Candidate Name is a candidate for ASUCD Senate in the Winter 2010 ASUCD Election running on the LEAD slate.

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Candidate Statement

Hello fellow Aggies. My name is OZZY ARCE and I am running for ASUCD Senate with L.E.A.D. I am a third year, pursuing a Community & Regional Development degree and have spent several quarters on the ASUCD External Affairs Commission. As an ASUCD Senator, I hope to create real and tangible solutions to some of the issues most pressing to students today. Campus Transportation & Safety Improvement Advocacy Gaining a rich understanding of successful infrastructures at UC Davis, I have been able to recognize the physical improvements that urgently require attention. There is an existing plan for structural and transportation improvements on campus, and if elected I will work closely with Facilities Management to ensure that the allocated funds are used adequately an effectively. This would incorporate renovation of sidewalks and bike lanes, advocating for improvement on bike intersection safety such as the Russell Blvd. yield crosswalk, and implement a more practical drainage system which would eliminate problems like the “Olson Puddle.” These issues will not involve spending more money but making sure that existing funds are used correctly. Put Campus Readers Online UC Davis is an environmentally conscious university but hundreds of pages of course readers are printed because students are required to buy them for class. If elected, I will speak with the administration and faculty chairs to advocate for professors to post the course readings online (Smartsite) as a PDF file. Many professors have already transitioned to using this website, but it is important to uphold our commitment to sustainability and make all readers available online. This will both help reduce our environmental impact and save students’ money. If students decide they want to print the course reader, ASUCD’s ‘Campus Copies’ prints readers cheaper than the Davis Copy Shop. The students who do print readers will be supporting a student unit, thus giving back to the student body as a whole! Advocate for private sponsorship as a means for revenue As budget cuts take a toll on student resources and programs, the University should be actively looking for funding. The UC system is in the midst of a budget crisis without a foreseeable end, but students’ quality of education should not suffer unduly. With cooperation between the Regents and private sponsorship, I believe we could increase funding. One idea to increase revenue would be selling beer within Aggie Stadium through a private sponsorship deal. This would bring in profit from the sponsorship and also through the revenue made in sales. The University would work closely with the students to ensure safe, responsible, and legal drinking, which would be kept within monitored boundaries. This idea is not new to college campuses, many NCAA Division I schools serve alcohol during college football games as a means to bring funding back to the students. I hope I can gain your support and number ONE vote during elections. Please vote OZZY ARCE #1, LEAD #2-6, and Jack Zwald and Previn Witana for President/VP! Thank You. Go Ags! Sincerely, Ozzy Arce


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