1341-B West Covell Blvd. , in The Marketplace
Mon-Sat 9am-9pm
Sun 9am-7pm

Petco is a large chain pet store that was expanded and remodeled in September 2006. In addition to pet supplies, they sell small animals, birds, reptiles, and fish as well as offering a range of services:

  • full service grooming
  • low-cost vaccination clinic (Sunday mornings, 10-11:30)
  • canine education
  • pet photography
  • Quick Tags so your pet can find his/her way home

On Saturday afternoons, the Yolo County SPCA has dogs and cats available for adoption, while Feline Lifeline offers cat adoptions on Sunday afternoons. Check the store's event calendar for information on other adoption days for various local animal groups.

Dogs are permitted in the store on leash. Let them pick out their own treats or toys! Training classes for dogs are held in the store during business hours, offering lots of opportunities for distractions and is either treat-based or clicker training [modified treat training] — sign up for one or the other at the kiosk in the middle of the store.

Petco provides shopping assistance for those who need it because of health, mobility impairment, etc.

*For other pet services and supplies see Pet Stores, Groomers, or Dogs for dog-specific listings.


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*I've found lots of great prices and selection on supplies for your pets - however I have not been impressed with the actual pets they sell - Especially the fish. I went there today and HALF of the tanks were "not for sale" due to illness. If your looking for fish - buy the tank and whatever else there - but buy the fish at Capitol Aquarium or Exotic Aquarium (both in Sac). I've also seen many sick reptiles and birds as well that should have been receiving better care. - PeterAnselmo

2005-06-10 10:05:53   I was quite impressed with the Davis Petco people. I have a friend with MS, and she was having a rough day, where getting out of her car and into the store would have been an ordeal. She needed to get some pet food, and the people at Petco were nice enough to let her stay in her car in the parking lot while they got her stuff, and took care of the money. Whatever else you want to say about Petco, that impressed me, and I'm happy to shop there after that. —EricKlein

2005-09-11 17:21:53   I haven't had a single fish live that I've bought from PetCo while other fish I've gotten from Pet Cetera (downtown) and Capitol Aquarium (Sac) are doing just fine. Their feeders are especially bad. They're small, thin and sick looking and some don't even survive a five minute ride home in the car. If you're looking for fish, shop somewhere else. —JoeMarchi

2005-10-15 21:09:28   I agree on the count of fish, our fish from Petco never live long. However I'm usually pleased with their rodents, and the SPCA do great there. —MaggieBlank

2005-12-21 04:11:25   I actually didn't know these things about Petco. I've been in the Covell location several times for my bird, but I don't think I've bought anything. The people weren't extraordinarily helpful. I did enjoy that the bird areas had "consider adoption" signs first. —SS

2006-08-21 18:09:40   Adding to the list of complaints...this petco is very poorly stocked! I have been in there 4 times in the past 3 weeks to get mice and they only get pinkies in stock - making feeding my snake 3x as expensive as it should be —SandyRose

2007-01-16 17:41:01   I am kinda worried about their chinchillas. The temperature at petco is, like 85 degrees, and temperatures over 80 could kill a chinchilla, if they are exposed to it for an extended period of time. —RaymondMyers

2007-01-17 19:35:09   They remodeled this past summer and seem to be better stocked, many of the pets for sale received new living quarters. —MeganOster

2007-05-12 18:16:21   If you buy fish, make sure not to use chlorinated Davis tap water straight from the tap. That is what kills fish. (Edited)Use water that has no chlorine. Make sure you have an air pump in the water so your fish don't suffocate. —Jedron

  • Be VERY CAREFUL if you try to use distilled water. From wikipedia: "Some people use distilled water for household aquariums because it lacks the chemicals found in tap water supplies. It is important to supplement distilled water when using it for fishkeeping; it is too pure to sustain proper chemistry to support an aquarium ecosystem." Remember Bio 1B? Distilled water has no ions and messes with animal cells' makeup. —AllisonEriksen
  • Edited. Thanks for the advice.
  • We have used tap water for our freshwater fish for 3 years and haven't had many deaths, but we do usually allow the water to sit a few hours before putting it in the tank.
  • To add: You can buy a drop solution that gets rid of the chlorine. Available at most pet stores. I only use tap water with the drops, and I've had regular old goldfish last for YEARS! —KristineSlipson

2007-05-13 12:57:21   I've been using Davis water straight from the tap for over three years and my fish are still alive. I also put in NovAqua and AmQuel after adding the new water. —EmmyMelton

2007-05-13 14:48:44   Davis water probably didn't kill the goldfish then. Actually, it was an unfortunate incident where the goldfish's owner went out of town and the roommates had to take care of the fish and the fish ended up dying (probably because there was no air pump). Everyone in the apartment was freaking out because we knew who would get blamed for the fish's death. So everyone thought about bringing the dead fish to Petco to get a new fish that looked just like the dead one. Oh, the shame. —Jedron

2007-08-23 15:25:33   Don't buy pets from Petco. They are always sick. We bought a hamster and it died 4 days later. Then we bought a rat and it got sick the next day. When I returned the rat to Petco so they could take it to the vet (supposedly) they called me and told me that it had died. When I looked at the other rats— I realized that they were all suffering from the same respiratory infection as mine. I alerted the staff- which could care less. Evidently this is normal practice to sell sickly pets. The girl working the cash register actually told me to go to a privately owned pet store in Woodland and to not ever buy pets from Petco because the place they get their pets from is bad. She said the pets are always sick. —kmmahan

2007-09-08 14:04:05   I have yet to buy any pets from petco due to the consistent complaints about them. I did notice this store is significantly less clean and pleasant as the other ones I've been too, but its fine. They were bringing in some crickets at the time and had the cricket stinky cardboard about. It wasn't that bad though. I went to look at the fish, and many of them seemed okay. None of them I saw had signs saying that they were not for sale. They cashier was very friendly. As for my fish, I have used Davis tap water with dechlorinator from the capital aquarium and it has worked just find for all 10 of my fish. —AnnaF

2007-09-20 01:10:25   Tap water CAN kill your fish, folks. However, you can add water treatments to it so that it is safe to use for your fishy friends. Chlorine and chloramine are harmful to fish, and the addition of water treatments can get rid of the harmful stuff. Tap water is the cheapest way to fill your fish tank, just make sure you buy tap water conditioner. —JennSuzuki

2007-09-20 16:12:32   It's funny to me that most of the comments here have to do with buying pets — I think of this place more as a place to get pet supplies. They have a reasonable, if not amazing selection of pet products, pet food, etc. — probably more than anything else in Davis at the moment, but that's not a very high bar. The "pick out your own treat" sounded like a good idea to me until I saw the treats — they all look and smell like cookies. Maybe it's just me, but I wouldn't give a dog something like that because it's just going to make the dog want the human version. The people in the grooming area are friendly and seem to genuinely care about the animals, but the setup there is a bit bleak (animals in cages off in a separate room, often just left there to bark), and we've had trouble with not being taken at the time of our appointment, so that the dog just ends up sitting around. The first time they did what we asked them to, but the second time some things were left undone. —CovertProfessor

  • Two of the treats in the treat bar are actually low fat treats (a lot of people like to use them for training), the pretzel shaped ones and the little multi-colored balls. The grooming department is pretty popular, so sometimes they get behind on things. If something you requested isn't done, just let them know and I'm sure they'll be happy to fix it. -JennSuzuki
    • Thanks for the info on the treats — I'll look for the low-fat ones. As for the grooming department, yes, they get behind, but the result is that your dog is left by itself in a cage while they deal with the backlog. After 6 hours of that, I'm not going to subject a dog to more grooming. As I said, they are nice people, and maybe they are forced to take a certain number of appointments per day, but (in my experience, anyway) it's more than they can handle. —CovertProfessor

2007-10-21 12:14:05   After having buying several fish there, I have this to say: *Do not use our Hard tap water for your fish without regulating the Ph level to meet your fish's needs, and always use the basic dechlorinator/conditioner too. This may have been partly why people have said their fish always die. *Always look for Parasites on the fish at the store, and make sure the fish you buy is swimming normally and doesn't look discolored. *Do not buy their feeder fish for pets (buy pet goldfish instead)

I would also like to note that all of my fish here have survived a few months so far, and they are doing great. Utilize the knowledge of the staff to select a good filter, and always bring a sample every once in a while to test to see if your water is good for your fish. Fish are very sensitive, and require a lot of attention to their water quality. Please keep that in mind when selecting a fish for a pet. Also research fish before putting them together in aquariums because different species have different temperature and social needs.

I have been very successful with Petco's fish. —AnnaF

2007-11-06 00:58:39   I've noticed that tropical fish in northern california are significantly more expensive than their southern california counterparts. For example fish like the red devil cichlid which i bought for $7 in socal is 45 here, is it just in the sac area or all over nor cal? —heyitsdimo

2008-02-20 08:17:16   This petco is a nice place to buy supplies, especially for regular old dogs and cats. I'm somewhat amused and a little more dismayed at their huge selection of dog clothing and little dog handbags. Seriously? How many little doggy sailer outfits and rain jackets do they sell? I'd be happier with the place if they used that space to carry more useful products for birds, reptiles and small mammals. I see a lot of fish talk on the comments, but if anyone knew a good reptile place in Sacramento, I'd be happy to hear of it. —CaitlinMorrow

2008-03-10 11:59:35   I took my dog to get groomed here and she left completely freaked out! I had originally taken her to get her glands cleaned. They talked me into the full service and I agreed. Not only did the glans remain full after I picked her up, but the next time I tried to bathe her, she had a panic attack. —maymay

2008-04-15 16:00:30   A good place to kill 20 minutes and to adopt a pet from the SCPA. I got my dog Snowpup there. —thelonepiper555

2008-07-27 14:22:13   the last time i was here, one of the workers ( a female) was RUDE BEYOND BELIEF. makes me have doubts whether i'm coming here a second time :/ They certainly seem a bit racist... —whatheFUNK

  • How were they racist? —JoePomidor
  • I'm wondering this too, because I knew somebody who worked there and they were a bit racist. Could you describe the employee? —HannahFolkes

2008-08-20 21:54:13   oh god, the racism card. just because someone was rude to you doesnt mean they are racist. quit using your color as an excuse. —patrick82

If you're saying that racism doesn't exist in Davis, you're certainly mistaken.

2008-08-21 20:14:47   Does anyone have any experience with their grooming department? I wanted to drop my dog off to get groomed during my lunch hour and wondered if they will hold him until I get off work around six. Do grooming places usually let you leave your pets there for that long? It would be five hours or so... —carrisaharding

-I have used their grooming department and yes it is possible for you to leave your dog there around your lunch time and then pick it up again later after work. Their grooming department is pretty good imho.

2008-09-08 11:56:32   I tried to pay my $50+ bill with a hundred and they treated me like a potential criminal and counterfeiter. —JimStewart

2008-09-08 21:51:44   It's store policy to have a manager check out any $50 or $100 bill. —JennSuzuki

2008-09-30 11:36:34   Last year I noticed a very ill Parakeet and the employees were not at all cooperative when I asked that something be done to help this bird-long story short, the bird was taken out when I "insisted" on it, and immediately died in my hands (it was emaciated). I was accused of "killing" the bird (how absurd!) and told by the Assistant Manager that they would call the Police on me if I ever came back to the store. Petco needs to take responsibility for this because the bird didn't get that way overnight and how lame to try and pin the blame on me.... —Lory

2008-11-05 12:06:37   petco really is a horrible place where animals go to die, i've been several times and each time you can spot the dead or dying ones with ease. too bad they don't care —WeiChun

2008-12-02 19:55:51   petco is terrible. no one should by anything from them if they don't have to. I only go there to buy rats because I have an 8 foot red tail boa and it is the only place within a practical distance that sells rats. I hate going there though because they sell the same rats for pets as for feeders. it's terrible. back home I only buy feeder rats that are bred as such. plus, the people who work there are ALWAYS really rude to me and take forever to help me grab a rat - there can be three people at the registers kickin it and talking and no one will come out to help me.

and about the whole fish thing - the reason most of the fish die is because most big pet chains (especially petco) catch their fish by spraying poison into where ever the fish are hiding which causes the fish to usually come out to escape the poison or they pass out and then the people catch them and bring them to the stores. the fish are stunned from the poison but usually die or at least get very sick soon after - aka when you buy them.

there is a lot of shady business going on in the pet trade industry and I wouldn't trust ever buying a pet from some place like petco. don't support them if you don't have to. there are other pet supply stores. —brie311

2008-12-31 11:34:42   My wife and I buy nearly all of our cat supplies there and we've never had anything but positive experiences. From the floor people to the register, everyone's always nice, offer to help when I look like I'm lost and take the time to get what I need. They also help with the Yolo County SPCA to help adopt out foster cats and dogs. We've fostered several kittens and the people at Petco are always so helpful about the adoption days. In addition, I haven't found lower prices on the same products anywhere in Davis. Believe me, I've tried. —condemned2bfree

2009-01-12 11:46:44   Petco is great for pet supplies. They also have a nice grooming station. In terms of buying pets though(dogs).... it may seem like an easy place to find what you are looking for but you are better off checking the newspaper for private owners selling puppies. Who would want to buy an animal from a franchise? God only knows where they get the animals from.... and if you are not picky you can always come in on a saturday and the SPCA has dogs that you can adopt.

Generally speaking, I wouldn't buy any animal, fish, or reptile from a large chain of stores like petco, but they are still a great place to shop for accessories! Just my two cents. —Sylvano

2009-01-22 13:27:18   I've had mixed experiences here. I found a bird in my car (it's a funny story so ask me about it some time) and took it to petco. They knew very little about it and tried to tell me it was a sparrow (it was a finch). When I decided to keep it they were friendly and helpful at selling me accouterments and toys for the bird. An aside; their vaccination clinics are fast, and friendly. The prices for accessories, toys, and food seems to be cheap and of good quality. I just wouldn't recommend getting advice or pets there. —MasonMurray

2009-02-25 22:06:55   I have mixed reviews on PETCO.I like coming here for supplies when they have sales and love their clearance section. You can find lots of deals and specials if you watch the ads. Some of my finds include medium sized Nylabones originally marked 7 dollars and on sale for $1.50. Saturdays are a great day to come because representatives come here to promote their products and often hand out samples, freebies, and even coupons for free products. Being a pet sitter I buy a lot of dog toys and am happy to report that they carry most of the good quality ones. I was dissapointed to find that PETCO is still carrying the pimple ball with bell .DO NOT BUY THIS TOY http://www.thechaistory.blogspot.com/) Now on to the fish which seems to be a controversy on the wiki. You do need to condition the water with any fish tank especially with Davis water. The key and success to buying fish from PETCO is to avoid tanks with sick,dead, or unhealthy fish thata have ick(white spots on bodies and tail) Ask an employee if unsure, they will usually tell you. PETCO is a major chain and way overstocks their fish tanks and so there are fish that are floating in the tank dead in at least every 3 or so tanks. That said, if you go on a Wed when PETCO gets their fish shipment their selection is going to be better and the fish should be healthier. I have bought a few fish from PETCO and have not had any problems. They will also give you baby fry for free if you ask for them. They have a great selection of fish supplies and foods and are cheaper then ACE on supplies and average in price on fish compared to ACE. —ElizabethBarthel

2009-06-08 22:08:38   Why on earth does it matter what the rats are "bred for?" That is the stupidest complaint I think I've ever heard. Can someone elaborate why it's terrible to sell rats in one cage for people to do as they wish, rather than in two cages— one labeled "feeder" and one "pet"? —JohnathanQuigley

  • Because feeder animals are horribly inbred and suffer mental and physical defects and are prone to disease. If you're just planning on feeding them to snakes, it doesn't matter — just leave two rats in a tank, let them breed, and then let all the sisters and brothers breed together and repeat. It's also done quite often with feeder mice — it's a very common practice if you just want to raise small animals to feed to other animals. The problem is that if you're planning on hand raising them as pets, you get all kind of problems with those inbred feeder lineages. For a pet, you really want a intentionally bred lineage or at least genetic diversity. If you're thinking the distinction is just due to some kind of moral distinction, it isn't — it's simple hard and scientific genetics, and applies in the same way to any other animal used for food or otherwise genetically culled at that generation like rabbits or chickens. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards
  • In that case, the issue is selling inbred/suffering mice as pets (or selling them at all), not with selling pet rats as feeders (or selling the same rats for each.) I don't know if I've made myself clear, so forgive me if I'm repeating myself. I certainly acknowledge a problem in selling inbred animals as pets. However, if the animals sold as pets are inbred and suffering, I'm assuming the complaint would have been worded that way, instead of "they sell the same mice for feeders as for pets." Are they using a feeder lineage as pets? Or are they allowing you to buy a pet lineage as feeders? From my trips to the store, no suffering on account of genetic defects was apparent, so I assume the latter is the case.
    • Rats for pets also need to be hand tamed, and conditioned to be OK with people. It seems rather cruel to me to get the rats used to being held, and then abuse that trust and feed them to a snake. —MM
    • I've gotten several genetically defective mice from this Petco. Defective as in a breeder health fault: one had congenital skin issues, one had mental issues with compulsive waltzing (a technical term for a particular behavior), and one had neurotic grooming to self mutilation (and mutilated another poor female in the isolation cage). More importantly for this discussion, these are all problems that make the mice unsuitable for pets. These are all common side effects of poor genetics, and the last is aggravated by lack of hand training. These are all from fancy mice being sold as pets or food. Some other big chains have distinct cages of mice available as either pets or feeder animals (with the pets being more expensive, as they are more difficult to breed). The situation is simply put: the source for Petco's mice are of poor genetics for pets. Fine for food. Bad for pets. That's the only problem with them. Also, I doubt you'd see many genetic defects while looking at them at the store, as the fatal genetic problems have already been fished out, and the behavioral and more subtle physical issues are usually not often apparent in the tank. Most of this doesn't matter at all — unless you want to get pet mice, which is one of the reasons people go to Petco. Then it's a pretty important distinction. I have no idea about their rats; I don't raise rats. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

By the way— I'm curious now. I heard two customers in front of me at PetCo laughing about how PETA had made people stop separating the mice into colors because it was "racist." I had no idea what they were talking about, and forgot about it until now. Could it be that PETA wanted to stop this separation to reduce inbreeding, but other people have mischaracterized their intentions? Do you have any light to shed on this for me?

  • I've never heard of this, and it doesn't make much sense. They are divided by sex, and you can put a male texel red in with a male variegated dove all you want and they aren't going to breed (in breeder circles, this is known as "You're doing it wrong"). In most cases they are split when sexed before they arrive at the store, although I do not know if this is the case for Petco. They certainly divide them by sex in the store. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2009-06-22 16:43:33   I love the Petco here, but the hamsters I've gotten there don't last very long. I got one from home and it has lasted a year and a half now, but the ones I got there died after 2 weeks =( Otherwise, I'd recommend the Davis Petco! —kashou

2009-07-23 16:32:18   The help is mediocre at this store, but the grooming is just awful. One of the groomers is loud and obnoxious and is really rough with the dogs. As I was walking by she yanked a dog off the table without even bothering to lower it. I have a friends that will no longer take their dogs here to be groomed because of the mean natured grooming they provide. Ironically, this same groomer does pet sitting from her home (service was offered to me when she eavesdropped on a conversation I was having) and is the dog training instructor for Petco. —DogLover

2009-11-10 15:04:13   I have been taking my two dogs to Petco for the last 2 years for their grooming and they do a wonderful job! Diana is the groomer who always takes care of my girls and she is excellent. My dogs are brats and dont even let me brush them or anything, but they let her. I would highly recommend them! As for the staff at the front, they aren't very helpful but they are always nice. —Lreynolds

2010-01-12 19:22:31   WHAT THE FUCK???? WHERE ARE ALL THE SEAMONKEYS!!!! —DripsJ

2010-01-30 21:29:51   BAD GROOMING! one of the girls is super rough. they put my dog in a box with a force dryer built in...how TRAUMATIZING! I have a golden retriever, that HAD and i repeat HAD beautiful hair, and ever since i took him there his hair has not grown the same. The feathering is GONE! they had used the furminator on him! which is a comb with a blade!!! —SamiSam

2010-02-01 08:12:22   I come here sometimes to buy fish. Compared to the fish I have bought in other stores like wal-mart and pet extreme in woodland, the ones from petco are less likely to survive the transistion into my aquarium. You can also find some of the same ish for a lot cheaper at pet extereme. —RealComputers

2010-04-06 08:50:13   ok stuff. not wowed by the prices. —guarunga

2010-08-07 21:12:27   I don't know his name, but there is a guy working here that usually seems to hang around the fish. He is really helpful! When our fish tank started leaking badly he helped us find a suitable temporary replacement and also gave us advice on how to fix the old tank (which we did successfully). He seems pretty knowledgeable on fish.

We've also brought my cat and dogs here on several occasions and they are always well treated. We do not use the grooming service because we groom our own dogs, but we actually bought the supplies here and got some great advice on which stuff was good for our needs. The clippers we purchased 3 years ago are still working great! —themichelle

2010-08-12 15:05:57   They no longer groom cats verified on 8/12/2010 —AlexHandy

2010-12-19 14:16:01   workers here do not know their products. most of the dog food sold here is low quality stuff that has by products and corn. unless you want to raise an unhealthy pet, DO NOT buy their food. I rec driving 15 min to Woodland and check out Pet Extreme by Costco. Another sign that they do not know what they are doing is their live animal section. I have yet to go and see tanks of healthy fish. They are usually dead, dying or in quarantine. I only go here when i need new toys for my puppy. —JasonS

2011-01-17 17:24:56   BUYER BEWARE!!! PETCO HAS A HARD AND FAST RULE THAT THEY WILL NOT RETURN OR EXCHANGE ANY MERCHANDISE AFTER 30-DAYS, EVEN IF IT IS A PETCO BRAND PRODUCT AND IT IS DEFECTIVE!! I recently bought a $20 Petco branch retractable leash that broke after about 10 uses (no longer retracted). When I brought it back to the store they refused to exchange it for one that worked because the purchase had been made more than 30 days ago. I would expect more than 10 uses out of such an expensive leash. I purchased the product right before leaving for vacation and did not even open it for the first time until more than 30 days after my purchase. I recommend taking your business to a place with better customer service - that's what I will do in the future. —BeeHarlow

2011-03-29 12:57:35   I have had really good luck with intelligent caring workers in the reptile section. Lesandra (?) the reptile specialist obviously really knows her stuff about snakes and I got wonderful help from the really nice guy with long brown hair that works in the reptile area too. One thing I really love is that if they do not know an answer they will tell you straight out and give you some ideas as to where to look for the correct one, which in my opinion is wayyyy better than people that bluff or make up answers that can lead to harm to your pet.

I noticed that their corn snakes had mites but when I brought it up they responded that they knew and told me about the regiment they were going through to treat them. I would still never buy a reptile there, but it is not the workers faults' that Petco buys whole-sale unhealthy animals. From what I have seen the workers do their best to keep the reptiles they receive healthy and happy.

Also Petco has the cheapest frozen rats and mice you can find in Davis. If I cannot get to Berkeley to buy them at East Bay Vivarium I buy my snake's dinner at Petco. —DanielleC

2011-05-14 16:58:35   I wish there was another pet store in Davis. The employees are so lazy. I always have to wait forever for somebody to get me crickets. They announce over the intercom that i need crickets and nobody shows up. So they have to do it again. Another time when I went in I was waiting at the register and all the employees were just standing there talking and occasionally glancing over at me. WTF. There is an employee there that freaks me out. He always says really stupid things to me. I try to avoid him. —rachealgalante

  • There IS another pet store. :) Davis Ace Pet on 4th St. They sell crickets too, as well as dog/cat/fish food & supplies, and even chicken and horse feed. The large crickets are in an accessible area so you can bag your own if you'd like, if not the employees are more than willing to do so. —gurglemeow

2011-05-24 18:06:50   I used to take my cat here to get his nails clipped with no problems but one day I was told that there was not anyone there at the time who was qualified to perform the service. The person who told me this was the very person who had clipped his nails every single time I had previously brought him in. Perhaps they were not supposed to be doing it and got in trouble and were forced to stop? So the next time I called in advance to figure out if someone who was qualified was there and they told me that they only clip cats' nails at 8 am because there are less dogs to upset the cats. The process takes a whole three minutes and my cat never minded the several dogs wandering around the room but whatever, policy is policy. I am a college student. I am not getting up at 8 am to get my cat's nails clipped. It seemed shady that at first I could come in at any time with no problem and then one day I could only come at 8 am so my cat wouldn't be upset. Other than that I haven't had any problems with the merchandise or staff. It would be nice if they had more cashiers. One cashier offered to carry a box of litter to my car for me but acted like merely offering this really put him out. I carried it myself but appreciated the semi-sincere offer. —LoriOrf

2011-06-14 20:42:36   I like petco, but some of the animals they sell carry illnesses. —EvanModdelmog

2011-08-10 16:11:55   The prices at Petco are pretty awful. Two examples: I bought a chew-proof water bottle for $14 and then saw it at Pet Extreme for $10. And the $15 big bag of hay I get at Petsmart is usually "on sale" at Petco for $20. The other problem is that with a smaller location like this one they don't always have everything in stock. For example, the last couple times I went in they only had smaller bags of hay. If you have an actual picture of a competitor's price (NOT an online printout), they will usually match it. One of the nicer cashiers recently warned me that this policy might stop soon, though. If that happens, I'll be driving the extra distance to Petsmart. —MeggoWaffle

2012-01-15 17:03:42   Tried to take my dog here to be mashed/brushed. They wouldn't take him without rabies paperwork which, of course, I don't keep in my wallet. He has a tag on his collar with his rabies information, but apparently this is insufficient. I'll just go someplace else. —JoePomidor

2013-12-18 10:57:51   Don't go to any Petco - period. I wanted to return some lightly used fishtanks (perfectly clean) and on the Petco website it says "Without receipt or over 60 days, you are eligible for a merchandise credit for the lowest price sold" but they won't take it past 30 days. So the website and Petco return policy are all total lies. I don't mind not being able to return it, I just wish I knew the whole story before I bought anything so I can factor that into my decision-making process BEFORE I buy anything. I'm so done with Petco. —bettafan

2015-09-14 00:48:18   I took my dog to the Davis, CA Petco for a grooming appointment yesterday at 11am. By 4pm, my wife called and found it took 5 hours for Tiberius (Ty) to get bathed, but was still waiting to get groomed. We finally got the call to pick Ty up and reached Petco at 5pm. My wife asked what could have made the grooming take 6 hours. The groomer in charge (immediately defensive and confrontational) stated it took so long because Saturdays are packed, and that Ty was peeing himself so they had to wait for him to calm down before they could continue grooming. She insisted they had to treat other dogs before him because he was such a trouble. That was a boldfaced lie because I recognized the dog that came in immediately after Ty, still being groomed, also stuck at the groomer's for 6 hours. My wife said we would not be returning to Petco anymore, and she walked out. I walked back in, and this happened: Me: Excuse me, I'm sorry but an 11am appointment means something. Groomer: We can't groom a dog that's peeing on himself and...*more boldfaced lies*. Me: But six hours???? Groomer: *Continues to blame the dog, makes no effort to apologize or keep our business.* Me: Ok we're done, thank you. * I begin to walk out* Groomer: I GUESS WE WON'T SEE YOU AGAIN! Ty was visibly stressed from that experience, we were disrespected, and the groomer was nothing but confrontational towards us. She did this in front of about 5 other customers in the grooming area, so she clearly didn't care about keeping their business either. It's for this reason my wife and I won't be returning to Petco for any of our pet care needs. We won't get on our high horse and ask anyone to do the same, but we felt this should be shared. —jaewald