Davis is adorned with numerous parks, most of which are networked by The Greenbelt and thus accessible by bicycle. In Davis' parks, you'll find frisbee golf, horseshoe pits, archery, a fishing pond, soccer/baseball/softball fields, tennis courts, an area for R/C gliders, BBQ grills and picnic tables, basketball courts, batting cages, dog areas, town art, volleyball courts, a rock climbing wall, exercise courses, a fire pit, swimming pools, roller and street hockey rinks, amphitheatres, a skate park, toddler play areas, a carousel, fountains, drinking fountains, wildlife, and all of the usual amenities.

Map of parks in Davis 

Map all the parks by going to Davis Map (select only Parks and Recreation) or visit the official parks page provided by the City of Davis


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Downtown Parks

  • Central Parkbasketball court, carousel, horseshoe pits, fountain

Quick Features/Shade Guide

Many people wonder which parks are shaded or have certain features. Use this table to help compare shade and basic features of the parks.


Limited/Sort of

Morning shade checked around 10:00am; Afternoon shade checked around 3:30pm

Park Morning Shade? Afternoon Shade? # of Big-kid Swings # of Toddler Swings Sandbox? Drinking Fountain? Restrooms? Other Comments
Arroyo Park No No 2 2 Yes Yes Yes  
Dinosaur Park Yes No 0 2 Yes Yes No  
Oak Grove Park Unknown Limited/Sort of 2 2 Yes Unknown Limited/Sort of Permanent Port-a-potty
Pioneer Park Yes Yes 2 2 Yes Yes Yes Bathrooms have no door, better for kids than adults :)
Playfields Park No No 4 2 Yes Yes Yes  
Sandy Motley Park No No 0 0 Yes Yes Limited/Sort of Permanent Port-a-potty
Sycamore Park Yes Limited/Sort of 2 2 Limited/Sort of No No Shade starts to come in around 4:00pm
Village Park Yes Yes 0 0 Yes Yes No  
Walnut Park: North side No No 4 0 Yes Limited/Sort of Limited/Sort of Drinking fountain and permanent Port-a-potty next to tennis courts
West Manor Park Yes Yes 0 2 Yes No No  
Westwood Park: Big-kids side No No 6 0 No Yes No  
Westwood Park: Little-kids side No No 0 2 Yes Yes Yes  

Playgrounds/Play Areas

Many parks include play structures, slides, swings, and sandboxes. There is a pdf map on the city website that categorizes play areas based on their suitability for "tots" (ages 2-5) and/or older kids (6-12).

An editable google map of parks and playgrounds in davis is under construction. Eventually all locations should link to park pages on daviswiki.