Picatsso doing the most famous international cat past time activity - napping Picatsso opening his eyes wide

Picatsso is an escape artist. He is famous for traveling great distances when he searches for a confused sense of freedom. He has about half a tail, but no one really knows if this is the result of his adventurous nature or not.

He belongs to Al and his sister Christina Rae and lives at their house along with Tom (not a cat).

That cat once tore our screen door off its hinges, I kid you not. But really he is a good kitty. GeoffJohnson

I am saddened to say that Picatsso the cat passed away at 8:00 am on June 7th due to vehicular murder. Picatsso will be greatly missed by all but especially Al and Christina who had him for so many years. Picatsso was a great kitty and was always cuddling at the foot of your bed. He would also drink from your water cup when you werent looking but he was still a good cat. AllanRae

This kitty means business.