Who is this gorgeous creature?

The one, the only Pax the Cat.
Otherwise known as Paxil, Pax, Paxie-Paxie . . . and Bub-bee and smooshy . . . but only when he's with his female human.
Pax is a feral, but in his fantasies he is a full-blooded Maine Coon.
Pax is cared for by an eccentric pair who are rumored by some to have been married at an early age . . . like 12 . . . He's been with them since a kitten, which is to say for about 7 years.
Pax originated in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Since then, Pax tends to consider himself quite the traveler with his two humans. He has set up residence in such places as a university dorm in central Illinois and a beach condo in south Florida. He is new to Davis and California. However, he has been immediately captivated by the number of his own species walking around south Davis and looks forward to meeting many other fur people through the screen.
Pax is not incredibly modest or concerned about his 16 pounds. He'll strike a Jabba the Pax pose regardless of a camera in his face.

Of course Pax's size is mostly skin, hair and height. He has not been declared overweight by any vet (hence the maine-coonness in him). In addition to his outer appearance, Pax is quite the cat on the inside too . . . if not a little egotistical and needy at times. His theme songs include Christina Aguilera's Beautiful and MC Hammer's Can't Touch This.
Pax is into self-care and maintains his claws and agility despite being an indoor cat.

Overall, he's pretty laid-back and has excellent coping skills. For example, while traveling for two weeks from south Florida to northern Cali in Aug 2007, Pax had several traumatic experiences, (e.g. getting loose in a hotel parking lot in Kansas, not knowing how to relate to another family's cat in Colorado). Despite these new and scary encounters, Pax has been able to ground himself and recover without obvious emotional scars. No signs of PTSD or phobias evident.