Occasionally someone drops a bucket of paint in Davis. Sometimes it happens to be in the middle of the street and then others drive through it creating hilarious community art. It's usually white paint because Davis has a bunch of rentals that are constantly being painted and only a contractor would be so caviler with five gallon buckets of paint... everyone else is usually super careful when moving paint.

Current awesome paint spill locations

  • Anderson Road just after Covell headed South.
  • 500 block of Miller Drive headed North.
  • Poleline just after 5th street & Southbound from Covell
  • Covell heading East over the train tracks, but not down cause the way painty water sloshes. Then resuming once it levels out. Also seems to hang a right onto pole line
  • East bound on Russell one street West of Arthur
  • DHS parking lot to Northbound Oak then taking a right onto Eastbound Covell. It stops before the bike overcross. ← it's yellow paint! amgad

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