Graffiti on the now-abandoned building.  Picture courtesy of Andy Johnson. 

3820 Chiles Road
Mon-Fri 8am-noon, 1pm-5pm


The building at 3820 Chiles Road was designed by noted local architect Silvio Barovetto of Barovetto & Thomas, Sacramento, in 1966.  You can read more about its history and significance on pages 16-32 here, in the Davis City-Wide Survey and Historic Context Update, Attachment A, done by Kara Brunzell of Brunzell Historical in 2015.  It is slated for destruction as part of a proposed plan to build 200-220 apartment units as the 3820 Chiles Road Apartments, submitted in July, 2017. 

PSL is the old Pacific Standard Life building, formerly leased by UC Davis and officially known by the exceedingly original name "3820 Chiles Rd." With campus' real estate crunch, the university started moving service units off campus in the late nineties. Repro Graphics was the first unit relocated to the PSL Building, and was joined a couple years later by various units of Information and Educational Technology.

If this isn't what you expected, you might be looking for the Physical Sciences and Engineering Library.

Also referred to as the Hitler Tower, it is a hotspot for Airsoft because of its symmetry and multiple levels, as well as hills and bushes which provide Vietnam-style airsoft play. The tower in the middle makes for a great base, as does the "garden" around the back. When playing airsoft here, be aware of the houses around the place, where people can see you, and the patrol cars which stop by every once and a while.

The best place in davis for a fortress style airsoft match also has a easy roof to climb up for sniping.


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-Yeah, kind of a scary building. It looks kinda like a fortress with the large block of concrete in the middle by the entrance. It seems as though it was meant to be defended. I can just imagine trying to walk up the steps and having arrows shot at me from directly above or having burning tar poured from above. yeah... -GeorgeLewis

I went there when I was first hired by IET. It was harrowing. In addition to riding to the ass other end of town, I was then asulted by this building which is just as intimidating inside as it is out. - ArlenAbraham

I worked here too. My co-workers and I were sick all the time. When we moved yet again to another building, we stopped getting sick. Coincidence? Actually, I kind of liked the building, disregarding the getting sick part. - JessicaLuedtke

Most people who work in this building are exceptionally friendly people. - MichaelGiardina

2005-11-17 21:42:37   is that thing in the front of the stairs the entrance to a nuke bombshelter? oh hitlers bunker i get it. —AnonEmuss

2005-11-17 21:49:38   A Mr. Reedy pulled some VC Nam tactics during that airsoft game. He popped out of the bushes all Nam-like. —IsaacHamlen-Gomez