Peter is Davis' second-most famous inventor, after Paul Moller of Moller International (Peter bristles at the comparison, pointing out that Paul didn't actually build his craft, and it doesn't work yet, while Peter has built over a hundred of his vehicles). Peter is the creator of the Whymcycle. He pays for this habit by being a substitute teacher at the DJUSD. He's a real-life Wallace. Like Wallace, he is eminently friendly and always happy to discuss his projects -and let kids ride them- wherever he is found. He's currently building a large bicycle sculpture for the new Explorit Science Center building. He works out of his garage in his West Davis house.

Peter as he hops onto his latest (finished 2005-11-12) Whymcycle and zooms off:

"The Bicycle Recycler" —'s article about Peter

Peter won fastest time at the 2009 Kinetic Sculpture Race in Humboldt with his creation, Big Friendly Giraffe.

In 2012, Mayor Joe Krovoza officially named November 13th to be Peter Wm. Wagner Day. Calloo callay!

Peter at 2009 Kinetic Sculpture Race Photo by Chelsea Hoff-Brown

Peter's front yard 2006-04-17

Mr. Wagner subbed for my Holmes PE class once, it was awesome. —StevenDaubert

Mr. Wagner has become famous on the "WTF Picture" Website as well I see-; —Rossetto07 Peter & family were featured on the "Good Morning Korea" show in January 2009 for a 'Green' Planet, save the planet blurb: