Papercut Revery is what happens when four hot guys form a band and write songs about dead chicks and greek dudes. If you like Cursive, Dredg, and good music in general you'll probably like this band too.

p.s. bleedercut dickery!

Papercut Revery is!

Chris Knight - Vokillz, Guitar Arya Zarrinkelk - Bass and sexy poses Stephen Kurshner - Drums and Sweat Chris Saito - Guitar x 5.2

We've been a happy, loving family of 4 for just over a year now. We've played up and down California, including your mom's house. We burn your thatched roof cottage with the fire of rock. We will poison your soul with the laced wine of roll. We will dam your rivers with an avalanche of dead girls... Because that's how you do when you settle for nothing short of complete world domination.

I was there! - MarieHuynh