One of the arboretum peacocks

A small number of peacocks wander about the Davis campus.

Originally there were three peacocks living in the arboretum: two females, and one male. They were let loose (or were intentionally allowed to escape) several years back. In the summer of 2006, one was hit and killed by a car on the Hwy 113/I 80 on-ramp off of Old Davis Road. One of the females, after a full day and nights vigil was forcibly removed and relocated to the arboretum. The females can be seen occasionally up in trees along the arboretum walkways and the little tract of trees near the Mondavi Center, and are quite pretty, if lacking the flamboyant male's plumage. He's much harder to find. It's unknown whether it was the male who died on the road, or the other female.

I wonder if the Animal Science department would keep data on isolated local incidents such as this. -LeonardMarque

Peacock near Lake Solano County Park The same Peacock near Lake Solano County Park

Peacock at the Lake Solano County Park campgrounds