Pants are Optional is Alex Olenick's poor excuse for a comic published in The California Aggie. Olenick probably got the spot because he is a fraternity brother of Daniel Stone's. Sam Sellers, the guy who draws the Aggie comic Paper-clips, took a dump on this comic on Nov. 30 2005, but no one really got it.

Pants are Optional used to be found here.

Why this comic is good

  • Well..... it's not all THAT bad. PT

Why this comic sucks

  • The artistic style is stolen from a popular web-comic, Penny Arcade

- Hear hear! - js

      • I know someone who complained about that to Daniel Stone. He said he'd talk to him, but I'll have to ask him if he got a reply from Stone yet. 11/4 Comic in the Aggie vs this one. 11/4 comic in the Aggie is not online....?
  • The name of the strip is stole from a popular web-comic, Ctrl+Alt+Del, where "pants are optional"
  • The comic often has no discernible punchline
  • The art is not only a knock-off, but is poor and ignores subtle details such as texture, shading and backgrounds.
  • The strip is scanned at 72 DPI and/or saved in a lossy format. Not only does the "art" suffer, but the text is often difficult, and occasionally impossible, to read.
  • Rather than letter by hand, Olenick uses Comic Sans, quite possibly the most hideous font ever created by man.

About a very, very similar comic strip idea: 11/4 Comic in the Aggie vs this one. For some reason, that specific comic was not in the Aggie link above (currently broken), though the one dated the week before was and the one the week after was. Strange, eh? Must have taken it out.

A message was sent 11-4 to Daniel Stone about the two comics. No reply. On 11-9, he sent the message to "6 or 7" editors emails. He got a reply immediately from Stone, about two hours after.

Thank you for your comments about The California Aggie. I did receive your concern on Nov. 4 and I do appologize for not responding sooner. Regarding the comic strip, I have asked the comic artist to come in to discuss the strip. I have looked at the strips you provided and do see a remarkable similarity, though I will give him the opportunity to defend himself.

Again, thank you for your concerns

Daniel Stone Editor in Chief The California Aggie

Then..nothing. A reply was sent on Nov 29th asking about any sort of followup since then. As of December 3rd, there was no response. I've yet to ask again, but I personally doubt he got one in the last three days.

I asked again. He sent Daniel Stone yet another email asking for a followup December 10th. Reply came Dec 12, a month after the first one. Thank you for your comments regarding Alex Olenick's comic in The Aggie. All matters of personnel are kept confidential and are not discussed outside of the management staff. I appreciate your concerns and willingness to bring pertinent information to my attention Daniel Stone