1424 Wake Forest Drive
(near Cuarto residence halls & Highway 113)
Cats allowed
Central heat/air
Handicapped Access
BBQ Area
Exercise Room
Pool table

Oxford Parkside Apartments offers one-bedroom apartments starting . Located on the Unitrans B and C Bus Line. Not to be confused with Parkside Apartments.

Prices for Fall 2017  


$1195 - $1275
Deposit $500 + Last Month Rent
Application Fee $30

See our Housing Guide for more information on affordable housing in Davis, and our Apartments page for a thorough list of complexes within Davis.

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The manager Patrick was very very nice and talkative. He seemed to know every tenant and to keep the places in good condition. They weren't new, but kept very clean with upgraded stoves, new carpet, etc. Every unit is a one bedroom, and it has huge closet like doors that open into a large living room, so you can either have it set up like a studio or like a one bedroom apartment. They are having specials right now if you sign the lease. It is a bit expensive to live here (something around $800) but it is very near campus (right by Cuarto). I would live at a place like Oxford Parkside.

2006-05-19 22:32:09   I agree with the above comment. Patrick is a wonderful manager. He knows his tenants very well and does everything he possibly can to keep them happy. Before you decide to sign the lease he will take you for a walk around the complex and show you where each availble units are located. He also tells you which ones are newly painted, has new carpets, and which ones have the blue or tan carpets. Every unit is a 1bdrm ranging from 850-865 ($5 more per upper floor)[May 2006]. It has three floors, an elevator, bike parking, one reserved parking area per apartment, cozy swimming pool, game room, exercise room, laundry area, and a park nearby. The complex is located in between the cuarto dorms and pinon apartment. The great thing about this place is that it's only two blocks away from campus! It doesn't, however, include cable and internet with the rent. Like most apartment, it has it's ups and downs but I highly suggest you take the time to look at the place and see for yourself before you make a decision. —StudentAtDavis

2007-02-16 10:43:21   I just viewed a room here today and I absolutely love it! It was spacious, HUGE closet and I love the sliding door into the bedroom. I plan on signing a lease next week! —NicoleBush

2007-05-28 01:43:51   This is a great place to live. Rent is a bit on the steep side (ranges from $870-$885 for the 2007-08 year), but it's SO close to campus that it's totally worth it if you're a student. Patrick, the manager, is especially good; he truly cares about the complex and his residents. I would definitely recommend this place if you can afford it! —JaneGreene

2009-01-17 19:10:39   Do the apartments facing the park (and/or away from the park) have enough natural light? [by enough I mean to light up your apartment when it's sunny out, so you dont need to have lights on all the time] —alyssap

2009-01-17 19:25:20   I saw on here -> http://www.apartmentratings.com/rate/CA-Davis-Oxford-Parkside-Apartments-728641.html that the manager can be nitpicky and full of complaints. Can anyone give examples of this, and explain why it occurred? —alyssap

2009-01-23 17:01:14   Alyssa- I currently live here and haven't had a problem with the manager, although my roommate has walked by his apartment and was told she was walking loudly when she was packing stuff up the stairs?

Overall, this is a nice place. Slightly expensive for the size of the apartment, but pretty much worth it.. I also hear the people who live above me, like when they walk loudly or play music loudly, that is a downside. As for natural light, the large glass sliding doors to the patio that every apartment has lets in a lot of light.. Otherwise there is the tall bedroom windows, which you can see if you drive by.

Also, rent is currently $910 for the bottom floor, then $915 for second and $920 for third floor. I'll answer more questions if you leave them here :-) —redbike

2009-04-27 21:35:55   No dogs, huh? AAAAGGGGHHHHHHH what do people with dogs do? sigh.... —StephHolm

2009-09-13 13:42:02   patrick is a horrible manager who lacks critical social skills required for management. he thinks he is so nice but he enforces the rules so much that no one wants to go out to the pool because they are afraid if they put one toe in backwards he will come out yelling bloody mary. he is a very racist person. luckily i am white but my friends were black and asian and one time we were just sitting out by the pool minding our own business and he ran out with a big vein on his face yelling at us. mind you this was the first time i ever made a violation! he said we broke 4 rules and he escorted us off the premise! seriously patrick smokes pot, he smoke dope, marijuana. look at his music taste (pink floyd hat) or paranoid attitude. the guy pockets $100 every year per room because he overcharges on the carpet cleaning! beware! unless you are a grad student who needs 100% silence without any animals and wants big brother on dope on your butt, i highly advise against this place. patrick, u need to lrn2growup! —andy890

2010-06-02 23:11:25   You know Andy, I also live here and I'm brown. I know Patrick, though I would not call us 'friends'. For starters, Patrick isn't white either, he's Red. And before this devolves into a racist debate, it's pretty much standard to charge $100-150 for a carpet cleaning when you move out of an apartment. It is always optional to clean the carpets yourself, but if you do an unsatisfactory job they call in professionals anyway. I usually just pay for them to do the carpets in the first place and save me the time. I don't know about you, but when I moved in he told me that he was a "hard-a$$" and had a reputation as such. However, he's always worked with me when I had to pay my rent a few days late when I was unemployed and even got me a 3rd parking spot for a week while my car was busted and I was borrowing one from family. Musical tastes do not spell out that you do drugs. For example, I listen to Hard Electro, and techno and industrial metal. I never do drugs recreationally and am personally insulted by your insinuations. —MasonMurray

2012-02-03 09:41:16   I've been living here for 2 months and this is the best place I've lived in Davis. It looks like rent really hasn't gone up that much at all since 2006 (900/mo vs. 865/mo on the 3rd floor). I have a 7 month lease, which is the shortest lease he could offer me. Patrick is extremely accomodating (deposits, parking spots, fees in general) as long as you tell him your situation beforehand and you are sincere about it, but I wouldn't step out of line. He is the nicest manager but he will not tolerate people taking advantage of it, but I think that's fair. His main rule is noise during the night and he was very clear that he does not really want undergrads living there. This is a building with a lot of grad/vet students, post-docs, and small families. Laundry machines are super cheap and work really well ($1.75 for 1 load wash and dry). His office is only open between 8am-11am Monday-Friday unless you make an appointment. And if you have a dog and it seriously doesn't make any noise ever, I'd ask him if that would be alright. —ymdean

2012-02-17 16:28:01   I have lived in numerous apartments, condos and houses around Davis and Oxford Parkside has been my absolute favorite. Its affordable and very close to campus. Especially considering the units are large, have central heat and air, dishwasher and a patio. The unit I was in has neutral carpets, counters, and lots of storage, plus a walk in closet. The complex itself has a laundry (that is super cheap $1.00 to wash, 0.75 to dry— plus you can fit two loads of wash in one drier), a pool, BBQ area, free designated parking, study room and small fitness room. The apartment manager, Patrick, has been incredibly nice and beyond helpful. The complex is all one bedrooms, and consists mostly of Grad students, post docs and professionals. So if that is the type of environment you are looking for, this place is perfect. I LOVED living here and recommend the apartments to mature, responsible and quiet individuals. —SarahLesmeister

2015-07-02 21:17:31   As of June 18, 2015, the property was sold and Patrick the property manager was given 2 weeks' notice to leave. The new management agent is Quest Property Management Services, and the Resident Manager is Robin Kimball. All lease agreements remain in effect, with current rent at $1035. —PhillipFujiyoshi