A group of about 35 local powered paraglider pilots, loosely associated as members of the "Sodflyers Social Club, regularly fly Paramotoring out by Sierra Sod and Supply on County Road 104 (The southern extension of Mace Boulevard). You'll find at least one of their members flying on sunny weekday afternoons if/when the winds are light. Several pilots routinely fly on Saturday and Sunday mornings if weather permits.

The "Sodflyers" include at least four (4) instructors/trainers, for those interested in entering the sport, and occasionally bring down their tandem units to provide rides to the interested public. While this type of flying does NOT require a pilot's license, it is regulated under Federal Aviation Administration Regulation, Part 103 (experimental and ultralight aircraft) and, consequently, instruction/training is mandatory (or at least highly recommended).

These must be the guys I see who are over El Macero! Cool page Daubert

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2012-11-22 17:08:24   I have been trying to get in contact with anyone who is part of the Davis Sod Flyers! I am a local paramotor flyer and I usually fly from up around Sutter Hospital with an orange and yellow Eden. Contact me at mhart@sierraenergycorp.comMikeHart