Paul Min is a candidate for ASUCD President in the Winter 2013 ASUCD Election running independent.

Paul Min is a third year philosophy major. He is currently an ASUCD Senator. During his 2nd year, Paul served as a Resident Advisor in the Tercero Area.

Executive Candidate Statement

WHAT’S UP, UC Davis. We are Paul Min and Sergio Cano, and we’re running to be your next ASUCD President and Vice President! Paul is a junior Philosophy major, current ASUCD Senator and a member of Mustard Seed Ministry. Sergio is a senior Mathematics and Economics double major and the current Chair of the ASUCD Internal Affairs Commission, former Chair of the Renters’ Rights Committee and the Elections Committee, and a former CoHo employee.

Our campaign is simple: initiate projects with a lasting impact that improve the quality of student life on campus. We are running because we believe student government is capable of making far more positive change in student lives than it has under the previous administration. You deserve a student government that represents the entire campus and presents innovative ways to move forward.

Our top priorities will be to enhance the campus through

FIRST AID STATIONS I’m sure we’ve all experienced seeing students get injured in bike accidents across campus. We believe students should have easier access to bandages or antiseptic without needing to walk all the way to the Student Health Center.

GET MORE C PERMIT PARKING SPOTS ON CAMPUS How often do you see A permit parking spots vacant when all the C spots are taken? If you’re paying $500 dollars a year, you should have an easier time finding parking on campus.

GET VENDING MACHINES IN THE 24 STUDY ROOM AND MORE TEST SUPPLY VENDING MACHINES AROUND CAMPUS We will work with the library to put vending machines in the 24 study room with proceeds going back towards the ASUCD SCHOLARSHIP. Additionally, we will work with the Bookstore to install more test supply vending machines in highly populated areas such as SciLec, Giedt, and Wellman.

INTERNET CAFE/ENTERTAINMENT VENUE IN THE MU An MU remodel is imminent and there are preliminary plans to remove the Griffin Lounge. We want to ensure spaces exists for students to study during the day and that are versatile for student organizations to use for events throughout the school year. We believe UC Davis students need leaders who are engaged in this campus.

Vote INDEPENDENT!! VOTE PAUL MIN and SERGIO CANO for ASUCD President and Vice President on February 19th-22nd at

Senatorial Candidate Statement

Hello! My name is Paul Min and I am running for ASUCD Senate. I am currently a second year Philosophy major, a member of Mustard Seed Ministry, and a Resident Advisor. I love UC Davis and I believe ASUCD should play a meaningful role in the life of every student. I am running for ASUCD Senate because I want YOUR VOICE to be heard in ASUCD. I want ASUCD to fight for what YOU, the students, value.

I am honored to have the opportunity of being one of your senators. If elected, I promise to give my utmost towards making your experience here at UC Davis great and safe!

Platforms Goals

Fiat Lux (Let There Be Light): I believe students have the right to be safe and feel safe while on campus at night. If you’ve ever walked, biked, or boarded across campus at night you might notice that some areas are poorly lit or even worse, completely dark. This is a safety hazard and it is unacceptable. I believe your safety is important! I want to see eco-friendly, highly efficient, led lights installed in the darkest areas of campus. To do that, I hope to work with Power and Lights director Damon Williams, Campus Planning, and University Affairs to implement an eco-friendly plan to end darkness on our campus.

Better Roads: Davis is the bicycle capital of the United States. Students bike or board around campus each day. For the most part, our roads are great and I believe “Grounds” has done a great job, but there are some roads that are poorly maintained. These roads are littered with dangerous potholes, wide cracks, and unexpected bumps. Poorly maintained roads take a toll on students’ bicycles and boards, but more importantly it is a safety hazard. I want to see the most serious road damage addressed in a timely and consistent manner. To do this, I plan to work closely with “Grounds” to ensure that our roads are safe.

Unite for Justice: There are more than 45 Christian organizations and interfaith organizations on campus, but there is no space to come together to fight for social justice. We may have our differences, but I know that everyone shares a heart for justice, such as reducing poverty and crime. I hope to bridge the Christian and interfaith community to work together on social justice issues that are relevant to students, such as increasing support and awareness for the ASUCD Pantry. Additionally, I will leverage resources to reach out to communities and bring awareness about social justice through working together on events and conferences to establish unity and clear up misconceptions.


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