Spring 2015 Chapter Photo

House Address:

320 Parkway Cricle

Davis, CA 95616

Chapter Website: http://davispikapp.weebly.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/214176331980981


Pi Kappa Phi (ΠΚΦ) is a social fraternity on campus. It is the only Greek organization to operate its own philanthropy, The Ability Experience, which supports people with disabilities and strives to create a community in which the abilities of all people are recognized and valued. A Pi Kapp (member of Pi Kappa Phi) is a man of CLASS, an acronym which stands for Character, Leadership, Achievement, Scholarship, Service.

Pi Kappa Phi is a newer fraternity at UC Davis, having recolonized in Winter 2012 and rechartered in Spring 2014. During the Fall 2015 quarter, Pi Kappa Phi acquired an official chapter house located at 320 Parkway Circle.


On a quiet December evening in 1904 in Charleston, S.C., three friends—Andrew Kroeg, Simon Fogarty and Harry Mixson—made a choice to lead. Those three men chose to start their own fraternity. The three grew to seven; seven grew to eight; eight grew to 11. From the College of Charleston, they spread to nearby Presbyterian in 1907—and then to California in 1909. In just over four years, Pi Kappa Phi had become a truly national fraternity. Over the course of a century, a fraternity with humble beginnings has grown into a brotherhood of more than 100,000 strong—all because three men made a choice to lead.

Pi Kappa Phi was originally founded as Nu Phi, which stood for "non-fraternity." Our founders, disillusioned with campus politics being run exclusively by fraternities, created Nu Phi as a means to attain leadership roles within the Chrestomathic Literary Society. However, the attempt to seize control of the Society was thwarted when some of the Nu Phis proved to be disloyal. The loyal Nu Phis regrouped, and on the evening of December 10, 1904, the seven remaining men created a new group—to be known as Pi Kappa Phi.

To this day, Pi Kappa Phi embraces its Nu Phi heritage. It manifests itself in various way and emboldens us as Pi Kapps to confront issues with fresh, new approaches.


Archon Thomas Cartwright tjcartwright@ucdavis.edu

Vice Archon James Blake jjblake@ucdavis.edu

Treasurer Anthony Sara sasara@ucdavis.edu

Secretary Francsico Rojas fjrojas@ucdavis.edu

Warden Steven Mares scmares@ucdavis.edu

Historian Jeremy Vicario jrvicario@ucdavis.edu

Chaplain Kyle Carter kylcarter@ucdavis.edu