Inside the Davis ACE Rock Yard

904 4th Street
Inside the Davis ACE Rock Yard
Right across the tracks from the Pet Department at ACE Hardware
By appointment only, starting at 8 A.M. Tues-Fri and 9 A.M. on Saturday.
(530) 756 4400
Kiana Freitas
Jennifer Guarna
April 2011
Payment Methods
Cash, Checks, Visa and Mastercard

Pawsitive Groomers is a pet grooming service that specializes in all kinds of dogs, as well as cats. All of their groomers are experienced, ranging from two to 26 years of grooming and services. The shop is inside Building "D" in the Davis ACE Rock Yard. If you have any difficulties finding it, call the business number for directions. Parking is available on the street (two hour parking) and if you need assistance getting your dog inside, you can call and a groomer will come out and help. You can also pull in to the rock yard to drop off or pick up your pet.

Pawsitive Groomers was founded in the spring of 2011. It split off from The Craft of Fo' Paws; each has staff from the original Fo' Paws.


Prices vary depending on your dog's size, the condition of the coat (mats, undercoat, dirt, burrs, etc...), the type of fur (soft, wiry, curly), the type of haircut desired (in general, it will cost less to have a dog shaved down than to have a pattern cut), behavior, etc. Price examples for a full-service groom (includes bath, fluff drying, brushing, haircut/hand scissoring, nail trim, ear cleaning, anal gland expressing, and a bow or bandanna):

  • Yorkie, toy poodle (very small) $50-55
  • Shih Tzu, Miniature Poodle, Havanese $55-60
  • Bichon, Lhasa Apso $55-65
  • Cocker Spaniel, Springer Spaniel $60-70
  • Australian Shepherd, Collie $65-75
  • Standard Poodles, Labradoodles $70-125 (The sizes on these dogs can vary greatly, so the price varies also)

You can call or bring your dog by so they can give you a more accurate quote. They also offer just a bath, comb, and trim. Nail trims, face trims, and anal gland expressions are all also available as à la carte services.


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2011-04-25 19:13:33   These three ladies have been working on my dogs (a Bichon, and a pug) for years, and they love coming here! Good luck guys. —Davidlm

  • just picked up my bichon and pug from here a little while ago. They both look great, and that's saying a lot. Our bichon was attacked by a big dog a few weeks ago (he's recovered very well, so don't worry!), unfortunately his hair is really short in spots. When I dropped him off today I just asked them to do their best, and boy did they! He looks great, way better than I expected!

2011-06-03 17:44:44   Just picked up my dog from here; they did a great job cleaning him up. The groomers and I had talked about a cut that would work for him, and they did a great cut; we're very satisfied. The services take a while; our terrier mix was there from 11-5, but it was worth the wait, and when I picked him up, he was happy as a clam, playing with another dog in the grooming area. I definitely will take my dog there again. I felt he was in secure, safe, kind, and skilled hands from beginning to end. —AmandaC

2012-04-19 20:58:50   I took my 18 months old Westie there last week and I'm really happy with their work. My dog was also happy when I picked her up. She was playing with other dogs when I got there. It was pretty fast (about 2 hours). They are really nice ladies and they do a really nice job. I'm really glad that I have a nice place in Davis to take my puppy now :) —franindavis

2012-05-02 11:26:36   OMG! I LOVE this place!! I had never taken my chocolate lab to a groomer before, but recently got diagnosed with carpal tunnel and could no longer wash him myself. I have to say after taking my dog to Pawsitive Groomers I will never again wash my own dog, even when my wrists recover! They did SUCH a FANTASTIC JOB!! Also, I was surprised at how affordable it was considering I just drop him off and pick him up- instead of spending time on the weekends to wash it myself. Not to mention I don't have to clean my bathtub afterwards, which is such a hassle. Additionally, they really get all his under coat out, so I've spent less time sweeping up his extra hair in my house. But I think the biggest plus was the fact that he is COMPLETELY dry when I pick him up... I can never get him that dry and inevitably my house ends up smelling like wet dog for a day, YUK! Gruffy always comes home clean, dry, and happy, with a cute bandanna on to boot! I'll be a customer for life! —dina2901

2012-05-03 08:07:28   Anyone have experience with their grooming of cats? I'm wondering because I've been taking my cat to Purrfect Groomers in West Sac every two months for years, ever since The Craft of Fo Paws had a bad time with him, but it would be great to not have to make the trek from Davis. Thanks in advance for any responses! —Chamoudah

2012-08-10 07:46:55   Chamoudah - Pawsitive Groomers does a great job on our cat (Milo Shop Cat) he gets a Lion cut from them a couple times a year and he looks great! —BethAnnon

2012-08-21 14:47:09   I've been taking my dog, Mika to Pawsitve Groomers, formerly FoPaws for 3 yrs now and she loves the ladies there. I tried a mobile dog groomer when we first got her as a puppy and for one whole year, Mika hated it....They never groomed her the way I wanted it and she looked different evey time she came out of the truck. I realize that the 1st time a groomer works on your dog is not an easy task but I believe that after a few visits it should be easier but it never was. I would have to practically drag her out the front door whichbwas very stressful for her & myself.

Mika doesn't hesitate anymore whenever I mention the ladie's names at Pawsitive & she's happy to go. They groom her exactly the way I want her which is not the usual poodle cut. I like her evenly cut throughout the whole body and she is. She is at the Groomers every 6-7 weeks.

I recommend Pawsitive Groomers to everyone I know and they've all loved the ladies & the grooming results.

Thank you all at Pawsitive Groomers for making Mika & my life a little easier & happier.

Nancy & Mika Yip


2012-10-15 22:56:25   I recently got a dog, and I've discovered that she's absolutely terrified of the nail clippers. She's medium sized (about 45-50 lbs), very sweet, but she screams and runs away whenever I even come remotely close to her feet with the clippers. I've been looking into groomers that might be able able to either help her be more comfortable. Does anyone know if Pawsitive be able (or even willing) to work with her? She also need a bath, but my tub is too small for her, so I'm not sure how she is when washed. —timcampi

  • This is exactly the reason my dogs come here, Tim. Our pug (28 pounds!) cannot be done by two grown men, but the ladies here manage to do it without trauma. Our dogs love coming here, and they get bathed every time as well.-Davidlm

2012-12-05 09:41:15   We have a Westie and a Maltipoo who I used to take to a groomer over in Woodland but she quit and left the area. It took me awhile to find another groomer that I was happy with and I really recommend Pawsitive Groomers. It's nice having a groomer here in Davis that I trust our dogs with. The ladies are great, and their facility is always spotless. Our dogs, Molly & Lucy, return from their "Spa Day" looking and smelling like a million bucks! —d&mHatton

2012-12-20 16:22:59   My little dog Miko visited for the first time yesterday. He can be difficult but the staff took the time to reassure him and make him feel safe. He looks adorable and is a happy little guy. I am so please with with the service I got and the way Miko was handled. Thank you Betty B —BettyBoyd

2013-04-05 19:32:02   We highly recommend pawsitive groomers! My shih tzu, Mary, hates going to the groomers and she and I both get anxious when she needs to get groomed. But, she was well taken care of here. I called and they were able to get me in very quickly! Kiana took her time with Mary and when I got back, Mary seemed calm and looked fantastic! I have had so many people commment on what a great job Kiana did! The way she was trimmed made her look like a puppy! I love her new 'do and we will definitely be back! :) —kristenk

2014-02-04 11:13:44   Bad last experience: This was my fourth time taking my Persian cat to them for groom and wash. I was happy with the prior visits. However, when I got her this last time I Immediately noticed that she had way more hair on her than after previous grooming visits. I could not smell the shampoo on her especially on her hind area. Couple of days later I noticed that her lower back and legs were dingy and grey. My cat is a strictly indoor cat. I also found some knots on her already. Four days later I stopped by their place and complained to a younger woman with baby strapped on her back that I assumed she was a manager or owner. Long story short, she arrogantly refused to wash and groom her again. She offered to just groom her because " it had been too long" since I had picked her up. I am not sure if they have new people or what. They did a very poor job of washing and grooming on my cat. I am disappointed and am not going back. —AlFarnam

  • Owner comment: Mr. Fattahi brought his cat in to us on January 16th, for a bath and combout. The employee who bathed his cat has been bathing pets at my shop for over a year, and I combed the cat out myself. If I notice a pet does not seem clean, we always rebathe. The cat was clean, combed out, and drying when I left the shop for the day. We called Mr. Fattahi in the mid-afternoon (around 3 p.m.) to let him know his cat was ready to be picked up. He said "I am busy" and that he would pick up a little later. At 6 p.m. my employee was still waiting for him to pick up. We had already notified Mr. Fattahi earlier in the day that we close at 6 p.m. and that all pets absolutely must be picked up by then, because the rock yard closes up and we cannot remain inside the building.

    My employee waited in his car with the cat for 1 hour and 15 minutes, calling Mr. Fattahi several times and leaving voicemails, letting him know the shop had closed, he was waiting with the cat, and an additional fee would be charged for late pickup. When Mr. Fattahi arrived, he was unhappy, only paid a portion of the late pickup fee and refused to pay anymore, and said he would not return to our shop.

    On January 30th (14 days after his cat's bath), Mr. Fattahi came in and complained that his cat was dirty and not combed out properly. I told him that our policy is not to redo any grooms after one week has passed, simply because hair starts to grow back, pets can become dirty again, etc...had we heard from Mr. Fattahi sooner, it would have been different, but two weeks had passed since his original appointment. I did tell him if he wanted to bring the cat back, I would comb it out free of charge, but if I were to bathe the cat again, I would have to charge for a bath.

    Mr. Fattahi said that unless we would bathe the cat again, free of charge, he would leave bad feedback. I repeated again that it was against our policy, and we could not do it, and he left. We always strive to make customers happy, and our policy has always been to redo any groom (even full haircuts), if our clients are unhappy and express their feelings to us in a reasonable amount of time. —kianafreitas

    • Response: It is true that I forgot to pickup my cat up by closing time. I very much apologized to the clearly pissed off employee who was waiting for me with my cat. However, I objected to him wanting to charge me an extra $75.00. I told him that if they were going to charge me that much for waiting, I would not return. I gave him an extra $20.00, which I thought was fair. What does that have to do with the fact that they did a lousy job on my cat? It was not two weeks before my complaint. If they had returned my two phone messages that I had left on their answering machine before finally getting a chance to stop by their business it would not have been "almost two weeks" time passed since the original service! I am a business owner my self and go by the motto "customer is always right". They ignored my phone calls and decided that I was making thing up. That's bad business. —AlFarnam
      • I have no affiliation with this business, but wanted to point a couple things out. You seem to think it's OK that you ignored numerous phone calls about how your forgot your beloved cat, but unacceptable that your two voice mails went unanswered after you caused such an inconvenience. You assert that it's perfectly fair for you to short them $55 for holding your cat ($1/minute is very reasonable, by the way), and then you expect them to give your cat a free bath and cut even though YOU owe THEM money. You're taking 'the customer is always right' to an illogical extreme, don't you think? -Megan

2014-04-16 18:03:51   Don't take your dog here if you love him/her. I had my first and last time very bad experience. Not planning to complain that I picked up my dog while she had almost no grooming on her head (except around eye) and her tail (these are minor and can be resolved). When I went there to pick up my dog, the manager said my dog got cut which is very small and even did not bleed. My dog was so scared and shaking that I decided to immediately leave while trusting the manager about the cut. The little cut behind my dog's hand is as beg as her eye. Did I call them? Did I took my dog there to show them what they did and possibly asking for groom for her head and tail? No way I even walk around this business. Unprofessional and dishonest. I wish I could upload one or two pictures of the "little" cut so you can judge yourself!!!!!


2015-01-01 16:47:02   Great Grooming Services by Searcy Martinez. I've taken my Shih Tzu, Mocha, here several times, the store lives up to its name: nothing but "pawsitive" experiences. Best plus... the quick turnaround time compared to some of the big name Pet Store Grooming Departments. We are completely satisfied customers!! —JoyT+Mocha

2015-03-11 17:53:44   Took Watson for his spring cleanup today. He got a bath, nails, lion cut. Looks great. He was scared when I left him, but very happy at pick up and no worse for the wear. He is a little guy and some larger fellows were there when I left him, which caused some concerns- but everyone seemed to play well together. We will be back! —Dawn