In October 2012, Topps, best known for its collectible baseball cards and Garbage Pail Kids, released a GPK set with what appears to be a UC Pepper Spray Lt. John Pike-inspired character affectionately named Ray Spray. The card features a baton-wielding officer with a cracked helmet dousing a teddy bear at point-blank range whilst barricaded puppies, kitties, piglets, and children bear witness, shouldering signs that read "We Are 100% Cute," "Occupy Dollstreet," "No More Naptime," and the Pink Floyd-referencing "We Don't Need No Education." As all GPKs have doubles, Ray Spray's double is "Brutal Barry."

If you're looking for a free copy, Topps constantly gives stuff away on Twitter. For context of what they current publish, Topps cards recently did an MMA series. Daubert notes this and questions, "This card is pretty interesting I wonder what made them do it (other than the bandwagon)".