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Chris Dietrich, Magister (President)
1971, inactive in 2005, reactivated 2011
Club Location
King Hall

Phi Delta Phi is an international co-ed legal fraternity. It consists of hundreds of chapters at law schools throughout the country, called Inns after the English Inns of Court. The name of the Inn at King Hall is Gibson Inn, named after Phil S. Gibson who was the Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court. The mission statement of Phi Delta Phi is to promote legal ethics and scholarship both in law school and in the legal profession as a whole.

Membership is limited to law students at UC Davis School of Law. Unlike other legal fraternities, there is no Pre-Law division of Phi Delta Phi.

Gibson Inn was established in 1971 at UC Davis, but went inactive around 2005. It was reactivated in 2011.


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