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Paul Moller is the Chairman of the Board for Moller International. He was also a professor of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering at the University of California at Davis from 1963 to 1975 where he developed the Aeronautical Engineering program. He developed Research Park beginning in 1980. He is known for creating at least three models of experimental aircraft, one of which looked like a flying saucer and another that resembled a motorcycle.

He founded SuperTrapp Industries and is the President of Quail Oaks Ranch Almond Butter, which is run through Moller International.

Depending on who you ask, he is either the inventor of the Moller SkyCar, or the creator of the Moller SkyCar scam (either intentionally or through overzealous promotion). In any case, he attracted international attention when he flew one of his crafts at the University Airport on April 10, 1967. For more on the SkyCar, see the Moller International entry.

e-mail received 3/16/2010 by BruceHansen:

You may use the biography from our web site, but I would appreciate it if you also made few corrections to the information that accompanies the bio.

1.) Quail Oaks Ranch Almond Butter is a separate company, not "run from Moller International".

2.) I would appreciate it if you didn't call the work we have done on the Skycar a scam. Dr. Moller has devoted a good deal of his professional life to this project and it is definitely not a scam. I have seen the Skycar fly during several brief hover demonstrations, so I know it is real and it works. Sure, its been tethered and, yes, it hasn't done very far or very high...but it flies and I have seen it do it. From the analysis we have done and these test flights we know the fundamental design works, the engines are powerful enough, the control system fast enough and that the simplicity of the design might ultimately make it affordable to a very big segment of the market.

I have also been one of the primary points of contact with our loyal and supportive shareholders, who, like us, would like to see the Skycar become a reality. But I also know from talking with many shareholders that they understand that producing a first of its kind vertical take off and landing capable, high speed four passenger aircraft is a long, hard and expensive process. In my view the frustration expressed by some individuals about our "lack of progress" is borne from a failure to fully understand the challenges and difficulties we have encountered, and for the most part, overcome. The biggest single challenge has always been funding and even though Paul has put millions into this project himself (many times more than anyone else) more was needed and so he turned to investors who shared his dream of a personal flying machine. Many, many people share this dream and have become shareholders in Moller International. And there is still millions of dollars to go before we can hope to have a fully demonstrable aircraft that meets the Skycar's published specifications. Does that mean its a scam? No. It means it is a very difficult and expensive project. So let people make up their own minds about the Skycar and Paul Moller, the man with the vision of creating the first truly practical airborne alternative to the automobile.

Regards, Bruce Calkins General Manager Moller International (530) 756-5086 Sign up for our newsletters at


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