Scientific analysis of this suspected crop circle in Central Park suggests technological skills unmatched by humans and likely a product of alien species. Strangely, this site also attracts friendly ponies every Wednesday at Farmers Market.

Reports of paranormal activity in Davis and its surrounding areas, though unsubstantiated, arise from time to time. It would appear as though Davis is fertile territory in which paranormal occurrences may transpire. Anything could happen, especially after sundown in the wide agricultural fields surrounding the town. There was widespread media documentation of a rash of crop circles which appeared in wheat fields near the neighboring town of Fairfield, for example. Also the presence on campus of a wide assortment of laboratories has been mentioned in local gossip as a source of paranormal activities. A monkey once escaped the Primate Center on Hutchison Drive and sightings filled local media for days afterward. The monkey, never caught, could have been abducted by aliens. Clearly, this is the most plausible explanation.

Sometimes sightings of local paranormal activity may be the result of newly arrived residents who mistake such familiar phenomena such as automobiles, cell phone towers and other aspects of our modern technological society for visits by aliens from other planets or dimensional planes of existence. In addition, curious occurrences could be attributed to college students playing pranks, or dismissed out of hand by serious researchers into the minutia of paranormal activity as simply distorted perceptions of drunks. Over the years, UC Davis has been home to renowned paranormal researchers such as professors Charles Tart and Jessica Utts. Their wily archnemesis is Davis resident Robert Todd Carroll, creator of The Skeptic's Dictionary, a website that attempts to debunk claims of the paranormal. Well, him and the sum of all the science and research departments, groups and companies in town.

Some sites of claimed paranormal activity are considered Spooky Places.

The Werner-Hamel House is the oldest building in Davis and is supposedly haunted by the souls of deceased farm laborers. 

In (2005-2006) at least one male ghost was apparently observed by several witnesses on an all womens' floor in Ryerson Hall.

The Spiritist Group of Davis believes that some people can communicate with the dead.

Rumors of radioactive dogs may be attributed to experiments performed a large numbers of beagles who, after the experiment, were buried in fields near Old Davis Road south of I-80.