You ever notice how some pools of water just never seem to disappear despite their shallowness and the heat. Something must not be attuned correctly with the universe for this to keep happening. This page is step one on the path to solving these mysteries by listing all the Perpetual Puddles in need of our rescue.

This page is similar in goals to the Pothole Project and the Sidewalk Crack Project With information at the ready we can hopefully persuade the powers that be to implement saner watering practices, fix some broken pipes and keep our shoes dry.

Walker Hall Along the north side in the middle of the block.
Quad, the part that doesn't like to drain, yes a watery mud slosh counts.
At Second St. and C St., near Alpha Chi Omega. There is always a puddle in the street where the sidewalk meets the curb.
Hunt Hall and PES at the ramp to the crosswalk over to Wickson Hall
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Based on the responses to my original mystery picture (Walker Hall pictured above) there are obviously quite a few puddles in need of salvation. " 2007-06-10 02:10:11   This is crazy. It could be any street in all of Davis. Haha. I think it looks like the edge of the Quad along the road. —Jedron

Well, yes a little crazy. What's really crazy is that it looks like this almost every day of the year. I'm actually going to start a page called Perpetual Puddles soon. You didn't specify which side of the Quad, but the answer is no there are no such ramps along the Quad. —AlexMandel

2007-06-10 03:02:29   I remember a big puddle like this one by the crosswalk leading to Shields Library on the south side of the Quad. I always had to walk around it due to water. —Jedron

2007-06-10 08:24:39   west side of the coffee house? I always remember a puddle there? (though techincally that's about the same area as the quad) —WesHardaker

2007-06-10 13:31:48   It could also be one of the places near the drama/arts building, there are a few ramps there and a fire lane.. —DavidPoole

2007-06-10 13:48:48   looks like the puddle i always step in in front of walker. —Chadsharply

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