1007 3rd Street
Office Hours
9-4 M-F
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Patio Apartments is on the corner Third Street and I Street.

$1000 for a 2bd/1bath as of August 2009.

$800/month, $1000 deposit for 2bd/1ba as of September 2010

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2011-02-14 18:24:03   My partner and I are looking for a two-bedroom place, anybody have any feedback on Patio Apartments? —MeggoWaffle

2011-03-14 15:48:32   meggo, this place is pretty good if you're looking for something basic. 2 rooms, a living room and a kitchen. nothing fancy or pretty. our heater/AC doesn't work but that's not a big deal for us and may be our apartment only. the landlord is okay. we pay her and leave it at that :P. not much counter space. —SallyVo