1420 F Street (Central Davis, across from Community Park), Between 14th and Covell Blvd.
Office Hours
Monday - Saturday 9 am - 6 pm. Hours Subject to Change at Anytime.
(530) 753-0827
Fitness Center Clubhouse/ Pool/ Hot Tub/ Computer Room/ Laundry
Broadway Management

Parkside Apartments is an older complex in Davis offering studio and one- through four-bedroom apartments sitting on just under 12 acres of park style grounds.The property was remodeled and had an extensive exterior remodel in 2016 including new dual pane windows. The property is bordered by the railroad tracks to the east, the Davis Little League complex to the north, F Street and Community Park to the west, and more apartments to the south. The proximity to the sound of the trains can be a problem for some tenants, while others don't mind. Rent prices change daily [February 2014]. Deposit range from $400 to $1000 (April 2017). $35 application fee per applicant, non-refundable. Renters Insurance Required. Must meet all rental criteria. Cats are allowed with an additional deposit of $300 to $350. Dogs are now accepted as of April 2017, breed restrictions and pet rent required. Service Animals are allowed. If you call the above phone number, it can be answered from Texas (off hours?) but they will know you are calling about Parkside.

Parkside is on Unitrans E bus line and P/Q bus line, as well as the Yolobus 42 line (A and B). Parking is available on site, but tenants may have to park on the street at certain times; street parking can be difficult on weekends when Community Park receives heavier use.

Most units have central HVAC system. Other units have an Energy Efficient split system. All apartments have remodeled kitchens with ample cabinet/counter top space and dishwasher. The ranges and ovens are electric.

The apartment complex pays the water, sewage, and trash bills. Hot water is included. Gas and electric are individually metered. Most apartments have grounded outlets [July 2013] in all rooms. Eventually all units will have grounded outlets in all rooms. Same applies with Comcast cable jacks. Most apartments have a cable jack in the frontroom and bedrooms [July 2013]. Eventually all units will have cable jacks in bedrooms.

The clubhouse has a pool table and a food prep area. The fitness center has an assortment weight and cardio machines. The computer room offers free internet access. Free wifi in common areas [July 2013]. While printing, faxing, and copying are available, there are charges per page. The pool hours are from 8 AM to 10 PM M-Sun, as well as the fitness center. The pool is 8' deep. The Club Room and Business center are open with the office hours only. Parkside hosts monthly social event parties that are typically held inside the Clubhouse, in the evenings after office is closed.

The complex has on-site washers and dryers, with a wash cycle being $1.50 and a dry cycle being $1.50 (typical prices for most Davis apartment complexes). Laundry room is 24-hours and now has a coinless card system [March 2011]. Cost for a laundry card $5.00.

The complex is patrolled by Universal Protection Service.

Floor Plans

1 Bedroom + 1 Bath2 Bedroom + 1 Bath



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2005-06-08 18:20:27   i live in Parkside. it's right next to the train tracks. i wake up to rumbling noises and my bed vibrating. it's not a pleasant experience. in addition, the kitchen and living room are both puny pieces of crap that are disproportional to the size of the apt as a whole (i live in a 4 bedroom). screw this hellhole. —BrianChen

2005-08-14 16:20:50   The air conditioning in our apartment is quite old and weak. It does not even manage to cool down the living room on hot days. So, if you plan to move in, insist on a good air conditioning. —BurkhardLehner

2005-09-16 02:53:47   I just moved to Parkside this year with a couple of friends who lived here last year. Their one-bedroom was pretty crappy; the air conditioning didn't work very well and the plumbing was questionable, among other problems. If you're going to move here, you need to make sure you get one of the "remodeled" apartments, which come with dishwasher, central A/C, and so on. The train noise isn't that bad, and I live on the side of the complex closest to the tracks (H Street side). It's not perfect, but the remodeled ones are tolerable. —JaredTrace

2005-10-21 15:33:51   I live here and I like it. I never hear the trains, our apartment is a good size for a 3 bedroom, and the management isn't heinous. —AllisonEriksen

"2005-12-14 08:47:20"   It's not the nicest place to live in Davis, but it's one of the cheapest... so I don't know what some of these people who have trashed it on here were expecting. Like anything else, you get what you pay for. I don't know how accessible the clubhouse and computer room are, because I haven't used them. But the fitness center is easy to get into and equipped well mostly for cardio workouts, with only a few weight machines. No complaints regarding the pool/spa. DSL is available from SBC, I pay $45 a month for that and local SBC phone service in a three bedroom. Central Heat/Air as well as microwaves are hit and miss, some units have them while others don't, and the laundry room is centrally located and costs $1.25 for a load in the was and $1 to dry. My apartment is just one row away from the tracks, and I hear the trains every now and then but not loud enough to distract or wake me up. Living rooms are the same size in all the units, and are more than large enough, while the kitchens are on the small side for any more than two people. I haven't had any of the other problems listed on here with plumbing, etc. BUT, it is an older complex and common sense dictates that you should be prepared for things to break. The maintenence guys here are hardworking and fast, so it shouldn't be a huge issue. BIGGEST assest at Parkside is management. They're accessable, fair, and will bend over backwards to help you fix a problem. They throw poolside/clubhouse parties around the holidays and provide food and drinks.

I don't know what some of the other's who commented were expecting from a place that offer's 3 bed/1 bath apartments in Davis for $1200... and for the money they charge Parkside does a good job. You just have to exercise some common sense and forethought in choosing a unit. If you're a light sleeper, don't pick a unit by the trains... and make sure the one you get has all the amenities you want. —MikeDavidson

2006-01-18 11:26:35   It's not bad here. The management is great and, though the apartments are old, keeps them maintained as best as possible. There are a few renovated units with better/different amenities than others, which gives the renter some choice in deciding what he/she/they want. As long as people report the problems, they will get fixed. You can't expect any apartment complex to automatically know when things break or leak. Keep in mind, however, that the walls are kinda thin (I live on a 1st floor and can hear my upstairs neighbors walking around, talking, etc. and it can get annoying) and these apartments are not designed with energy conservation in mind (single-pane windows). That said, it's a good, affordable spot for students, but I wouldn't want to raise a family here. —EmilyBlake

2006-03-23 15:54:54   Parkside is a slightly above average complex with great rates (and they are negotiable). I got my 1-bedroom for $750/month. The only thing that is bad is parking. —JoshHorne

2006-04-16 11:53:01   Parking is actually much better than anywhere closer to campus. Sure, if you're trying to get a spot after 11pm you'll probably have to park on the street, but at least there's somewhere reasonably close by. At my last place (La Casa de Flores,) you could not find even one space on the street literally for miles because of all the idiot freshmen from Cuarto who brought their cars after winter break. —HunterLower

2006-06-12 15:41:23   yes parkside is cheap so if you want to shell out 900+ to live in a hellhole, be my guest but i will never again. trains are loud, but not that big of a deal. whenever any kind of sport is going on you can expect to have nowhere to park, not even in the complex's tiny excuse for a parking lot. not enough washing machines for the amount of units they have. and the managers are not the most pleasant people ever. recently, they decided to have a pool party with an unneccesary dj on a finals day. when asked to be sure the noise wasnt too loud since ppl will be studying, they simply said it was the other managers deal and they would let her know but offered no effort to keep the noise down at all. as for the a/c's you have to complain nonstop until they put a new energy efficient one in which they obviously have but dont want to put in. dont live here. o and when i toured the place they said the smaller bedroom in every unit would have shelves and when i moved in and had no shelves and asked them about it they said they didn't get to putting htem into every unit and wouldnt be. so lied from teh getgo.—KatieCortopassi

2006-06-12 16:06:13   I liked that they out out the effort for a party, even during finals it was a nice break. They put up fliers beforehand, so go to the library if its too loud. The managers are incerdibly nice, there is actually street parking here. I love it here, its quiet and neighborly. I guess you'll never be able to please everyone. —AllisonEriksen

2006-09-08 11:41:37   As much as I wouldn't want to live there again, I must say that they did keep their word about being generous with the security deposits when it's time to refund you. We got all but $15 back and that was because we didn't want to clean the oven. I know other complexes are shady about the deposits but I was pleasantly surprised. —KatieCortopassi

2006-12-14 12:42:22   I am currently enjoying my SECOND year here at Parkside and couldn't be happier. Our apartment has brand new linoleum and carpet as well as an adorable front yard. Parkside is so much cheaper than other places and just as nice. There is always a bus around to take to campus (the E comes twice an hour, yolobus once) and it's super close to downtown. Central Park is right across the street. We had front row seats for the Fourth of July fireworks! —AynReyes

2007-06-12 14:46:21   This complex has the highest number of peeping tom's in Davis (according to the Davis PD). Have had two creeps right outside my window within one month. When I asked the managers to distribute a flyer with the guy's description they said ok but have done nothing about it! DO NOT MOVE HERE IF YOU ARE A FEMALE! —SarahRae55

2007-07-14 23:32:15   I was wondering does anybody know if the 4 bedroom apartments are the remodeled ones? i am moving here next year and from the reviews i think it will be okay but than i am starting to wish that my roommates and i didnt rush into it. i hope it works out okay —FionaChan

2007-10-15 15:42:17   I decided on Parkside because it was a lower-priced 1-bedroom (only Americana Apts were cheaper, but were also way smaller), the show-apartment was nice and pretty spacious, and the location was awesome (close to park, grocery stores, downtown, unitrans and sac bus stops). When i moved in i was immediately pissed off because the management failed to tell me that a smoker had lived there before me, left the place smelling like smoke and a dozen or so scorch marks from cigarettes throughout the apartment. Lesson #1: make sure you see the place you'll be living in before you sign anything; a show apartment means little to nothing of what your place will actually be like. knock on the tenant's door and ask directly if you have to. throughout the year i lived there the management was helpful enough, but had obviously lost interest in buttering me up now that i had signed a lease. the maintenance people were Parkside's best asset: they were fast (usually fixing things same day or next day!), knowledgable and friendly. the apartment buildings are arranged to have 4 apartments per building, and the people who lived next door to me, also on the ground floor, were awful neighbors who i'm sure would never have been offered a lease if the management realized how trashy (literally!) they were. they left garbage, clothes, bbq coals, piles of bikes, dozens and (over the year) hundreds of cigarette butts in front of their apartment AND mine! the management tried note upon note (oh, how hard they tried!) to get them to clean up their mess, but the efforts of the management stopped there when nothing improved and worsened. i talked to the neighbors, complained to the management, and nothing ever got better. finally, on the day i moved out, management told me that they would have needed written proof if an eviction had gone to court! why the manager never told me to put my complaints in writing, or to include pictures of the nastiness, i'll never know. Lesson #2: a nice manager is not always the quickest, or most helpful manager. Lesson #3: when you have a problem, PUT IT IN WRITING! that way you'll have a record of things if it goes to court. they just wanted to avoid conflict, which left me smelling old garbage every day for months. when you live in an apartment complex, know that you're paying for what you get. you pay less because it's less-than-ideal living for lots of reasons. some complexes are better at some of those things than others (cleanliness, spaciousness, price, standard of tenants accepted, etc), but it's still an apartment. be ready for some crap. —crabinovitch

2007-10-25 08:48:22   I moved in for 1 month. and I had stuff stolen out of my car!!! There are totally people here watching your every moves just to steal your stuff when you're not looking! I highly recommend staying away from this place.

AND everything breaks in your apartment, EVERYTHING! —phicoi

2007-12-11 01:18:00   I've been living in a downstairs one-bedroom here for 4 months, and it seems above average for Davis apartments. My apartment is one building away from F St, and despite being a picky fuck on sound issues, I hear very little from the street, and I rarely hear more than a mild rumble every few days from the train.

(My skyward neighbors, on the other hand, seem to enjoy stomping around at 1am, bodyslamming at 2am, tapping feet to music at 3am, and some TV at 4am. They seem like nice people, and they willingly turn down their music or reduce the stompage when I ask, but...I can still hear it, and I really shouldn't have to ask when it's 4am on Monday night.)

The apartments certainly aren't in perfect condition, but who really expected that? Notable obnoxious issues: *Properly grounded outlets are only in the kitchen and bathroom. *Cabinets are old nasty wood that you will not want to put *anything* on. Mine are covered by glued-down newspapers, which actually makes them even more disgusting. Stripping this in order to carefully put down vinylish matting is a time-consuming pain. Also: while the cabinet space in the kitchen is quite plentiful, the only cabinet with a shelf taller than 9 inches is 11 inches at ankle height, which leaves no cabinet space to properly store oil, wine, cereal, or even salad dressing. These problems are easily and quickly fixed with a liberal serving of vinyl paint, and a hammer with nails to move a couple shelves. *The radiator appears to be terribly inefficient. My gas bill tripled when the average *outside* temperature went down 5-10 degrees, though the average inside temperature was slightly lower as well. That's bad. On the other hand, the classic 20-year-old wall a/c unit chugs along quite well, easily and efficiently cooling the entire apartment, with the assistance of a fan to push the cooler air into the far room. Update: They completely replaced the radiator after I mentioned it wasn't working well, and it now works very well!

I've only had a few minor issues (blinds, cabinet latches, etc.), but they were fixed within hours of when I submitted the work request. I discovered that one of my phone outlets is not working...I'll report back on how long that takes to get fixed after I submit it.

They gave a number of excuses for why I could not see the unit I would be renting. These made sense, and are pretty common among apartments everywhere, even if it is terrible for the lessee. I didn't push the issue, and I may have gotten lucky. My carpet is fairly new, which is nice, even if the sinks and bathtub aren't exactly shiny white goodness, and the tile counters are terribly...60s. Also, is it ok to put hot items from the stove or oven onto the tile? Nobody knows! Though they are 95% of the time extraordinarily friendly and helpful, and they remember not just me or my name, but also my apartment number, on the once a month I actually stop by the office, they do occasionally have their disappointingly unknowledgable moments, like the questionable composition of the tiles, or why some electric appliances should be properly grounded instead of psuedo-grounded. Eh, so it goes. —AaronRosenberg

I'm renewing my lease for fall. When I renewed, I asked about cleaning up the cabinets because of the bad condition they were left in after the previous tenants, and what a pain it is to clean it up myself without taking the shelves out of the cabinets. The manager immediately made an appointment for me to talk with the main maintenance worker, and insisted that they would take care of all the labor time and expenses of fixing it up to good condition, which surprised me. They also completely replaced my thermostat and wall furnace with brand new devices, which are far more effective, after I mentioned that they weren't working very well. It seems to me that Parkside Apartments is very happy to take care of any problems, so long as you make sure to talk to them about it.

As a sidenote—I haven't had any mold/mildew issues, but the corners of the shower aren't exactly shiny clean, and I haven't been able to make them so since I moved in. Certain spots in the kitchen tiles, especially around the sink, are permanently discolored, which is kind of unappealing. Hazard of living in an old apartment: it doesn't look new. So it goes.—AaronRosenberg

2008-01-14 17:32:54   My boyfriend and his friends live in a 3 bedroom apartment. When they first moved in they were very happy with the place and as the year progressed, they started getting annoyed of the small bathroom and kitchen. Since the start of winter they had a bubble forming on the ceiling and last week the bubble popped, releasing stagnant water, stucco, paint, and other debris. Seeing how susceptible the bathroom is to damage and mildew, I don't think I'd ever live there. —EmilyTung

2008-02-05 18:35:16   moved in at the end of august 2006:

the morning after i get a knock at my door. it was a cop asking if i heard anyone behind my apartment at 6 am because there was an attempted break-in/rape.

a couple of months afterward, my boyfriend got his locked bike stolen right outside our apartment.

a few weeks ago i was taking a shower with the window slightly ajar (the apartment management stresses that mildew needs to be taken care of) and there was a digital camera outside of my window taking video. when the cop showed up, she informed me that it happens quite often at this complex.

the complex hired a security patrol car, but the guard just sits in his car in the parking lot...

AND they are increasing rent prices in the upcoming year. AND whatever else people were complaining about above, from the noise upstairs to lack of parking and no central a/c.

needless to say, i am moving out at the end of my lease... —HeidiG

The rent is cheaper because there's no central A/C. You can pay more for central A/C at Parkside, or pay more for it somewhere else, but for this rent, I dont' think you can get central A/C unless you go into South Davis. As for the creepy break-in incident, I don't think that's really a problem about this particular complex. I've seen the security guy walking around at night, which is more than I've seen at any other Davis complex. I just bought a car, and I manage to find parking spaces when I get back at 10pm on weeknights, so it's not that bad. Also, they are not increasing rent for tenants who stay as far as I know: I signed a new lease, and nothing whatsoever has changed in the lease.—AaronRosenberg

2008-03-19 17:27:55   Rent is going up regardless of how long you have stayed in a unit. —StevenDaubert

2008-05-09 21:59:44   I lived in this complex for TWO years, and it was about 23.5 months too long (2002-2004). The owners of this complex should be ashamed of themselves for hiring such terrible management and maintenance crews. The management NEVER repaired anything and even lied to us when we moved in when we inquired about central A/C. Upon arrival to our new place, we discovered that the place had NOT been cleaned and there were still groceries in the cupboards. We frequently received notices about peeping-toms, and the office staff lost several of our packages. We were constantly having to complain about the freaks living downstairs and the managers had the audacity to tell me that my downstairs neighbors (who constantly smoked weed outside on my stairwell) had every right in the world to practice their crappy music at midnight or the middle of the day or whenever they wanted... and that my roommate and I should try to talk to them about our study schedules so that maybe we could have a few hours of quiet each day. The management also told us that since our neighbors were there first, WE should accommodate THEM and their lifestyles (the pot, their "band", and the litter and other materials they left outside). Please, for your sanity... never EVER EVER move to this hell-hole. —CourtneyCaruso

2008-07-20 22:13:02   The management is great. They are nice, friendly, and helpful. The rent price is great. There are ~200 units so try to choose an apartment away from the railroad tracks — they give you a choice(if there is others available) before you sign the lease. Rooms are a decent size. Two bedroom apartments are nice. Parking is great too. Check out the place if you're still looking — once you meet the management and see the area you will see that these comments are not all true. And for some of the comments; if you really didn't like the place why did you live here for so long? —JessicaQ

2008-09-08 14:38:46   I don't know why Parkside has such bad comments; it is an awesome place to live. The management is nice and respond quickly to any issues you have. There are also a lot of fun community events featuring free food and such. My apartment is super cheap. It isn't the nicest place I've lived, but then again, the apartments are older and there are just somethings you expect with an older apartment. For example, while I would love central A/C, it isn't going to happen in an older apartment complex. Plumbing always works and there isn't much wasted space in the floorplans.

The rooms are large; one of my roommtes and I share the larger room with no issues. There are lots of trees around, so you can go outside and study in the shade, which is nice. Cats are allowed with a deposit. Its a good location: near enough to grocery stores/downtown/campus to walk or ride a bike, but far enough away where I don't have to deal with all the drawbacks. Not only undergrads live here, but families, professionals, and graduate students. Also, really cool being accross the street from swingsets and slides:)

I think my only issue with this place is the fact that the plugs are only gorunded in the kitchen. But, once again, cheap place that isn't a piece of nastiness overrides those concerns. I would very much recommend anyone living here. —ascapoccia

2008-10-01 13:59:11   This place is horrible, the first thing my roommates and I had problems with was we had an apartment on the street. The traffic noise and car alarms were very loud even at 2:oo am in the morning. My truck was broken into on the street and stuff was stolen. The kitchen and bathrooms were not very nice and rent was overpriced. Management is atrocious! My roommates and i owed 57.00 dollars after we moved out, for damages(our fault not theres) But we wrote a check not once not twice but THREE times. I got a letter one month later saying we still owed $57.00 i called and they were very rude saying that they never received a chack! I had to yell at them, they finally looked at our folder and said "never mind i found the check" They had claimed that they cash checks right away! Once they are given checks they had claimed that they had made no mistake and how it was out fault. But yet It took them two phone calls to deal with the problems. The letter i had received said if you dont pay by the 23rd of September we will report you to the credit bureau I had got the letter on the 30th! Save your self form a really hard time dont rent from them! —Nicktallac

2008-12-25 10:21:51   DO NOT BOTHER WITH THIS PLACE!

I currently have lived here for 3 years but, for not much longer. I would not recommend this apartment complex to any students owning a vehicle. Here is my story. The Parkside apartment complex located in Davis California on F Street seemed safe until December 2008 when vehicles located on the property started to get broken into and stolen. During this time period, the apartment management withheld this information from other tenants regarding the safety of the property.

No memos or crime alerts where sent out to their tenants alerting them to report suspicious activity. The apartment management knew about this when the first vehicle was stolen months before in front of the property. However, they failed to increase their tenants awareness and communicate this message effectively. This experience at parkside has left a negative and unsafe feeling. I sense that for the money that is paid every month to the apartment corporation, approximately $850.00/mo, safety for their tenants residing on the property would be a priority for management. This has been proven not to be true!

Also, during the summer months when it is extremely hot and dry outside. The jacuzzi and pool are usually left in disrepair and take many weeks for a repair to be completed. I affirm to the best of my knowledge, The Parkside Management do not seem to have their priorities in order for running a large scale apartment operation. —1035Ktur

2009-03-05 16:03:09   After reading comments about many different apartment complexes in Davis, I'm starting to feel like residents are just a bunch of whiners.

I moved in to Parkside in September 2008, and I have enjoyed my experience here. My apartment is very close to the tracks, and honestly, it seemed annoying at first, but soon after I moved in, I became used to the noise. I live in a down-stairs unit, and I actually get more annoyed by my neighbors upstairs than by the trains or traffic or garbage trucks. The complex is older, and so you have to just expect some of these things. For the price, I think its worth the small problems here and there.

About the management: They are very friendly and get to know you by your name. Whenever I submitted a repair request, it was usually completed in one or two days. All of the maintenance and office staff smile and wave whenever I walk by.

I've never noticed and creepers hanging around, and have never had any problems with my car getting broken into, although I'm sorry for those who this has happened to.

So basically, if you're on a budget, and you aren't a big wimp, Parkside should be fine for you. —BrookeB

2009-04-14 16:05:41   Having lived in these apartments for almost two years, I can honestly say that it is by far my worst living experience to date, including roach-infested studios in Hollywood that I have had the misfortune to occupy. Here is why...

While the rent is comparable to other places in Davis, the apartment is not. The walls are way too thin, to the point where both my upstairs and my neighbors to the side, keep me up at night by running their water. The pipes are old, drain poorly, make a lot of noise, all of which comes through the extremely thin walls. If I'm listening, I can literally hear the creak of them turn their water on.

On top of the thin walls, the A/C current in this place is extremely weak. Don't bother trying to run your microwave while reading in the kitchen with the light on, you'll trip the circuit breaker. Why this is truly a problem is, some of us do our best to take care of our electronic equipment (laptops, which contain everything that is important to me; musical production devices; TVs even) and having to worry about a poor current is about the worst thing to have to do. Not only are poor currents bad for your equipment, but they can straight destroy them if left unchecked. While I do take precautionary measures such as high-end circuit breakers, I don't want to have to spend money on one just cause I want to plug my blender into the wall, or some other basic device. Please see all the other comments regarding the condition of the Air-Conditioner.

Safety Wise, I've never experienced a break-in, either my car or my apartment. However, I dare not say that this place is at all safe. Time and time again I hear stories about peepin' people looking into people's bathrooms, and as someone who lives on the first floor, I can testify to the presence of "curious eyes." As a result I shower with the window closed, and do everything I can to make sure it stays closed to prevent people looking in. Everywhere else I have lived, had the common courtesy to put an awning over the bathroom window to prevent this, apparently common sense has yet to be found at Parkside.

Also regarding safety, I've had to make calls to the police on several occasion. Everytime I call, however, it seems they don't really care about the call once I report that it's coming from Parkside. Instead, they tell me they'll send a car when they can, and if not tonight, sometime tomorrow. Normally I would blame the police for this, but the sad fact of the matter is that so much negative stuff happens around this complex that they probably have grown jaded to calls about another peeping tom, another stolen bike, another party to break up (not because it's rowdy, but because the walls are too thin), another threatening individual stalking someone in the dark alley behind the apartments, etc (which honestly, is usually just some homeless individual who people over-react to). Did I mention that the paths are poorly lit and there is a dark alley behind the complex where people have to park?

Management Wise, it's as bad as you can imagine. Personally, despite the fact that I am a Graduate Student at the UC, I don't care about "western" pool parties or having a live DJ Poolside for Karaoke to celebrate the summer, or watching whatever damn number Shrek Movie just came out on DVD... If I wanted to live in a damn dorm, I would have. I find the fact that they insist (despite my requests to have them stop doing so) on leaving paper fliers on my door for every event a waste of paper and resources, not to mention the fact that they do it regardless of my request. But why I really hate this practice is for this reason... If I'm out of town and they leave one of those fliers on my door and I don't come home to take it down, it 100 percent signifies to an individual will ill-intent that this person isn't home. I've often left town only to come home to a door with Parkside fliers on it that have been there all weekend. Considering the amount of people that complain about break-ins, this is not a wise, nor environmentally wise, practice.

The Managers themselves can be nice, if you get over their totally patronizing tone. Again, I may be a student, but this IS NOT A DORM, which means you don't get to patronize me from the position of authority.


2009-04-17 09:06:41   When moving in the apartment I thought it was nice. But soon after my 3 Bedroom apt. started falling apart. And obvious signs of poor up keep where showing. Just brushing up against a wall would flake off spackle and expose nails. Our refrigerator leaks everywhere. Our shower leaks everywhere. Even if you keep the door open and take short luke warm showers mold starts to show in the bathrooms. Parking can be a hassle. And if you cant afford to have your car worked on and would rather do it yourself expect to be harassed by management constantly. Now those where only a few things that bothered me.

However let me make this clear. If your live in the buildings near the amaericana arms. You will A) Wake up at 8AM to leaf blowers and lawnmowers B) Wake up at 7AM because the train rattles your windows C) In todays particular case have people trimming tree branches with chain saws and wood chippers directly outside my window.


2009-05-11 17:47:15   I have lived here for little less than a year and have not formed a solid opinion of the complex. First, the walls are extremly thin; I can hear when our upstairs neighbors' cough loudly. This is only the case for the bedrooms however. The living room seems to be more efficent to the extent that I can't hear such things. Music/ tv can be heard, but usually only if they have a party/ 'kick-back' which is excuseable as I know we occasionaly do the same. I have had no trouble with the management and consider this to be one of the greatest aspects of the units. However, some truly stupid rules are put in effect: though all apts. are equipped with Patios, the TENANT is NOT ALLOWED to keep their bikes on said patio. This means you must keep them inside or out, which I don't like to do because I fear them getting stolen. That being said, I have accidently left my bike noticably unlocked or just outside my apt for an entire night and have had no problems, but the spinkerlers cause my bike to rust. My apt. (three bed two one and half bath) is ok overall. All the cupboards are not properly 'cut' so there is a space between ALL of them. The microwave is just par, with the dishwasher being a tad below. ALL the toilts are not properly against the wall so leaning back causes them to leak when a 'hose' or something comes loose, but it is easily fixed (has only happened to one toilet). I have seen no suspecious characters around or had any problems with theft, but there was an individual who stole women's garments out of the locked laudry room. The L. room is, I believe, adaquet, however as to someone elses' comment of it not sufficing, I think he might have done it on the weekends, which is sure to have 'traffic'. The trains are annoying, but I have become habituated to them. My greatest complaint is the thin, thin walls. It makes me parnoid about some of my activities as I don't want to disturb our neighbors. The price is nice. I recommend not to get a unit with the Microwave, as it is 30 more a month, and just buy one for 30-60. I wish I had been so wise.

Also, for renewing tenants, the price is 'frozen' which is a nice incentive to stay. shaweet. Also,also, I have not actually seen the securtiy that they said they have hired. —bGul

2009-05-13 16:16:41   <P> Don't bother with this apartment. This apartment is trash. You can read what the above says: this apartment is all trash. First of all, when you first move-in to the apartment. You would think it is all nice and okay, but after awhile when one by one, things get fallen apart. Until then you would regret signing the contract. THey say they have a security. I have never seen them except one day on the first week that i moved in. Never again saw the security.

Walls are thin, you can hear what your neighbors are doing (eg. having s*x, coughing, sneezing, talking loudly, etc). like some apartments, they do have patios, but you cannot put things in it. THey will give you a notice to clear your belongings in there. WHAT is the POINT of having a patio right? There was an incident of stealing woman's undergarments in the laundry room, where it is supposedly "locked". There was another incident of bike stealing. Not the ones you ride to school - A MOTORCYCLE in front of the office. Can you believe it, during daylight hours? where is the security then?

Near winter, we want to turn on the heater, like everything, it's broken. in the kitchen, the power outlet keeps turning off. all the water faucets make loud rusty noises. Refrigerator leaks, A/C does not blow cold air. Also be clear about 1 bedroom apartments, they dont have a exhaust fan. THey only have it in 2 or 3 bedroom apartments, and still one of the 2 or 3 bathrooms will not have it, only a window for the moisture to get out. That is how mold will grow.

like previous people said, if you live by the tracks, you would hear it every morning, and it WILL wake you up, your floor would rattle. every morning, there is also the sound of leaf blower and lawn mower. during spring time, there is a tree cutting company cutting trees with the power-saw.

Parking is another problem. It is extremely hard to find parking for some reason, especially at night. There are even cars parked on the street, and there is not enough spaces for them. One time i parked near a corner of the complex, and my left window got knocked off and left scrapes on my car. I had to pay it myself to get it fix. HOrrible.

SUmmary: managers are okay, it seems like they dont have much to do. Maintenance is so bad, very delayed (for two -three months). your apartment is trash everything breaks.


2009-05-28 15:27:39   Update from my previous review: It seems to be getting worse. I left my apartment this morning at 12:00 P.M., and returned only to find that there was a notice on my door (which had to have been placed AFTER I left, at noon) stating that my water was going to be shut-off at 9:00 AM to install a new water heater. Less than 24 hours of a notice?!?!?! Come on now... This is the type of shit that this building seems to think is "fair." Normally, 24 hours is the BARE MINIMUM notice for this type of action, and to think that this complex thinks it's alright to give me notice of less than that is ridiculous.

I'm not trying to be "that" picky, but courts usually require building managers to give AT LEAST 24-hours of notice before doing any work that isn't considered "emergency."

Again, the management treats its tenants with no regard. —TG

~In response to the above, although that DOES suck that the water is going to be turned off (I know, 'cuz it happened to me a few weeks ago), they probably couldn't give you more of a notice because the water heater needed to be replaced ASAP. BrookeB

2009-06-20 14:05:22   <P> During the baseball season, which is around spring - summer time, car window gets broken because of baseballs flying into the car. I have seen it two times already this year. My car also has a crack because of it. I am talking about the cars that are on the side of the baseball field. They should make the fence higher so no baseball can fly through the parking lot.

The train tracks are becoming very annoying now. The sound of those tracks has woken me up many many times; it is horrible to want to sleep and cant because of those tracks. sometimes it feels like there's a thunderstorm outside.

sigh, i should have never chosen this place. I have to live another year at this hellhole. Sign the renewal contract before everything breaks. SO now i have to deal with this bullshit. —TakumiF

2009-07-06 11:13:51   JessicaQ- 2008-07-20 22:13:02 One posting on this site her entire life... I suspect Parkside Management Sock Puppet. A very common practice in Davis. Are you checking that Davis Wiki? —LouisM

2009-07-06 11:16:51   As far as the car break ins and crime... there is a large high volume homeless shelter on H and 11th street walking distance to your apartments. Not to stereotype but I ride my bike that way on the way to class. Scrubby bunch with plenty of breakin time on their hands. Cops roust them every once in a while. —LouisM

2009-07-26 00:27:26   I made an account just so I could leave a message about Parkside... Agreed: uber thin walls, noisy leaf blowers, very poorly lit in certain areas (I actually fell down over a flippin bike rack moved in the walk way in the pitch black of night), slow at repairs (they rescheduled repair work 3 times in a row), and mold on the bathroom ceilings (even though I wipe it down with bleach water regularly). When I moved in, the toilet was not cleaned, things were broken, and there was a nasty smell in the apartment. In an attempt to get rid of the stench, I removed the metal vents over the air and found there was rotten food inside! If that's not bad enough, duct tape was holding things together and the whole apartment was not repainted. Careful where you park your car. Someone backed into my passenger car door about a month ago. In the past, one person in the office was regularly rude, but as of recently, that person and everyone else is friendly and nice. Other positives: the pool is clean, well groomed outside, and excellent location - near downtown and school. The train has never bothered me. I haven't lived in another apartment so I don't have another experience to compare it to, but overall, my experience here has been okay to pretty good. I think this place could be a lot better if they invested the money into improving the bathrooms and kitchens. Instead of masking tape, use silicon. Replace the linoleum floors. Or, reduce the cost of rent. —toothpicks

2009-09-09 08:54:03   After reading through the majority of these messages, it seems like most people living here are too dumb to realize what they're signing up for. Only new apartments have central AC which is clearly designated in the apartment pricing pamphlet, and only newly renovated apartments have new appliances and a clean kitchen. Most people automatically choose the lowest priced apartment without realizing why its slightly less.

Also, if you're not smart enough to realize a train will be driving by your apartment and causing some noise and movement, that's your bad. Honestly, how can a huge freight vehicle blowing past your apartment not be noticed? You signed up for it, so expect it. Don't complain about being a light sleeper when you sign a lease for an apartment right next to a track.

If you haven't realized it, Parkside has a lot of open space and foliage that builds up fast. You're going to get a ton of fallen leaves that have to be removed or they're going to build up fast. Leaf blowers are going to happen and when I have my windows/doors closed, I can barely even notice them while they're going on right outside my apartment.

Having lived in one of the worst apartment complexes in Davis (University Commons), this place has been a very nice experience. I signed up for one of the newer apartments, upstairs, with central ac and new appliances and it surprised me how nice it was. Very good temperature control throughout the whole place, my bathroom has a fan to prevent mold (sucks if you don't, learn to ask the proper questions before signing up), kitchen has proper working appliances and its very spacious. Plus, the place was very clean on move-in day with no awkward odors.

Seems like most people on davis wiki are just clueless whiners who can't do research before putting down a signature. —pieguy

2009-12-07 15:05:39   I am personally offended by the bad reviews on this site. Spoiled brats. You're not in the Valley anymore.

I have lived in a lot of apartment complexes in my time. I am a grad student. This is one of the best run, best upkept places I have ever seen. And for this price in Davis it could not be better. The staff is totally professional, and they fix problems RIGHT AWAY. I cannot emphasize how much that is worth. Problems with my lock? Replaced right away. Problems with my toilet? Replaced right away. And when someone comes in to fix something, they look around and if something isn't in top shape, they fix it/replace it on the spot. The pool is immaculate. This place has been recently renovated and I live in one of the recently updated places. It is well worth the $100 to get one, especially if you are splitting the cost with roommates.

As for the train noise, I live right next to the tracks, but the difference is that I live on the far side of the building. It is not disturbing at all. Actually it is kind of cute. Take a look around the complex before you commit, people. Check out the place you are renting. If you knew your stuff about renting you would do this automatically. The ONLY annoyance I have ever had was some retarded undergraduates partying too loudly. But you know what? I keep my mouth shut because a good neighbor tolerates parties. I play my electric guitar, you get to party.

The comment about the AC is well-taken. If you get a renovated place you might get better AC. Get a fan for the summer.

The bus stops right outside and takes you directly to the MU. Also goes directly to Sacramento. There are two grocery stores on Covell that are easy biking distance that are fully stocked (especially Nugget, one of the best stores in Davis). I bike to school and it takes me 13 minutes. I also have a car. I have seen some pretty flashy ones out there, I have a Prius though. Be smart. Davis has very low crime rates, but don't leave your stereo in full view when you park it at night. Don't you dare blame the management if something gets stolen. This is a city. And they have security patrol cars that are there every damn night. What else do you want them to do? Any place is vulnerable to car theft.

"There are totally people here watching your every moves just to steal your stuff when you're not looking! "


The lawn/grass/trees are also kept immaculate. There is a big park right across the street that I like to picnic in when the weather is nice. And yes there is parking everywhere. Maybe you have to park your car next to the baseball field if you try parking at 11pm. Heaven forbid you have to walk a few yards.

I could not praise this place more highly. They are making it really hard for me to consider buying a house when this place is so well kept and with so many amenities. —dizzyditz

2010-03-04 17:03:38   the thoroughfare by my house in San Jose is usually noisy with car passage, so the I actually love when the train goes by. the management is really nice and location is great. passing an afternoon in the park is easily done and people are great about noise. i think if you've got a complaint, scale it and see if its really the place or really just you. —ketan

2011-07-31 12:22:00   Lived here for two years. Never had any problems with management. The trains take a little getting used to, but eventually they turn into background noise. If you're moving into this area of Davis, you're going to hear the trains no matter where you are. The apartments are old, but reasonably well maintained. If you're moving into these apartments, you should have a pretty good idea of what you're getting. Decent, not great, apartments for a lower monthly rent than you'll find almost anywhere else in Davis. —2012JD

2011-08-23 20:52:19   I subletted a place here for four months last fall. Let's put it this way: you get what you pay for. Parkside is one of the cheaper complexes in Davis, and the apartments seem pretty cheap. Every time the guy in the room upstairs from mine sneezed, I could hear it. Every time he plugged something into the wall or closed his window, I could hear it. And I'm sure he could hear it everytime I played music on my desktop speakers. Weirdly, it seemed like there was more noise transparency between our apartment and the one above ours than there was between the rooms in my apartment. I never heard my apartmentmate who shared a wall with me. I saw a couple cockroaches in our kitchen. The living space in the apartment is extremely small. But again, you get what you pay for, and at $408 a month for my own room I felt like I was getting a pretty good deal despite the thin walls and occasional cockroach. The most uncomfortable thing about living here was that anybody could just walk up to my bedroom window and look in; there were no planters or anything. I dealt with this by covering my window with a sheet. The best thing about living here was being able to walk over and enjoy the park across the street late at night when we were drunk and bored. The proximity to downtown and campus was a big plus, too. I was able to bike to campus in about 8 to 10 minutes. I absolutely never had any problem with noise from the train; perhaps that was because there was a building, parking lot and shrubbery acting as a buffer between my room and the train tracks. —jsogul

2012-08-23 12:09:09   This a very old apartment complex. The wall is too thin to block any noise, you could hear amost everything your upstair neighbor did, such as talking, walking, play music, vacumm floor (this is a disaster, it seems like a big trunk pass over your head). I live there about a year from 2011-2012, it's a very painful experience. —Ctmehior

2012-09-03 07:49:54   It wasn't even a full 48 hours in the place, and we get robbed! The management did nothing, though the emergency maintenance did a good job in making us feel better by installing better window locks. All whatsherface said was "I'm just saying, this stuff doesn't happen unless you didn't lock your windows". Are you kidding? We did lock our windows. There was evidence of forced entry! That's like telling a rape victim that s/he should have worn clothes that showed some skin. Rude. Also, when we tried to connect our internet, we found we had faulty wiring. How do you let someone move in and not fix everything first? We were planning on living here for two years. But if she keeps treating us this way, I might just tear that lease apart. —JustineRea

2012-09-11 11:58:49   Here is the police report from Davis PD for the incident in the previous post. 05:06 BURGLARY RESIDENTIAL 120826036


2014-02-13 09:46:57   I started living at Parkside for this school year (so in September). I'm in one of the renovated apartments so its a little extra money but I still think its plenty cheap and everything is really nice so far. We have central A/C and noise has never bothered me. Any maintenance issues we had were fixed pretty quickly, and I have found management to be nice. I think its a really nice location and I wasn't expecting much from the place, but I'll certainly say its good service for the pricing. —LEC

2016-04-08 12:25:42   This apartment have one of the worst management I experienced in davis. Don't expect any of them to help you in any kind if you have any trouble. All they want to do is collect money from you. —Userqwerty

2017-08-09 15:21:38   Pros: • Walking distance to campus & bars • Tons of Parking during the day (None at night) • Close to Parks (BBQ, sports, Fireworks) • Large dumpsters for garbage Cons: • Rent is way too expensive for the unit’s condition • Paper thin walls (can hear neighbors cough or laugh) • If you live down stairs you hear EVERY STEP • Gym is tiny and basic, could be better • Pool and gym closes at 10PM (why??!) • Limited access to “computer room” (usually closed or out of order) • Way too many “ins and outs” of unit by management or contractors • Huge inconvenience constantly having contractors in your private living space • Outdated faucets (bathroom / kitchen) • Limited amount of electrical outlets • Loud Trains go by 24/7 but you get used to it • Loud baseball games (really early on the weekends). No sleeping in! • Not allowed to have a BBQ grill and there is none on the property • They do all they can to keep your security deposit at move out (crooks) • Parking is usually completely full by 8PM (even on the street) • During soccer or baseball games there is literally NO parking for residents • Young Kids completely take over the pool / spa • Lawn movers / leaf blowers start really early every Friday morning • Not all units have central heat or AC (Davis gets super-hot in summer) • Office staff is not too friendly…unless they are getting over on you • They give 24-hour notice to enter your unit the NIGHT BEFORE (ALL THE TIME) • They act like its Jr High School kids renting here not paying college adults. • More construction here than an LA Highway (which is seemingly nonstop) • The washers leave clothes stained (whites) and dryers sometimes leave clothes damp. • No refunds for broken or defective washers or dryers. • Office Staff don’t always notify you right away of delivery boxes left by FED EX etc. • Spiders Galore!! Year round, never seen ants or roaches but hella spiders. • Rent increase every single year ($50-150$ per mo.), not worth it. It is a rip off. • Not allowed to work on your car in the parking lot; oil, antifreeze, etc. (Never heard of this) • The water was CONSTANTLY being “shut off for emergencies” without any notice. —RickL