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Pam & Mike Danzik
Payment Methods
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Service Area
Davis and Woodland

Pet Pals comes and petsits while the owner is away. They charge about $18 per visit. They have a highly qualified, well trained staff offering a variety of services. Pet Pals (in association with DogGoneWalking) has been providing professional, reliable pet care for nearly 10 years. They are proud to offer an array of services to meet the individual needs of owners and pets. Contact them to schedule a new client consultation. They have a website at www.petpalsyolo.com

Services Provided For

Cats Fish Reptiles and Amphibians Dogs Birds Caged Pets (rabbits, hamsters, etc.)

Services Offered

Alternating Lights/Curtains Errand Service Doggie Day Care Grooming House Sitting Pooper Scooper Service Pet Transportation Daily Dog Walks Mail/Newspaper Retrieval

What can you expect from the above list of terms:

  • Dog walking. They'll pick up your dog and walk around the park, greenbelt, etc.
  • Play groups. They'll pick up your dog and others and take them to a dog park for some exercise with their puppy pals.
  • Pet taxiing. They can take your pets to and from veterinary, grooming, and other appointments in the area.
  • In-home pet care.
  • Medication administration. It sounds like the staff is pretty experienced, and they keep records so you know your critters are getting their drugs.
  • Home maintenance. They'll collect your mail and newspapers, water your plants, take out your garbage for pickup, and that sort of stuff, while keeping your critters company.
  • Training re-enforcement. They'll even continue your pet's training course/routine/whatever while you're gone.

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One of my friends worked for Pet Pals, and another one of my friends gets her cats babysat by them. That's how I know about Pet Pals! I was surprised that Davis Wiki didn't have a page about them, so I decided to start one. =) I'm in the process of getting them to babysit my pets (2 cats), and will report back how it goes.

:):):) Happy Holidays! —HilarieLloyd

2007-12-20 17:11:07   Pam and Mike Danzik are wonderful people! They have been providing TLC pet care for my canine best friend for over two years. My pooch absolutely loves his visits with Pam and Mike. I trust them and rely on them, and give them a 5 star rating! —dianadavis

2010-04-13 10:04:09   I had a very negative experience with them. Due to an unexpected illness, my cat needed to be given medicine during a time that I had planned to be away on a trip for three days with family. They assured me it would not be a problem. However they were unable to give him medicine and I actually had to return from my trip and eat the cost of my pre-paid lodgings. And they did not give me a refund. When she came to give me a partial check for the times they didn't come, she came 15 minutes early to our appointment, when I was not ready, and was extremely rude and defensive. —dizzyditz

2010-05-28 10:46:41   I have been using Pet Pals for several years now and have always had positive experiences with their service. About 5 years ago, we had an aging golden retriever with health problems. They were caring and helpful, assisting us with transporting our dog to the vet when we were out of town. I feel very fortunate that they run their business with professionalism (always on time and track the services they provide on the bill), and with a true love of animals. My husband and I do not hesitate to leave our pets at home, knowing that they will be well taken care of in the comfort of their own home. I highly recommend this company! —diannajensen

2010-05-29 10:20:21   We have used the services of Mike and Pam Danzik for several years to care for our two cats. Their services have included caring for our diabetic cat, giving him insulin shots twice a day during our times away. I have always found them to be highly professional as well as caring and concerned for the needs of our two pets. When we are planning time away it is always a relief to know that they are available, sometimes on rather short notice, to care for now, our one remaining cat. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for pet sitting services. —PatriciaGrafton

2010-05-30 10:10:19   We have used Pet Pals for as long as Pam and Mike Danzik have been in business for both dogs and cats and we think they provide excellent, professional service. We have entrusted them with the care of our pets for both short and long stays away and would recommend them to anyone who needs pet care. They also are available for additional services such as yard watering, pool skimming, etc. We highly recommend Pet Pals. —FrankCollins

2010-05-31 15:05:50   I just used pet pals for my last trip and they were great. My dog skippy and my cat jiffy were very comfortable being able to stay at our home while we were away. Pet pals was professional and easy to use. I will definitely use them in the future and recommend them to friends. —Nateandemdog

2010-06-04 09:26:46   I have been VERY happy and felt very safe leaving my special-needs cats with Pam and Mike! My cats require ongoing medication that is not so easy to give...Pam was very patient and took the time to figure out what worked for my cats. I returned from that first vacation very happy to see the animals were so relaxed! Of course now I call PetPals even if its just a short trip - makes my life upon return much easier! —KimPruett

2010-06-04 11:41:52   We've been using Pet Pals for many years and while I've always been very happy with their service, I recently learned just how much they love the animals they care for. So, I have to tell this sad, but touching story. It was the morning that we had to put our beloved 13 year old husky mix to sleep and it occurred to me that I needed to cancel the Pet Pals visit planned for our new pup, Leia. I explained over voicemail what was going on, and about an hour later Pam showed up at the door saying she absolutely had to say good-bye to Zena in person. As she was sitting on the floor, hugging Zena and crying, I was moved beyond words. I couldn't believe how much she loved Zena. Makes me confident that Leia is in great hands. THANKS SOOOO MUCH, PET PALS (all of you)!!!!! —kkmcdonald

2010-06-06 12:25:36   I have been honored to be a client of Petpals for several years now. Whenever we go on an overnight trip we have brought our dog to stay at the Danzik residence, where he has been a pampered guest. In fact, it often takes some coaxing to get him to leave when it’s time to go home. Pam and Mike go beyond being professional. They extend the warmth and caring that I have rarely found in businesses. They treat our pet as a member of the family, have been gracious about our pet’s idiosyncricities, and are there for us on short notice. If you want ease of mind when it comes to leaving your pet with someone, this is the place. —LoraBarrett

2010-06-06 21:20:24   Pam and Mike Danzik provide a warm, professional and attentive service. My wife shared the story of our husky, Zena, but omitted that she had Addison disease and chronic renal failure for 6 yrs. Without the help of Pet Pals, we would not of had the peace of mind to be able to travel overnight without Zena. With our new puppy, I have complete trust in the services and care provided by Pet Pals. Their staff leave detailed and accurate accounts of the activities during their visit. They also comment on changes that they may see. This was very helpful while monitoring Zena's management with Addison disease. Thank you...PetPals! —Nowicki

2010-06-13 10:25:12   We've used Pet Pals from their earliest days. Initially, they cared for our Corgi, Bentley. Now we have a Spaniel as well. It was Pam who discovered trace blood in Bentley's urine. (Who ever thinks to look for such things?)Because of Pet Pals, Bentley received the veterinary care he needed, and will forever be on a special diet. I'm surprised by dizzyditz's comments because the health of the animal is their primary concern. Sometimes animals behave differently when the family is gone. Maybe this is what happened in that case. I'd be glad to come home if the health of my pet was at stake. —Heidyk

2010-11-28 11:46:00   Awesome pet caretakers. Use them over anybody else. They do a great job. We have several rats, birds, dogs, and a cat and they do a super job with all of them. Very trustworthy. —lovedogs