Paint & Playdough Preschool is a preschool in West Davis. Programs include Nursery School and Kindergarten Prep Class. Both programs meet on Tuesday and Thursday.


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2014-08-12 20:50:12   My son went to this preschool last year, and we loved it. Anne is so kind and caring with each of her students. She gets down on the floor and plays with them and encourages them to follow their interests. She does a variety of activities each day, one of which is playing with musical instruments. I loved coming back to pick my son up and see him smiling as her played the drum to an African folk song or Mozart. The 2 outdoor play areas are also great with a fenced front yard that has water tables, sidewalk chalk and places to paint. Then the backyard is filled with beautiful flowers, chickens, swing set and other places to explore. We couldn't be happier and will be signing our child up again this year. —Angiebp

2014-08-19 21:09:56   I feel fortunate to have found this lovely little preschool. My son loved the 2 years he spent there. He thrived in the comfortable, homelike environment the school provided. Teacher Anne is so knowledgeable and able to help kids learn all the important preschool skills with a gentle, patient teaching style. I was continually impressed with all of the art projects my son brought home. They were creative and fun and my son enjoyed making them. I am excited for my other kids to experience this school. —CamilleStephenson

2014-08-29 17:47:04   My daughter attended Anne's pre-school - not to be confused with Ann's Nursery school on 2nd street - for two years. Anne provides such a warm loving place for children to learn and play. She is constantly teaching the children and has so much to share with her decades of experience. I loved her approach with the children which was full of kindness and emotional support while remaining firm with important limits such as helping to pick-up, teamwork, and talking through problems in a calm loving way. Anne knows a tremendous amount about science and her knowledge was always present in the in-home classroom full of natural toys, interesting finds from the garden and mountains. My daughter learned very important life skills from participating in Anne's pre-school and I always felt confident that she would have a wonderful day when I took her to school. I would highly recommend this little West Davis school for anyone looking for a wonderful pre-school experience for their child. —alisonbardsley