila lime beef), main courses (chicken picatta with oyster mushrooms, mashed potatoes, and grilled asparagus and 14 oz New York Steak with chimichurri butter,) and your choice of any dessert on the menu. Happy Hour in bar and lounge area only 4-6.

Tuesday- $30 Three-Course Dinner again; served Sunday-Wednesday. Happy Hour in bar and lounge area only 4-6

Wednesday- Market Muddle. Every Wednesday, the bartender stops by the Farmer's Market and picks up some fresh fruit to make a cocktail out of for the evening. In the past, Our House has featured drinks such as a Blueberry and Strawberry Hard Lemonade, Blackberry Lemontini, Strawberry and White Peach Margarita, and a White and Yellow Nectarine and Peach sparkling wine muddle with Saint Germaine. $30 Three-Course Menu. Happy Hour in bar and lounge area only 4-6.

Thursday- Wine Flight Night. Three three-ounce pour of wine to taste and compare. Two red flights to choose from $12/$15 and two white flights $10/$13. Also, Oysters on the half shell:  $15 for a half dozen, $25 for a dozen. They are served all evening or until they run out. Happy Hour in bar and lounge area only 4-6

Friday- Happy Hour in bar only 4-6.



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2011-06-15 22:18:38   Went to the open house yesterday, and I can't wait to go back. We enjoyed a Sidecar, Lemon Drop, Cary's Cosmo (gluten free and lots of cranberry) and Mojito, along with fabulous appetizers (the amazing Salmon Poke BETTER be on the menu!) and deserts. It's the kind of comfort food restaurant Davis will love. —Davidlm

2011-06-16 12:51:10   Wow, what a cool new place. Haven't tried the food yet but it sounds amazing. Went in for drinks last night and lounged on the couches, very chill atmosphere. My only complaint is that they charged $11 for a small glass of wine. Holy hell that's a lot! This is Davis, not NYC! But the well drinks and other cocktails were very reasonably priced, so we'll be back (just not for the wine). Hope they have happy hour specials coming! —cerise

2011-06-21 23:11:34   Ceris- We have added many great wines starting at $6 a glass plus they are $2 off on happy hour stop by and check out our updated list. We are adding to the wine list daily as the wineries deliver. —charlieswanson

2011-06-27 23:07:27   Ate at Our House a few nights ago and it was amazing, very relaxed, you can go for an evening out and dress up or stay casual and relax. Great service, ask for Daniel, he was great. As for the food, Ribs are a little tough, but otherwise everything is worth the price, by far the best food in Davis. Make sure you try the Five Onion Soup and Tequila Lime beef. —Mike95616

2011-06-30 16:33:11   I can't wait to go! I'm looking forward to having a menu posted here. —ashleyinthemist

2011-07-01 14:52:03   I recently went to Our House for lunch. It has a relaxed yet sophisticated interior with jazz music playing which made the dining experience more enjoyable. The food I ordered, the five spice chicken salad, was good although I felt that it could of used a little more spice (however I enjoyed that it didn't taste "heavy" like many restaurants make their salads by adding lots of sugar, fat, and salt). I felt the food was a little overpriced for what was given- should probably drop the price by a dollar or so. I am definitely interested in visiting again for drinks as I enjoyed the atmosphere (and AC!) and will probably give another food item on the menu a shot. —bordiga

2011-07-02 01:11:38   VERY over priced. Food was ok, but the service was TERRIBLE! Found a hair in my $10 drink as well. Very noisy. Uncomfortable chairs. BAD layout. Couldn't even get a water refill after dropping over $150 for our table. Miss the old tapas place that used to be there. Would not go again. —Antoinette

2011-07-03 08:44:19   I have been wanting to see what Our House had to offer for about a week and I went here the other night with a couple of friends. First impression was that the decor was pretty cool, with some couches and raised wood tables to sit at. The music didn't fit at all with the vibe I think they were trying to create, as they were playing some classic rock which is normally not a bad thing. We didn't try the food but had a round of drinks. The drinks were bad, I mean bad, and it took over 5 minutes to get 3 relatively simple drinks. I'll wait until they iron some things out before I try this place again. —moonmonkey18

2011-07-05 21:31:22   The salmon and the smore desert are very, very good. The filet and the cheesecake? Amazing. —MarkSanger

2011-07-13 10:26:51   I was disappointed in the decor. Looked kind of common to me. Found the wine to be overpriced as well as the beer. Pork sliders were good. Service was okay. Sort of disappointed. If they don't lower food and wine prices, they're going to go out of business. Give good value and service. That's the key. —dianamuprhy

2011-07-13 11:48:51   I had lunch here yesterday with a group of 6. I had the Five onion soup and Ceaser salad with chipotle glazed chicken both were delicous! Others in my group had the grilled chicken sandwich and the Walnut curry chicken sandwich they thought it was very good. The service was excellent! —agerould

2011-07-14 11:48:51   I'd love to see some more vegetarian choices on the menu. Options are very limited for vegetarians. —SDAK

2011-07-14 10:47:55   I went here last night, and my beer was tasty (Xingu Black). But I also I ordered the five spice chicken salad and it was terrible. I could have gotten something better out of a plastic bag at the grocery store. So...go there, get drunk, and then eat someplace else. —Sorrel

2011-07-15 11:44:07   I have been here for lunch and loved it. My friend had a salad that she enjoyed. The chicken curry sandwich is awesome! I would not however want to go if I had a limited time for lunch. It was a very long lunch. I am going tonight with my family for dinner. I can't wait!;>) —ashleyinthemist

2011-07-18 21:21:08   Husband and I stopped by tonight and were so impressed! Our House is elegant yet cozy, and the menu is creative and reasonably priced. Can't wait to go back! —EmilyGardner

2011-07-19 10:29:02   Went there for dinner with a friend. Love the new decor. I had the Filet Steak Au Poivre, which was flavorful, but on the tough side. My friend had the Salmon and it was perfectly cooked and had a nice balance of flavors. We had amazing service as well. I am going back for lunch tomorrow. —LokiAbbi

2011-07-22 20:05:01   We had an early dinner here tonight (Friday). Staff was very friendly and service was excellent. Very quick, very well timed. Appetizers came out within probably 6 or 7 minutes of ordering, and he brought out our entrees as soon as he cleared the appetizer plates. It was impressive for such a new place.

The food was a mixed bag. Our appetizers were excellent. I got the tequila lime beef with lime ginger dipping sauce and it was absolutely fantastic. You can't really tell from the menu, but it's done up as little wraps in fresh tortillas with some sauteed peppers and onions. The dipping sauce was delicious, steak was tender and wonderful. One of the better appetizers I've come across. My wife had a Mediterranean caprese salad that was a slight twist on the traditional - fresh heirloom tomatoes, eggplant, and smoked mozzarella; the basil was finely chopped over the top. The smokiness of the mozzarella was pretty mild and very pleasant, and the eggplant was deliciously salty. All extremely well balanced.

The entrees were a little more iffy. I got one of their specials, a hamburger that had bacon ground into the patty, with some kind of aioli and whatnot. It really wasn't that interesting. A bit on the dry side (hard to do with bacon in the patty) and just not that much going on. It honestly didn't have anything on a Gradburger, and it fell short of something from Sudwerk or Burgers and Brew. It came with some very fresh, house-made potato chips that were reasonably tasty. Very mild, slightly salty. A pleasant but not particularly exciting side.

My wife had the lemon ricotta gnocchi with pancetta. The gnocchi were pretty good. Largish, not too heavy. The sauce was quite a bit heavier—very creamy, very strong lemon flavor. It was interesting. If you're not a big fan of lemon, I wouldn't recommend it, but we both liked it well enough.

Drinks were... pricey. I got a Hop Ottin from Anderson Valley (mislabeled as "Hop Ottin Boonville IPA" ... that's where the brewery's located, but it's not the brewery's name) and my wife had a Boont. I believe they were $5 each (we got there during happy hour, so got a dollar off)... for bottles. Oddly, the menu doesn't identify them as bottles, or indicate what might be on tap vs. what's not. I'd expect that price for pints if they were on tap, but that's pretty hefty for 12 oz. off the supermarket shelf.1 My understanding is that a 200-300% markup is pretty typical, but this was in the 400-500% range. The cheapest wine I recall was $7 for a glass, and a lot of them weren't all that exceptional. They had some cocktails in the $5-6 range, but others, in the "martinis etc." category (including a sidecar), were up around $9-10. I'm really not sure why.

Anyway, all in all, it was a decent experience. I enjoyed the service and the appetizers were excellent. I don't know if I'd do a full meal again, but it's a nice place to stop in for something light. The alcohol isn't worth it. —TomGarberson

2011-08-12 22:43:11   Ate here for dinner on a Friday night, and the food was great! Ordered the Rootbeer BBQ Pork sliders, and chicken corn chowder, and they were DELISH. The wait staff was very eager to serve us, and couldn't have been nicer. Overall, the atmosphere was 'chic' and I really enjoyed the experience. —katietakara

2011-08-16 23:39:26   This place is amazing. The service took a little long and there were only a total of 6 people in there, including myself and a friend....but the food is worth the wait. the presentation is amazing and the atmosphere can fit any occasion: casual, romantic, fun night out with friends. The food is a TAD pricey, but it is a specialty restaurant, that is expected. overall, one of my FAVORITE restaurants in Davis. —Shelle

2011-08-27 23:20:50   Went for dinner and was very excited to try this new place out, but the food was just ok and the service was pretty bad. Drinks were fun (jalapeno margherita). We ordered 2 appetizers, a salad and one entree to share between the two of us. They brought out three dishes at once (salad + 2 appetizers) and the very apologetic waitress said the entree was about to come out too! So we ate as fast as we could to make room on our tiny table for the entree ... which didn't actually come for another 15 minutes. :-( The Ahi Poke was good, but most of the other things were just ok and the entree (BBQ salmon) was dry. I might go back when things are more under control, but maybe not. I'll go to Tucos for a guaranteed good meal + good service at the same relative price. —RobynW

2011-09-06 12:51:57   Did not like the decor. Trying to go for a classy place but the blinding light from the Televisions really took away. It was kind of a pub mixed with find dining with the fine dinging prices. The wine was overpriced as well as the rest of the menu considering the service we received. We pushed through and ordered our meals. It took almost 45 minutes then the waiter asked if we need some bread to tie us over and when we said yes he came back with the food and said the bread was too long to cut(They didn't have bread obviously). When we when into the steaks it was terrible. I mean if I was paying 10 dollars for the steak I would be happy but 30 dollars was terrible. The steaks were dry and terrible unflavorable. The waiter came out and appoligized saying they steaks should have been rubbed down in oil. It was ovious it was but there was NO spice. We got the pork sliders instead of our steaks which were okay but I could have made just as good on a camping trip. It was obvious the buns were from safeway. DO NOT GO HERE! —LucasSiegfried

2011-10-23 22:44:14   As a fine dinning server, I can say that this place is great. The service was warm and inviting, despite the fact that I am a college student—which sometimes leads to bad service—and the food is delicious. I love the filet; I will always make sure that someone in my party orders it. This is where I go when I want to have a nice meal in Davis. They seem to be attracting the same clientele as Bistro 33 and I would say it's WAY better. —CourtneyMullarkey

2011-11-11 22:04:21   I have been to our house twice now when King Hall hosted it's "bar review" there. I liked the atmosphere. The drinks seem to be slightly higher priced than other bars in town. Luckily they had drink specials both times. On the first occasion one of the bartenders did not get the memo on the drink specials and I was overcharged by about five dollars, but when I pointed this out the next day, they were super courteous and gave me a refund for the difference in cash. I will definitely be coming back. —ChrisDietrich

2011-11-21 09:36:22   A group of us went here for the first time a few weeks back and we were sadly disappointed upon leaving. Our House is so overpriced it's almost insulting to people who know the restaurant/bar scene. First, there is no beer on tap, who opens a bar without beer on tap?, and they charge $5 for a bottle of beer (seriously...$5 for a Corona) unless you want a domestic and they charge $4 for that (If it's beer your looking for go to the Davis Beer Shop). Their cocktail's are overpriced for Davis, and when we did order one it was nothing to write home about. We went here thinking it was going to be a nicer environment given the prices and the decor, which it was until we soon found out that around 9:30-10:00 this place turns into just another Davis college bar packed full of college kids taking shots and lurking over you waiting for your seat. If you do go here, I would go for lunch when the menu is more reasonably priced and your not dealing with the Happy Hour crowd, unless that's what your looking for. —seanjones

2011-11-28 14:17:28   I went here with a couple of friends and was expecting quality not crap. I mean seriously I don't know what kind of standards they have there. The Gm I think his name is Jon was rude to us while waiting for our food. We waited for an 1hr to get some simple food. I assumed when they talk local but they really buy sysco or non local farms.But if they buy any produce from the farmers market you can just look at there menu and know they didn't even think about what the farmers grow at this time of the year Aspargus All year arounds. My only other complaint was the Salmon I was sick for all night long and when i called to let the restaurant know they told me that it was something else i ate but thats not possible. I wan't even asking for a free meal just sharing what happen; who ever took that call is just straight up rude. If you want a great drink in davis go to our house for Food However steer clear. If you read other reviews on yelp the same thing is happening to a couple of people..


2011-12-15 13:54:26   I like this restaurant a lot.

What I like:

- Good veggie options - Tomato soup is soooo tasty - Happy hour and late night happy hour for a glass of wine - Classy/casual atmosphere - Good service

What I could do without:

- Expensive


2012-02-02 08:28:31   I've been here twice now, and I have to admit that I'm very disappointed. I was initially rather excited about the prospects of this place based on their early statements about what they were looking to do with the restaurant, but I don't think they've achieved any of them. My heart sank the moment I took a glance at their cocktail menu for the first time. For a place that was aiming to be one of the best cocktail locations in Davis, the list is incredibly bland. But even if I wasn't going to be impressed with the bar, there was always a chance that the restaurant was worth it. Unfortunately, no. The service both times was unacceptable at their price point. (side note: why does the Davis/Sac area have such a hard time providing decent service unless you're at an expensive restaurant??) Service was *incredibly* slow between each course. We rarely saw our server, and they didn't seem very informed about the dishes. We actually had to ask another server for our check on one visit because we hadn't seen our server in so long. On top of that, the food was just average. I had a tomato bisque that reminded me far too much of Campbell's. A caesar salad hadn't had enough water shaken off the lettuce. The gnocchi were ok. The best thing I had was the sourdough bruschetta, sadly. Nothing else was memorable. And I will second another reviewer's comment that it was very weird to see blatantly out-of-season produce on the menu of a 'nicer' restaurant in Davis. I think I counted 3 entrees with asparagus in December? In all, I won't return unless I hear something has changed. They're selling at Seasons prices, but the food and the service aren't nearly as good. —MattCzarnowski

2012-02-19 20:07:43   Had dinner here on Friday. The tequila lime beef was fine, ravioli under-salted, and the steak overcooked ("medium-rare" came out crispy, dry, and brown in the middle). We waited a truly ridiculous amount of time for someone to take our order, bring the appetizer, then the entrees, then the bill. Dinner overall took 2 hours in a restaurant that was barely half full. I cook better, cheaper, faster, and can do it all without getting out of my jammies to go to a "nice" restaurant. Would not recommend! —KatherineChiu

2012-03-25 11:20:14   We went here for Valentine's Day and I have to say I was pretty disappointed. My gnocchi was rubbery, and it took nearly 45 minutes to get to our table. For the price, this restaurant was not worth it for us, and next time we'll go somewhere else. I miss Aioli! —sjmcdonnel

  • My rule of thumb: never judge a restaurant by Valentine's Day. Corollary: Don't eat out on Valentine's Day. Restaurants are never at their best on that day. I haven't been to this restaurant, so I can't say whether your experience was typical, but I would suggest that you give them another try. —CovertProfessor
    • With the ut-most respect for all the edits that C.P. does I've held my tongue for a long time about this establishment, #1: It's not fine dining, it's super expensive dining, if you pay $30 for an entree and $5 for soup and $5 for the salad no matter what day it is, it should be spectacular, note: This is not including alcohol or tips. Fine dining to me; carpet not concrete, mellow interior not Gettysburg green, nice ceiling panels, not smelly old ceiling panels, and almost got knocked out by the swinging kitchen door on my way to the bathroom and on my way back. If you ever mention the Fats family name you should always be on your game because i've eaten at their establishments for over 4 decades. And this is just my opinion—Theangrydiner

2012-04-11 22:57:01   I haven't been here for dinner, but our business group meets here every week in the banquet room, and the staff has been very accommodating and the food great! If you knew what we went through to find a meeting space in Davis with catering that a) didn't charge $200 for the privilege of using an ancient fluorescent-lit convention space for an hour, and b) had food of a quality that we would all WANT to eat each week... We've all been super happy with the food, particularly the pork sliders, the chicken corn chowder, and the wedge salad. I could write a term paper about how good the bleu cheese dressing is! My advice? Stick to lunch if you're unsure, and feel the place out before taking the more expensive dinner plunge. —LilyS

2012-07-24 18:24:06   Cons:

  • I really want to love this place but seriously, they need some vegetarian entrees. Their promise to add more "once the restaurant is up and running full speed" has remained unfulfilled for the past year.
  • If they are out of the key ingredient for the only veg-optional entree (gnocchi), as happened last time I was there, they should come up with a backup veg dish.
  • I would recommend avoiding the grilled corn with smoked chili butter - it was not on the cob as I pictured, no trace of chili, and tasted like it came from a can. This was during the winter, so maybe they have fresh corn now that it's in season.
  • Partner usually gets the filet, but it has been so overcooked a few times (ordered medium rare) that even the sauce couldn't really save it from being too dry. Other times it is perfect. Inconsistent chef?
  • Ambiance is hit or miss. Last time we were there the stereo wasn't even on. Kind of eerie being in a restaurant without background music. And it was literally about 60 degrees inside.
  • Service is hit or miss. Sometimes they are great, but one waiter kept disappearing even though the place was almost empty, took forever to get our drinks, and wasn't very friendly. Our most recent waiter, Katrina, was great.
  • Would not recommend the endive salad. The flavors skew too sweet.


  • Their vegetarian-optional entree, the gnocchi, was delicious (though a bit oily for my taste) the first time I had it. Second time I had it, it was completely different and not very good at all (which again speaks to the consistency issue)- they said it was because they were understaffed and gave us free dessert (had offered a replacement dish butttt again, lack of veg choices).
  • The veg-entree dearth aside, a vegetarian can get enough to eat by mixing and matching smaller items on the menu.
  • Highly recommend the spinach salad with strawberries, onions, almonds, goat cheese, and sesame dressing (not on the menu anymore, hope it will be back).
  • The bruschetta is amazing.
  • The mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, and sourdough (when not dry/hard as with the most recent visit) with herb butter are all tasty but nothing you can't make at home with a good recipe.
  • The grilled artichoke is interesting, but they might be better off grilling just the hearts for dipping. —MeggoWaffle

2012-08-05 19:45:48   Our House has the best wine list in Davis. I usually go there Sunday nights when you can get a bottle of wine for 1/2 price. I like their BBQ Salmon and Baby Back Pork Ribs dishes. The Mac and Cheese is also good. They have an excellent staff: Servers Karen, Courtney, and Kristen; cooks Brad and Matt. —nowhereman

  • We no longer have the half-off bottle of wine special, we replaced it with our happy hour. —CourtneyMullarkey

2012-10-17 10:56:21   Came here the other day with my boyfriend with a groupon for two glasses of wine, two entrees and an appetizer. I have been here before only for their happy hour drinks and appetizers around when they first opened and the food wasnt great, but I decided to give it another shot since they have been open longer. As other reviews have stated they have a good wine list, however for a $12 glass of syrah, I expected a heartier pour. Anyways, got the the crab cakes which were delicious! Definitely recommend these. For the main course my boyfriend got the cauliflower risotto with prawns and truffle oil, which he enjoyed but said it didnt measure up to the crab cakes. I got the special which was a pappardelle pasta with a wild mushroom cream sauce and poached egg, sounds great right? Wrong. Bland, everything was stuck in a big lump, the only distinct flavor was the whole mushrooms themselves. I added salt to the dish just so I could taste something. I still ate it, but reluctantly. Our waitress was really attentive and answered all of our questions, no complaints about the service. I am wondering if maybe ordering a meat dish here is the way to go as they have a few fish choices and steaks that sounded good. Dont know if I will give it another try, but if I do I'll order meat.

Bill ended up being around $90 not including tip. Would honestly rather go to Tucos around the corner for this price as I have had better experience with the food there and they have similar qualities of wine for cheaper. Seems like Our House really needs to step up the quality and consistency of their main entrees. —cj2012aggie

2012-11-13 09:27:40   Everything was good except the busy bar hard to get a drink plus the knowledge of the bartender with the wines. Well the food was much better than that other place(seasons)better tasting plus more consistant. If i could go back in time when there were sommeliers working in davis like Jeff at that other place, we need to get PROS back to davis I think that if the people want a fine dining experience that they will enjoy OUR HOUSE RESTAURANT hands down is the best restaurant in davis.I feel like they are just lacking a couple of details that only the pros of fine dining can fix,so to management get the right people in place make OUR HOUSE FLY INTO ITS #1 SPOT IN DAVIS. Hands down its really the best restaurant in that area. The second is Mustard Seed.If you have not tried them you should. Well you will hear more from me because I have lots of time on my hands, now that I am retired. —MIKEDUNN

2012-11-28 11:31:19   Well i agree with you the place is the new #1 fine dining bar experience needs some work. I heard through the grapevine that the sommelier may be coming to work there. anyway i had a great time I wish they would hire a great bartender like the one they had at seasons years ago(JEFF) boy that place really went down fast that b***th of a manager you know that asian that should be kept in the back lost all her KEY PEOPLE THINKING SHE KNEW HOW RUN THINGS.(IN TO THE GROUND).WELL BACK TO OUR HOUSE IS NEEDED TO HAVE A SPOT FOR BOTH COLLEGE KIDS AND ADULTS.I can not wait to go back food great people fair I think the restaurant will do great just get the party started hire a great bar tender that knows everyone and that everyone likes that(JEFF GUY FROM SEASONS WOULD BE THE BEST BET TO MAKE THE RESTAURANT STELLAR.BEST OF LUCK Iwill be back many times thank you for opening —BIGBALU

2012-12-02 19:41:50   This posting is not so much in regards to Our House as a restaurant, but rather to some recent posts on their wiki page. As someone who has dined at Seasons over the years, I couldn’t help but notice that “MIKEDUNN” and “BIGBALU” have the same IP address which means that both users are either sharing a computer or it’s the same person. Suspiciously, “MIKEDUNN” has the same IP address as “bythelchafin” on the Seasons page which “MIKEDUNN” also posted on. It’s interesting how all three users have posted comments with the same general recurring theme of how the management of Seasons was so incompetent to let Jeff go and how Our House would be so wise to hire him or someone like him. Further, these comments read more like rants rather than constructive consumer advice since no specifics are ever mentioned.What is most interesting is that Jeff’s full name is Jeff Bythel Chafin, which I remember as it’s pretty unique. Hmmm, maybe it’s just one overwhelming coincidence or possibly an unemployed bartender who really just wants to server up some sour grapes. —DavisBarFly

2013-01-27 20:15:23   The food and atmosphere are awesome but the staff is the best part. I'm here right now and all of the waitress and the bartender are friendly and beautiful women. The bartender (I think her name is Kat or Katrina) is especially nice! —Davis'BusterPosey

2013-02-17 15:02:55   I'll start off by saying I love the music and dance floor at Our House. However, I have been here a handful of times now and I am completely dissatisfied with their customer service. It takes forever to get drinks at the bar (much longer than you will wait at any other bar in Davis in my opinion), and their bouncers are completely rude. My friend got her jacket stolen there, and when I asked the bouncer he just shouted "It's not our responsibility!" And then we wanted to go back in to look for it and he wouldn't let us. I don't think I'll be going back here in the future. —LouiseM

2013-02-20 15:29:44   We were reluctant to try this place because of the mixed reviews, but went anyway because it was the only place with live music early on a Saturday evening. Wanted to post here because unlike many other reviewers my husband and I had a very nice experience. The staff was attentive, the jazz duo made for a really nice atmosphere, and the food was very good. I had crabcakes and porkchop, my husband had the chicken corn chowder and steak. Everything was very flavorful and though a bit pricey, not more than any other place serving this kind of food. We both liked the food better than Seasons and Bistro 33. —xtine

2013-08-16 11:29:38   This is very belated...went to Our House in the first 2 weeks they opened and was very disappointed. The atmosphere was basically dark and depressing. Asked for bread and the waiter said "we don't have it yet" (funny since they're practically next door to the Village Bakery). The dinner was not memorable and the skimpy portions made me think I was on a diet. I really wanted a new place to add to my restaurant rotation. First impression was enough to keep from returning. —CameronMunnally

2014-10-10 12:39:43   This is a response to thee person posting above me. I currently work at Our House and I am proud to work there. I take pride in what I do and I am passionate about the food and drinks we produce. I urge you to come in and try us out again. You can't really judge a restaurant on the time you are there when we were only open for two weeks. What made you feel as though you had to write a review three years later? As people change and evolve, so do restaurants. Please come back and give us a second chance. I promise we will have bread... —CourtneyMullarkey


1. For comparison, The Davis Beer Shoppe, which certainly isn't known for discount beer, currently has Hop Ottin' on tap for $3.49 per imperial pint (20 oz. glass, roughly 18 oz. pour

2015-03-04 15:05:02   We went there recently, after a hiatus. All in all, we had a good time. This time the food was quite good. The portions were not big, but I think most restaurant portions are too big anyway. They did have bread, but we had to ask for it, which was curious and off-putting. We don't eat much bread and we didn't ask for a refill, but bread is an essential part of a meal, and should be provided by the restaurant. The bread that we were given was thin, stale, almost crustless, slices from a baguette. This was also curious, given the availability of good bread around California these days. The restaurant was almost noisy, which might be good for a night club but not for conversation and dining. The decor was amateurish, and looked like they went to Ikea and did it themselves. This is common in Davis and is enough to make us avoid some restaurants. Dining out should be an experience, and most of Davis are not students. Many of us do care where we go to eat out, and not just what we eat. I would be thankful to see a restaurant in Davis, other than some trendy chains, especially the ones that are more expensive or serving better food, actually hire an architect for a change. —Dan2015