President: Gustavo Chavez
Vice President: Eduardo Saavedra
Alumni Advisor: Jay Sevilla
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Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity at UC Davis

California Iota Chapter

Phi Kappa Psi: A fraternity of honorable men and excellence. A Brotherhood. A Lifestyle. An EXPERIENCE.

Phi Kappa Psi (ΦΚΨ, Phi Psi) is a national, social, and philanthropic fraternity, founded in February 1852 at Jefferson College in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. Its founders, Charles Page Thomas Moore and William Henry Letterman, chose to establish a brotherhood of men committed to the idea of "the great joy of serving others", after spending weeks caring for their sick classmates during a typhoid epidemic at Jefferson College. Since its inception, Phi Psi has been run on the national and local levels by its undergraduate members, who come from 105 chapters across the nation. The fraternity has initiated approximately 120,000 members in its history, and currently has over 5,000 active undergraduate members.

The California Iota chapter of Phi Kappa Psi, located at the University of California Davis, has produced many leaders and scholars since its chartering. We as a fraternity hold similar beliefs and ideals brotherhood, academia, and leadership, we also maintain a very diverse and extensive membership across majors, ethnicity, backgrounds, interests, and abilities. Our chapter takes pride in its academic standing and philanthropic endeavors; we host video game tournaments on campus to raise money for the Boys and Girls Club of America (the fraternity's national philanthropy), and our members regularly volunteer to benefit the campus and city communities.

Our chapter is in a period of growth, flourishing now after experiencing a diminishing transformation in the summer of 2011. As of Fall 2015, the chapter is housed, with letters proudly hanging on our wall for the first time in years. Our brotherhood is committed to finding and developing men of upstanding character and leadership capabilities, with the goal of expanding the chapter's capacity to operate as a substantial campus presence for the betterment of the UCD community. In the pursuit of this goal, our chapter is always looking for bright and dedicated men to join our ranks as brothers, hosting recruitment events at the beginning of every quarter.



Leaders Wanted

What if you could build your own college experience? An experience that lived up to higher standards of excellence than what currently lies in front of you. Since the founding of Phi Kappa Psi, as a national Fraternity, many have experienced the prestigious rigors associated with building a new chapter. Each of them was a leader and innovator who sought something different rather than accepting what was in front of him.

Can you imagine yourself in front of an organization, leading and building it to your own design? Starting a new chapter is one of the hardest, most rewarding things you will ever do. You'll have the opportunity to prove to your school that you're running an organization that furthers the mission of the university, and you'll have to show other students what a great chapter you can become. The ball is in your court.


Our motto, "A Tradition of Service and Excellence," is exemplified by Phi Kappa Psi's commitment to community service and philanthropy. Phi Kappa Psi was founded upon this ideal and it is our belief that service to one’s community helps develop us as men of integrity and is the greatest compliment to our education. There is no more powerful way to affect the world than a member's care for his community and fellow man. Therefore, service and Phi Kappa Psi go hand in hand. Some examples include: • Participation in Relay for Life • Volunteering at local ASPCA adoptions (PetCo) • Local Soup Kitchens • Volunteer work at the Boy's and Girl's Club (Sacramento and Florida Chapters) • Participation in the Phi Psi 500. • American Cancer Society

Phi Kappa Psi Nationally

Founded over 150 years ago, Phi Kappa Psi boasts a rich history at many of the nation's top colleges and universities. William H. Letterman and Charles P.T. Moore founded Phi Kappa Psi in the little college town of Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, when they were nursing their stricken friends during an epidemic of typhoid fever at their college. It was through these long night vigils that an appreciation of the great joy of serving others came into their lives. Calling a number of others to join them, a Brotherhood was founded on February 19, 1852. It flourished, and gradually extended to other colleges and universities throughout the country. Idealists all, these founders of Phi Kappa Psi taught a new fraternity - a Fraternity that would complement the work of the university by cultivating those humanities without which the educated man fails of his greatest usefulness. At the time of our founding, Jefferson College was considered one of the "Big Three" in what was known as the "Jeffersonian Cradle." The other two institutions comprising this group, Harvard and Princeton, were of very nearly equal size and equal high esteem. These institutions all graduated predominantly ministers, lawyers and physicians from an academic curricula based in classical literature, religious doctrine and basic sciences. Phi Kappa Psi recognizes the need and value of the best and broadest education possible and encourages that goal within our membership. But unless actuated by a proper love for and service to mankind, the educated man may often waste his talents. It is to counteract this tendency that Phi Kappa Psi was founded to encourage the best in men, to inspire and assist them to reach their potential as students, brothers, men and citizens.

Phi Kappa Psi holds the largest endowment fund of all American Fraternities. The Phi Kappa Psi Foundation seeks to enrich the fraternal experience for both undergraduates and alumni by providing all brothers with exemplary educational opportunities. Therefore, each year the Foundation makes possible numerous fellowships in addition to several programs through annual grants made to the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity for qualifying portions of conventions, leadership academies, workshops, speakers and retreats for chapter advisers and house corporation presidents and other leadership training activities that support scholarship, leadership and service.Those who are selected often display outstanding academic achievement and excellence in service to Phi Psi, their campus and communities as well as active membership in varsity athletics, university-wide organizations, community groups and philanthropies. These awards continue to underscore the Foundation’s belief that success with the Fraternity and life first begins in the classroom.

Aside from our extensive scholarships, Phi Kappa Psi offers two distinguished program that strives to develop students in academics, careers, character, and leadership. One of them is the Woodrow Wilson Leadership School, founded by our 28th president, Woodrow Wilson. The leadership conference is held in odd years with the purpose of providing participants with a stronger understanding of themselves and how they can affect change in systems and communities around them. The second is the American Leadership Academy (ALA), held in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Your week there consists of helping a local orphanage, attending everyday seminars hosted Olympic coaches to corporate CEOS to US Army Airborne Special forces, exploring what Cabo has to offer during spring break, and meeting your Phi Psi brothers from across the nation.

President Leadership Academy (PLA) is Phi Psi’s premier leadership development course for chapter and colony presidents and is a model within the Greek world. The program capitalizes on the talent, wisdom and experience of alumni to teach the Fraternity’s young leaders successful principles of chapter leadership. The intensive agenda explores methods in effective communication, team-building, discipline, financial administration, motivation, ethics-based decision making, and more – all within the master framework of Phi Psi’s founding values. Revived in 2008, New Volunteer Orientation (NVO) was combined with the Presidents Leadership Academy as a way to maximize the impact of both initiatives. NVO trains Phi Psi alumni as successful volunteers in understanding and addressing the needs of today’s undergraduates. Through the combined programs, young leaders and elder brothers benefit from joint sessions which enable a closer exchange of ideas.

Since its establishment, Phi Kappa Psi has initiated over 104,000 men. Today, Phi Psi houses over 100 chapters in 34 states, with over 4,500 active undergraduates, and over 60,000 living alumni, including: