Aerial View Main Office on L Street

316 L Street

The PG&E Corporation Yard sits on 27 acres between L Street, 5th Street and 2nd Street. Its interior is visible mainly from the Toad Hollow Dog Park. It is an active yard, providing maintenance and repair services for PG&E's entire fleet of vehicles statewide.

From their PG&E intranet page: "We are the Davis Service Center located in the Central Valley. We have a highly skilled workforce. It consists of Equipment Mechanics, many of which are certified welders, Certified Crane & Boom Inspectors, Vehicle Pool Dispatchers, Partsmen and Clerical Support. We Pride ourselves on our commitment to safety, and on our expertise and knowledge which has been acquired through many years of meeting the needs of our highly diversified client base. We can provide you with quality service at competitive prices since we are constantly exploring new products and procedures that will reduce the time factor, cost or improve the repair procedures."

Many city officials, including former mayor Sue Greenwald have had their eyes on the property as an enticing infill development site.

Note that this is not the place to pay your bill, file a complaint, etc. For that you want the PG&E local office.

The Davis Natural Gas Fueling Station is also located on this property, down on L Street.


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