These are reviews of Peak Performance from 2007. For more current reviews, visit the entry.

2007-03-30 16:07:30   This is a really nice gym. The parking is fine, the music is not too loud to listen to an iPod, the people are friendly, and the equipment is new and well cared for. —GreenThing

2007-04-25 16:29:43   We have belonged to this gym for about 2 years. I guess it's still cleaner than some gyms I've been in, but it definitely could use better ventilation and a lowered thermostat. It can get really hot in there, and it stinks, even first thing in the morning (5 am). —DavisGradStudent

2007-05-16 04:32:53   Once you've gone to the UCD ARC this place is like a hole in the wall —christinegallo

2007-07-04 15:13:17   Great gym. I've been a member off and one since 2002. My only complaint is that it is freakishly crowded by the SAHM crowd from about 9 to 12 then the lunch crowd shows up. After 5, it's packed too. Now that I live in Davis, I can use it off peak hours and it's lovely. My other complaint is the huge glass window between the weight area and the dance room. They used to have a belly dancing class that I always wanted to take but didn't because I hated the guys looking in. —Renngrrl

2007-08-26 16:01:55   Being a SAHM, I can explain the "Freakish crowd" (which is kind of a hurtful thing to say). It's crowded then because that's when the gym offers free childcare and when most moms have the time to come to the gym. I hve to agree about the windows between the Group Exercise Room and the weight room, there should be blinds, I'm tired of being gawked at when I'm in "Happy Baby" or some other vunerable pose that might expose my panties. Peak is very responsive, though, if enough people tell Tori that there should be blinds on the windows, she'll get them put in. Any time I had an issue, Tori handled it right away as best as she could. Note to other gym members, please don't use strong fragrances in your lotion, shampoos, hair spray as such. Nothing creates an asthma attack better than coming into the locker room after a hard workout only to breathe in noxious artifical fumes from oblivious people getting ready. Buy unsented products for the gym or use them outside, please! —ElisaWeller

2007-08-30 18:47:49   This is a great gym! The classes alone are worth the money. This place is cleaner than any other gym, but it is kind of small. If you're into squashball then go to the ARC, but otherwise this gym is great! —KlareWhite

2007-09-20 20:18:47   If I'm correct, the business was sold by Sean Shimada and Richard Robertson to Tre Fratelli Investments on 2007-08-09. —SteveDavison

2007-09-25 07:57:43   You are correct that it sold. Tre Fratelli is locally owned by 3 brothers who grew up in Davis and worked at Peak. —BevWard

2007-11-16 13:52:19   I have really enjoyed using Peak for the last couple of years. But since this ownership change, I'm not liking what I'm seeing. I'm a morning exerciser, and the other morning I arrived at 5:45am for my daily workout. Needless to say, the gym was not open (normal opening times are at 5am) and a crowd had gathered. Sure, some front desker slept in, but when the new owner (or who I think is the new owner, all of about 22 years) did show up at nearly 6am, rather than politely apologize at the irritated crowd, he actually yelled AT US!! Not a good way to introduce yourself to the regular members. One of my buddies had mentioned the new owners weren't exactly great to their employees either. Regardless, it's the nicest place in town. I just hope the new kids running the place don't mess up a good thing. —mikejacobs

2007-11-29 17:55:32   Peak Performance is giving less and less to their customers. They used to have two free sessions when you signed up and now it's only one I think that's so cheap. They used to also give deals if you were only signing up for a month or something like that but they stopped that too. Everytime I inquire about an great deal that they're advertising, I call in and they "don't do that anymore." Also everytime I call in the guy answers, "Hello?" I was like, "Is this Peak Performance?" and he was like, "Yeah?" I asked to talk to the manager and he was on his way out and refused to talk to me. HORRIBLE SERVICE. I think the new owners are really young and dumb and need to get a degree in business before they try to manage a company. —dvntboy

2007-11-29 20:25:59   The new owners not only treat their employees like shit they also threat their members that way too! The three “owners” don’t make any decisions without their daddy’s approval. Dan is running the show behind the curtain just like Oz. Although Peak was the best gym in town while owned by the Shimadas is no longer the case! —kmc

2007-12-03 11:28:06   I agree with the other members that Peak is not the same as it used to be since the new owners have taken over. The childcare employees do not acknowledge us when we come in or leave. They used to be happy to see us and would always say hello or goodbye. They do not interact with the kids at all and they just look bored. There are no nametags for the kids anymore and the employees didn't seem to know or care about it. I have also heard many complaints from friends that say they plan to join another gym now. It's not as clean, the wonderful employees have all left, and the new staff is unprofessional. Old owners, please come back!! —Shana

2007-12-03 13:05:43   Peak is by far the best gym in town. After being a DAC for years, I am impressed by how clean the gym is and how personable the staff as well as the new owners are. I always get greeted with a smile and a hello. In response to some of the negative comments posted here, I don't agree. I have know the old and new owners for years and there is always going to be growing pains when a business changes hands. Having said that, I would encourage anyone looking to join the gym to ignore the hurtful comments and come experiance it for themselves. The brothers are doing a great job and will continue to make it the best gym in town! —Chad

2007-12-05 14:26:42   I could probably nitpick about issues with this gym too but I definitely wouldn't insult the way childcare handles their job. Everytime I glance into their room they seem to be doing their very best while dealing with multiple screaming kids. I honestly don't know how they do what they do. I would never have that kind of patience. I've also never personally had any problems with the staff or management but I have waited at the front desk a few times because no one was there to check me in. But really, it's not that big of a deal. I think some of these reviews are pretty outrageous and contain a rather delusional perspective. —Xellyfer

2007-12-06 16:41:13   While I did try to get past all the 'changes' that have happened at Peak over the last few months, I'm officially fed up with the new staff. my girlfriend inquired after some of her favorite instructors, hoping they were just on vacation and was snapped at by one of the managers. We have heard that a few of the instructors may be heading to Dac, and that's where we'll be heading too. It really is too bad because Peak used to be such a great place and I will miss it. —mikejacobs

2007-12-31 11:54:12   I had been a member since 2005 and until they changed owners i was really happy. Since the change in ownership I have experienced a change in the attitude of the employees. Rather than being friendly, now they are rude and discourteous. In addition today i checked my bank account and peak performance withdrew funds before my agreed upon due date. It has always been the 4th of each month since i started my membership. All of the sudden and without notification they decided to change my due date to the 31st of each month. I am quitting peak performance TODAY —flyec

2007-12-31 11:59:58   OH and the "chad" that just posted a positive comment (12/3/2007) works at Peak Performance. I just called and he answered the phone. —flyec

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