These are reviews of Peak Performance from 2006. For more current reviews, visit the entry.

2006-02-27 15:34:03   My fiance and I just joined, and so far, have been impressed. What really caught our eye is the 2 hours a month of free personal training. That's usually 60 bucks an hour. Definitely helped start us off on the right foot to have a trainer go through what would work best with our goals. —JoeMinewiser

2006-03-12 15:40:48   Overall a good gym. Decent equipment, clean. Gripes are the lack of locker space during peak evening times. Small, overcrowded, limited hours daycare. Not alot of membership dues supplementing things you never use like at Davis Athletic Center (pool, indoor soccer), but the gym area is much smaller. —UsetheForce

2006-09-13 16:43:22   I like this place. The women's room is especially nice if you want to do your little weight routine without being around a bunch of men. I actually graduated up to being more comfortable working out in the regular gym for cardio. But I think this is a great first step! —RachelCakes

2006-10-29 11:26:55   I had a great experience with Peak Performance. What I loved most about this place was the two free hours of personal training a month. They are very helpful and don't try to pressure you into paying for personal training. —EmmyMelton