The Party King of Davis title was invented by some students at Sac State in reference to Rob Roy while in conversation with former KDVS DJ Kyle Melton (son of The Fish) when Kyle was hanging out at the dormitories there (2002). Some Sac States students talked about how they do not party in Sacramento because there is no centralized "scene" there, but instead they travel to Davis on the weekends. The students referenced Rob mainly because he had the most recognizable name of anyone living at the Pirate Ship, a house that hosted many live music shows in Davis. Kyle brought this up at a show at the Charred Dog House and Jenn de la Vega was so amused by it that she started to popularize the phrase.

Rob was flattered by it so he referenced it on occasion, most notably in the backyard of 748 Mulberry version of the Pirate Ship when some people told everyone that a keg was empty while also filling up their own cups - this very much angered Rob. He also referenced it during his campaign for ASUCD Senate, most notably in his music video.

Rob had a change of heart over the title in the summer of 2005. His engagement with Sharon Zimmerman ended and he essentially went into hiding, spending most of his time in the basement of Freeborn Hall at KDVS recording music for his Sterling Riot project (with the exception of making presentations to the incoming class of 2009 during Summer Advising). He also severely reduced his alcohol intake at this time.

Since he no longer lives in a house that hosts frequent events and he really has been too busy since entering the political world to really deserve the title "Party King", he has abdicated the title. Although, for the sake of monarchal history, it could be said that whether he wants the title or not it will forever be connected to Rob Roy.

In late 2005, it was said that Joshua Heller was next party king of Davis. During the summer of 2006, Heller moved out of Davis. It's not yet clear who will take over the throne.