Davis Perimeter
Memorial Union
P: 180,000 trips [2004]
Q: 205,000 trips [2004]
Phonetic Codes

The Unitrans P & Q Bus Lines are the counterclockwise (P) and clockwise (Q) loops that encompass most of the town. The lines pass by almost every major shopping center and numerous apartment complexes. Most of the town is within a short walking distance from a P/Q bus stop. In addition, the P and Q lines are the most expensive weekday Unitrans routes to operate due to their long routes.

All P & Q Lines no longer serve Loyola Drive, continuing straight on Covell Blvd. Look for the L Bus Line for service to Loyola, Tulip, Temple, and Monarch areas.

The lines also run on weekends. Check out the schedule and route map at the Unitrans website - P or Unitrans website - Q for more information.

This route seems to be very popular among the town-folk, due to the wide coverage. Don’t forget to yield the front seats to senior citizens!

These routes also have "tripper" buses during peak hours. The P tripper starts at Anderson and Hanover and the Q tripper at Cowell and Pole Line. To avoid being late, the P tripper turns into the K (Arlington-Humboldt-Arthur instead of Arlington-Russell).

List of Roads

As of ’12–’13, the “perimeter” runs along: (traced counterclockwise, i.e. P-line)


Riders who live in the northwest apartments (e.g., The Willows, Glacier Point, Adobe) can get to the Silo Terminal by taking the P and transfer to the D-Line at Lake/Arlington, or taking the Q and transfer to the J-Line at Anderson/Hanover. Note that timed transfers to other bus lines are not guaranteed, but you may ask the driver about a transfer, so he or she may notify the other bus.

P/Q Bus Line (Weekend)

The weekend P/Q Line runs every hour, on the hour from 9:00am to 5:10pm with a 10-minute offset starting after noon. The route follows the regular weekday P/Q Line route.. As of August 8th 2015, the bus will arrive prior to 9:00 am, and run until 6:40 pm. 

Rider Comments

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