7-7-2013 I was visiting Davis a little over a month ago. I parked downtown in on-street parking in what appeared to be a 3 hour zone - The only visible sign posted 3 hour parking. I returned to my car at 2.75 hrs and discovered a ticket on my car for violating 2 hr parking. I figured if I challenged the ticket and sent a photograph it would be a no brainer for the responsible reviewer to see there had been an error made on the part of the officer. When my challenge came back my fine had been doubled and the reviewer clearly did not do his/her due diligence. This can easily be construed as extortion and very misleading if I was in fact in a "2 hr zone". Perhaps Davis PD needs to review how some of the signage has been placed and take some lessons from other cities that don't seem to have these sort of problems.